The Path To Financial Success

I am sure that the topic of money is always attractive: at all times, in all countries, irrespective of sex and religion. Particularly relevant topic of money management. That's it for this reason that in my life, it became necessary to begin a blog devoted to the topic of money. On the pages of my blog, I will devote my readers into the secrets of money management, to share my experiences and observations, give advice and answer questions about my dear readers. So, let's begin. Theme of money was always present in my life. My mother was an accountant in a large company, and in the evenings she moonlighted at other large companies, also an accountant.

And, as usual in the accounting environment, often grab your work home. What would somehow entertain me, my mother asked to lay down some numbers on the calculator, making the slope of the importance of the job. Generally, the write I still do not know how, but it felt great. By the end of the school questions about their future training and have not arisen, be an accountant or an economist seemed natural. I went to train university and started studying.

Taught us much good, but not what might be apply in real life. Real currency for the first time I saw when I opened my first bank account, as you might imagine, the score was in dollars. Studying foreign currency transactions, a long time I could not understand the relationship of the yen against the ruble.