Tree Research

That is, you start thinking about thinking globally: attack from the air or by sea, rather than thinking: "What fly bomber T2 or T3?". It's a relief, to throw off those endless tech 1, tech 2, etc. The economic system has deteriorated … But no one eye it just changed. Previously we could begin to rivet the troops, not knowing restraint. The economy has become truly the scourge of new players. And if anything was shown in a single game, they have had no chance against zadrotov "in the multiplayer component. We apologize that call people who play well in the first Supriya "zadrotami, but it really is.

Who else should be to thoroughly explore further the economic system, and be good at it managed? So, away from the topic … The economic system of Supreme Commander 2 is a hundred times better than the first part, since you already know in ten minutes how to handle it. Of course, to fully understand you have to spend more than an hour, but still fast enough you will learn this game. Chapter 3.Podrobnosti In this chapter we will look at everything that happened at the perfect Supreme Commander 2 and not. Let's start with innovation. Tree Research We mentioned the this above, but decided that it is necessary to describe in detail. Tree Research was at Gas Powered Games to fame and is the only strategy in which there is a broader field of research, and most importantly comfortable sdelano.Pervoe impression when you turn on Supreme Commander 2 and a 'Tree Study "and wants to stick, all to explore and see what happens.