Warehouse Logistics In Modern Russia

Logistics, as the science of materials management, appeared in Russia virtually simultaneously with the emergence of a market economy. During the Soviet planned economy the idea of optimizing the cost of transportation and storage of goods did not seem too necessary – tariffs for transportation and storage were fixed and virtually ignored in the price of products. Currently, the ratio of logistics has changed radically. Now established mechanism of transportation and warehousing is a prerequisite of successful operation of any industrial or commercial establishment. Studies show that the costs of storage, transportation, packaging and other operations make up 70% of the value of the goods, got to the end user! So that the reduction of logistics costs through the use of new approaches and technologies is for the companies powerful method of increasing business competitiveness. Particular attention in this regard is given to reduce the cost of warehouse operations (storage, sorting, loading, unloading, etc.), as in the general structure logistics costs, they constitute more than 50%. Any company planning the development of the territory of Russia have to make many difficult and important decisions relating specifically to the warehouse logistics. What type of warehouse able to meet the requirements for storage conditions and speed of processing of goods? Should I invest in the construction of our own warehouses, rented a space in the finished logistics complexes, or to give all logistics outsourcing 3PL-operators? Set of issues born, and the price is right answer for them – hundreds of millions of rubles of savings or, conversely, wasted money.