Amaznia Development

The author seems critical very to the proliferation of the industries in the great centers, that for consequence, provoke the pollution of waters and air (and those described problems aggravate all previously). In view of these problems, the author presents as solution, or as goal to brighten up these problems the urban planning, and the fiscalization in the emission of pollutants. The fiscalization of emission of pollutants in Brazil revealed a sufficiently arduous task, for basically two reasons: the first one, is the fact of that the proper recklessness of the government in fiscalizing if showed incapable to regulate the emissions; as the reason is explained by the concern at this moment (relembrando) to be of attraction of companies, that is, to attract the dirty technologies, for ‘ ‘ desenvolver’ ‘ the Brazilian industrial park. Then if it could not propagate the idea of control of pollutants, and yes to propagate the idea of that if polua in Brazil (as it was the slogan at the time). To another idea displayed for the author, he is of the urban planning, what she is basically one of the ideas central offices of the Brazilian government of this moment, ‘ ‘ to plan the development of pas’ ‘. Thus, Moreira, incorporates this idea produced in the ditatorial government, it reproduces and it for some moments in the didactic book, as for example: ‘ ‘ Now that Brazil initiates pulled out its for the development, is necessary planejar’ ‘ (MOREIRA 1976 p.242), or through the enumeration and of the explanation of the agencies of regional planning of Brazil, as the SUDENE (Supervision of the northeast Development), the SUFRAMA (Supervision of Development of the Zona Franca of Manaus), that they would make possible, in the vision of the author, the development of these regions, consequently, the development of Brazil. Discoursing on ‘ ‘ desenvolvimento’ ‘ of the Amaznia, with the construction of great highways (as the Transamaznica), with the setting of great establishments, the author continues in the reproduction of speeches of the government, affirming that the current process caused impact in the environment, as the deforestation, and in the proper ambient balance, however, these they were consequences of the development process, that would have to be understood as main goal, and justification of any impact (MOREIRA, 1976).