What Is Voip

What is voice over ip VOIP The development of the protocol stack TCP / IP came to revive the existing networks of global fixed allowing the flow of data with the dial-up networking. These connections were limited to surfing the internet if you could talk on the phone and vice versa. Years later with the advent of ADSL technology was achieved using the telephone network to transfer data at high speeds in session the pair of wires so that the data did not interfere with the voice giving birth to a new generation of internet which cells develop protocols that would add new services to the network of networks that would transform our lives.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) or Voice over is a set of protocols that are used to transfer voice over ip protocol and all the infrastructure used to transfer data. The development of VOIP protocols began a new technology known as IP Telephony. IP Telephony: IP telephony is the technology protocols employing VOIP on broadband that transfers data, voice and video go through the old fixed telephony networks. This technology includes a wide range of hardware components such as IP phones, pci cards that convert the analog standard phones in packages that are used by the IP protocol for transfer. How the traditional telephone network is said that a traditional telephone network is circuit switched, which means that if you establish a telephone call with your neighbor who is just a few feet will be occupied in full two-wire copper ranging from your phone to the telephone and the telephone to your neighbor’s house.