ZX Spectrum

The explanation is simple: A Pentium 133 uses a bus of 66 Mhz with a multiplier of 2. The pre-MMX chips had a released multiplier, therefore, a Pentium 133 can be configured to 60 x 2.5, to achieve 150 Mhz. some even have achieved superior results, with 66 x 2.5 configurations, thus arriving at 166 Mhz. However, there are few processors that can reach that level, and require special attention when it comes to be refrigerated. Yes, a Pentium 133 can also be hung by excess temperature. (10) Emulation which perhaps does the emulation not demanded high-level hardware? Actually, it all depends on what you are going to emulate, but even a Pentium 133 is superior compared to previous systems. In addition, you must not only think in emulated games: think whole operating environments. A Commodore 64 emulator can work perfectly on a Pentium 133, and the same can be said of many ZX Spectrum emulators.

Everything depends on the official requirements of the emulator, but in the majority of cases it should be possible to run past environments on an ancient Pentium. Well, thats all for now. If you are still believing that we’re crazy, at any moment we have said have no reason. On the other hand, if somehow you’ve tempted and you find yourself removing powder to your old Pentium, well done! You never know what you can learn from a computer as well. You have nothing to lose, and several things by winning. After all, the hardware will have a certain capacity, but art thou who puts limits. Good luck! Original author and source of the Article