The Time

Only saw me in trouble if he ate too much fat or if it combined meals in an inappropriate way, but with practice these problems can be avoided. I had some bursts of euphoria throughout the test but nothing that could stay. I also had occasional moments of extreme mental clarity. I’m curious to know what would happen if you continue eating this way for several months. Skin dry maybe the worst problem I had during this test was that of dry skin. The problem appeared 10 days after starting the test and continued for the remainder of the test. This left me feeling itching all over my body at times, especially when I started to sweat.

The worst dry skin was in my hands. The skin of my fingers got so dry that cut and began to bleed in several parts. Healing of these cuts took a good time, although most of them are already well. Really would like to know if this problem is corrected by itself with the time, especially given that the skin is one of the largest detoxifying organs of the body. Return to the cooked food although returning to the cooked food was not technically a part of this test, certainly had an impact on me.

I started to feel bad shortly after making my first cooked meal, and things only went to worse since that time. The next day I was lying with a fever of 39.4o and I felt horrible. Since then I’ve been eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables and I feel much better. Feedback appreciation all the feedback, advice, and encouragement I received throughout this test. In some moments I was overwhelming to try to answer, but I did as possible. Unfortunately, the tips I received were very varied, so it more than anything I had to be me based on my own judgment and not so much on the opinions of others.