Windows Mobile

How to locate a mobile phone once installed the software? Once you have installed the spyware on your phone, can locate and monitor the activities carried out from the account provided by the software vendor, the activities that will be registered are virtually all that are made on the phone, as view calls made and received, its duration and time of day, the SMS sent and received (even those that are deleted are recorded) and phones that are contained in the contacts of your mobile phone. As an additional option, these programs include the function to locate a mobile phone by GPS and see where you are by Google maps with reasonable accuracy. Where can I install phone software spyware? Spy phone software, you can install on any mobile phone with a compatible such as Android, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile system. It can be installed on any number of phones (very useful for companies for example) and they are undetectable once they are installed. Is it legal to use a phone spy? To use the software spyware is necessary mobile phone this a name of the user of the program, use it in a non-phone would be illegal. Is it difficult to install the software? Purchasing it is virtually instantaneous once purchased, just 5 minutes more or less are required to install the software on mobile phone (or phones) that you want to monitor, the seller will give the installation instructions that are fairly simple anyway..