The Society

The critical pupil is basic to interact in the modern society, being conscientious and capable to act in the reality where he lives. This article has as objective generality to promote the interchange of the reading enters the popular one to the scholar, as well as to show to the students the importance of the twine, as practical of differentiated learning. The theater in taken twine being for school can help the educators as half to communicate to its teaching subjects educative related to the society, culture, environment, health, behavior and even in specific substances sharpening the creativity of its pupils with the innovated didactics, transforming its pupils into pensantes beings and with headquarters to search, to search new things that can lead to the intellectual matureness. Moreover, to explicitar the use of a differentiated method of the manifestations of the language, in a written vision, using the twine as research base. The same one can inside grant to the learning the aid in the solution of joined problems of the school, in the classroom and even in the community where the institution is inserted carrying through the newness of the theater being an interesting thing of if seeing with subjects that if deal with the moment and the place that is being presented, giving solutions with contents that are assimilated and transformed into a spectacle, short, necessary, funny and educative.

The twine literature must also be used as source important to point and to value the existing regional differences in artesanato, in the dance, the culinria, and the form of speaking (sotaques). This work is essential to minimize and to help in the differences, to the prejudiced times between the pupils in the classroom. Beyond samples the existing wealth in the Brazilian cultural diversity. The methodology and practical the pedagogical ones applied with twine literature, through the PCN?