Tiradentes University

This study it will be based through theoretical basements of World-wide the Superior Education at a distance, Latin America and still by means of some famous authors as: Marta Mena, Lgia Rodrguez, Maria Laura Diez, Manoel Moran, Moacir Gadotti, Pierre Lvy, Luiz Market, Maria Lcia Neder, Maria Neide Sobral Da Silva, Luiz Carlos Parents, among others. She will bring a theoretical recital to guide practical the pedagogical one with the use of the new technologies in Superior Ensino in Education in the distance thus to prevent the defection in EAD. This research will be important to help to professors, pupils and readers interested in the virtual world at a distance to discover the problem of the defection in Superior Ensino. To verify the problems occurred in the defection in the courses in EAD of the Tiradentes University to apply? if? the investigativos questionnaires to the colleges student who had given up. In this analysis, it will intend to have a diagnosis of what the university pupils think in the distance on Ensino of the Tiradentes University, its methodologies of education with the use of the New Technologies. Moreover, it will investigate if in its insertion in the superior level they had had formation, access and use of the new technologies of the information and communication. It is important to know that them pupils to reach its objectives in the launched program, are necessary in the distance to consider the knowledge and abilities demanded for the Education. As well as the handling of the technological resources such to have in account its previous formation or the requirements of ingression. From there it will appear a proposal pedagogical to help the pupils to diminish its difficulties, to reflect on its practical and only not to fulfill what the academic programs demand, but that they know to manejar the necessary technologies that they give support to its studies to guarantee its permanence in the long-distance courses.