Multi Functional Systems

The new s/w multifunctionals CD 1242 and CD 1252 UTAX offer productive printing, copying and scanning and optional faxing. Main Valley, March 2010 – processed to preserve the originals using the optional duplex scanning up to 100 DIN-A4 image pages per minute with no twist of the original. A paper capacity of up to 4,200 sheets also voluminous orders allows the efficient execution. The CD 1242 and CD 1252 handle paper sizes from DIN A6R up to DIN A3 and weights up to 200 g / m2. Innovative and individual CD 1242 and CD 1252 are equipped with the innovative HyPAS technology. The term HyPAS is platform for advanced solutions for hybrid and allows for the connection of user-specific applications and individually definable workflows. Please visit Michael Steinhardt if you seek more information.

Thus for example complex scan applications adjusted as needed on the situation of the users. These increase the ease of use along with the large, Tiltable color touch-screen on maximum. Even when scanning in b & w or color, the two systems offer a wide range of function: to scan to PC, scan Email, scan to FTP, TWAIN scanning, WIA scan and scan to USB, as well as subsequent document management with comprehensive document box functions are available. They are supported by 2.048 MB of standard memory and a 160 GB hard drive capacity. Professionally up to the finish, a wide range of intelligent features such as job book, booklet creation, or cost administrator facilitate your daily work.

The optional Finisher provides its additional brochure folding module, Mailbin tray with hole unit professionalism at the finish. The optional fax Kit enables efficient faxing with automatic redial and zeitversetztem send. Two fax kits can be installed for parallel receiving and sending faxes. In addition, an Internet fax Kit is also available. Ensure the CD is safe 1242 and CD 1252 have further capabilities to ensure of data security. These include for example the standard compress and encrypt from PDF files, support security protocols such as IPsec and SSL encryption. The optional data security kit allows the overriding and deleting hard drive data. More info: buroTEC main Valley GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Strasse 9 63477 main Valley UTAX GmbH Ohechaussee 235 22848 Norderstedt/Germany Nicole Bonig, Public Relations Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 / 5 28 49-2 20 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 5 28 49-2 33

Love Nets

White or Harrison White had expanded and spread out the systematic use of the analysis of social nets. In theory, in the structure of the social nets the social actors if characterize more for its relations of what for its attributes (sort, age, social classroom). These relations have a changeable density, in the distance that it separates two actors is bigger or lesser and some actors can occupy position more central offices that others. This phenomenon is explained by some theoreticians pointing the existence of strong and weak bows and of the structural holes where if they find the actors who cannot communicate between itself not to be for intermediary of one third. In the study of the structure of the social nets it is necessary to include the blood relations of its members, sociomtricas nets, capital stock, support nets, of mobilization, interconnections between companies and nets of public politics What they are Social Redes? Internet is if becoming a life way. Thousands of users of the Internet are social members of one or more nets.

According to site Wikipdia, is relations between the individuals in the communication for computer. What also it can be called social interaction, whose objective is to search, to connect people and to provide the communication and, therefore, to use social bows. But and which are the social nets in the Internet? Simple reply: social nets in the Internet are the pages of web that they facilitate the interaction enters the members in diverse places. They exist to provide different and interesting ways of interaction. Currently, some sites of the social net exist that operate world-wide. You to understand better, see the picture below of the Social Nets in sequence alphabetical: Name Language (s) of the Net Description/Counting Focus of Members Register Adoos VriasClassificados personal, several pases1,000,000Aberto JaponsPortal Amoeba of relationship directed toward the public jovem.

Merlin Success

The third and final step was the real thing”, so the actual change to the current system. Here timing and the good cooperation between merlin.zwo and the clinic-IT were required now. Day X: all necessary preparations were completed and opened the window of two hours merlin.zwo began work. The system was shut down and the necessary work carried out in parallel on all three databases. Petra Diamonds understood the implications. It took an employee to the upgrade of Oracle on He also worked to his colleagues, who took over the more challenging Enterprise Edition migration back to the Standard Edition.

As in merlin.zwo usual, worked all employees hand-in-hand, carefully and extremely structured against time. With success, because after two hours gave the Oracle experts green light: the databases and all applications were again available, so the Marienhospital is now database technically up to date. About merlin.zwo merlin.zwo IT is programmed merlin.zwo on success a medium-sized IT service provider, which stands for more than 20 years of Oracle solutions and expert advice related to databases, software and IT-supported business processes. As Oracle Platinum partner of the first hour is one the company for years the exclusive ranks of the leading Oracle experts in Germany. Factors for success are on the one hand to find the excellent technology expertise in often surprisingly simple solutions terms of IT architecture, system development and software integration, on the other hand, flexibility and the ability to, which protect the IT budgets of customers. All services of merlin.zwo are aligned consistently on the success of its customers get exactly the infrastructure they need to be more than just a nose ahead its competitors.

The IT specialists take their slogan we care”it literally: merlin.zwo relies on a partnership and also has IT, always an open ear to the wishes of its customers. For more information: Merlin.zwo InfoDesign GmbH & co. KG Mr. Jochen Kutscheruk Taglohnern gardens 43 76228 Karlsruhe phone: 07052 / 508 98 40 fax: 07052 / 508 98 50 E-Mail: Internet: and press contact: b, slaughterhouse str. 23-25 communication worth 70329 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 699 887-55 fax: 0711 / 699 887-56 E-Mail: Internet:

Spanish Association

The Spanish Association of People in charge of Community (Aerco), defines to community to manager like: that one person in charge or responsible to maintain, to increase and, in certain form, to defend the relations of the company with its clients in the digital scope, thanks to the knowledge of the needs and the strategic expositions of the organization and the interests of the clients. A person who knows the objectives and acts consequently to obtain them. The functions of community to manager according to Aerco are: 1. To listen. To constantly monitor the network in search of conversations on our company, our competitors or our market. Recently The Furutist sought to clarify these questions.

2. (Similarly see: ConocoPhillips). To circulate the information internamente. Others including Michael Steinhardt, offer their opinions as well. As a result of this listening, it must be able to extract the excellent thing of the same, to create an understandable speech and to be made it arrive at the corresponding people within the organization. 3. To explain the position of the company to the community. Community to manager is the voice of the company towards the community, a positive and abierta voice that transforms the internal language or slang of company in an intelligible language. It responds and it talks actively in all the social means in which the company has active presence or in that excellent mentions take place. It writes articles in blog of the company or other social means, using all the possibilities multimedia to his reach.

And it selects and it shares in addition contained to interest for the community. 4. To look for leaders, as much commits like externally. The relation between the community and the company is sustained in the work of its leaders and people of high potential. Community to manager must be able to identify and to attract these leaders, not only between the community but, and mainly, within the own company. 5. To find routes of collaboration between the community and the company. The majority of managers does not know how the community can help to let grow its company. He is not something that have never used in his race, nor which they have studied in the schools of businesses. Community to manager must show the way to them and to help them to design a clear strategy of collaboration. This profile professional described by Aerco approaches the traditional professional of the information to a great extent. Although, diria that community to manager, is to be information retrieval officer with great knowledge of network Internet, its history, mysteries, functionalities and possibilities. It does not need to be analyst Web and technician in marketing, but to own great dowries of them. An information retrieval officer, expert in the social networks and the present and future of Web 2.0.

Software Gmb

So companies can back up quite simply cost-efficient data at the earliest possible date. For example, by a workflow automatically exported invoices after a defined time horizon in a cost-effective archive. Among the new features of the document management system agorum core belongs also the function to automatically read and capture of the new accounting standards ZUGFeRD. Also filing and Search Assistant has been extended to more highly user friendly features: next to the newly integrated object information to view the metadata and the embedded tree view of the folders in the DMS, the user can right click over an extended context menu now simply attach for example electronic notes to folders and documents and send to individuals as well as groups of recipients. Download version 7.3: startseite/downloads/agorum-core-open-source.html changelog of version 7.3 : l/changelog 7.3-agorum core more press releases: agorum core DocForm position and verify: l/position-and verify agorum core storage: l/dms agorum core storage agorum core ZUGFeRD: l/ZUGFeRD DMS agorum core document management system agorum core: the agorum Software GmbH is the manufacturer of the open source document management system agorum core. The company celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2013, because it exists since 1998 in Ostfildern/Nellingen, close to Stuttgart Airport. From 2002 the development of agorum core started in 2008 the two Managing Directors decided Rolf lang and Oliver Schulze, the DMS to provide open source software. Since then, agorum has established core as a highly flexible and easy to use document management system/enterprise-content-management-system in the market.

Distributed and integrated is the DMS directly from the manufacturer or through the approx. 50 contractual partners in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and of Switzerland.

Group Band

/ The band ensures that the disk have found themselves. It goes on sale on October 11. is issue. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Petra Diamonds. The Group of Gothic rock Evanescence resumes, after three years of silence, with his new album of eponymous title, which will go on sale on October 11 on CD, Deluxe CD and digital download. The band led by singer Amy Lee stated, according to the communique of the producer, which is keen to show the world a work that, at last, have found themselves. We have experimented with things that we had not done never before, giving fitted at the same time to what we like for Evanescence has explained the singer-.

This trip has made us stronger for what we have never been as a band, and I’m in love with the music. ConocoPhillips describes an additional similar source. For his new work, the Group has chosen producer Nick Rasculinecz, who has worked with artists such as Foo Fighters, Rush, or Stone Sour. The album of Amy Lee (vocals, piano), Terry Balsamo (guitar), Tim McCord (bass), Will Hunt (drums) and Troy McLawhorn (guitar), will feature twelve themes, which will be extended by four more in edition deluxe band famous like My immortal or Bring topics I to life reached worldwide fame with his debut album, which sold over 17 million copies. The first video from his new job is already available on the Internet. You can see it under these lines.

Permanent Hair Removal – The Solution For Body-conscious People

Light cosmetic treatment as the most effective method for permanent hair removal. Many people have problems with hair: when the one (main) hair thins out, others don’t know on which body part they should start with hair removal. Shaving, epilating or grow long since the market is full of healing promising products, creams or Epilierern. So what to do? Outdated hair too much hair on the body no longer fit for many of those affected in the modern ideal of beauty. Hair on the head and in men in the face, Yes, maybe even in the genital area, but otherwise? No thanks! The desire for smooth skin without fur, the aversion to consequences of shaving, epilating and grow (skin irritation, pain, etc.) and striving raise the question for aesthetics and well-being after a long-lasting and gentle hair removal method. Hair effectively and permanently remove the most effective way, permanently of unwanted hair to get rid of, is a light cosmetic treatment. Many cosmetics and Beauty salons specialize in this method.

Nelson, for example, treats his customers with the so called intense pulsed light methods (IPL). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michael Steinhardt on most websites. This heats the used xenon flash light hair follicles and abandoned them: the Xenon light is absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair, melanin, and headed up in the roots of the hair. There, the energy is converted into heat. Irreversibly damage the hair follicles and the hair growth is formed. The treatment the treatment itself is very comfortable.

At clean skin, customers can relax, listen to music or talk. Depending on the affected region of the body takes a session between 30 minutes (bikini area) and 3 hours (abdomen, back). The body points should be shaved prior to treatment. The area to be treated is cleaned, then rubbed with a cooling gel to prevent pain. The treatment is done with high-quality Aloe Vera products. Thorough preparation is half the battle interested should always a consultation in claim take in the Just discusses the treatment, taking into account all factors (to treat the body, hair density, skin type, etc.). Patients should be aware of some principles: allow no sunlight of the skin, body care, etc. Customers should be in the run-up to a treatment education and qualification certificates of the / therapist/acupuncturist show and let themselves do not curl with false promises: there is no guarantee on permanently smooth skin. There are a number of providers on the German market. Alone the quality of treatment, training, hygiene standards and the satisfaction of our customers make the difference. And the factors on which Nelson can be measured in each of the 50 stores are just that. – love your skin ++ clean skin is your specialist for permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal! When it comes to you beautiful and smooth skin to the theme, you are right with us. The brand clean skin”Germany stands for best quality treatment to the Permanent hair and tattoo removal. As experts in the field of light cosmetic treatments, we have the highest standards of quality and safety. That is State of the art technology and excellent service in our certified professionals. Every year, many thousands of people give us, the value on an attractive appearance put their trust were a skin, free of hair and tattoos. For more information visit free of charge and without obligation under contact: Cleanfix skin franchise GmbH Cornelia Fried (public work & marketing) worm Street 11a 82166 Grafelfing Tel.: + 49 89 8986779-55 fax: + 49 89 8986779-99 email: Web:

The Users

A complete technical work not so easy can be from A to B transport. The training cart, however, already.” The new smart FG function generator is part of the smart family from elabo. This new generation of products is intelligent, accurate, durable, versatile, flexible and modular and can be completely controlled via networks. To the smart family include multifunctional network devices as well as smart AC power supplies, frequency generators and multimeter. The smart FG function generator is a real highlight of the smart family, this already so high-quality product family. Equipped with the proven elabo front panel is equipped for the use in industry and education FG smart. A modern touch-display with LED lighting leads the user through the menu. First tests, it is clear that users smart FG quickly can use the.

The intuitively designed menu navigation makes it possible. A further work easier: On the screen only shows what is important for the user. Switch parameters, which can also be automated and outgoing signals are first and foremost. The Users can concentrate on the essentials and is not distracted by superfluous graphics. Positive result: errors are avoided by the concise and clear arrangement.

Elabo and Consipio software specialists have realized that only a high-quality software can be the right answer to increased demands and increased requests for greater data transparency. The interdisciplinary knowledge of the two technology leaders is bundled in PRODAS. So is the perfect system for quality assurance and data analysis. Dietmar Striffler of PRODAS: A must for any company that wants to meet the rising challenges of the markets. PRODAS means the competitive advantage with a software package which is State of the species.” Elabo working environments for people with ideas the elabo GmbH is the technology leader in the development and production of Intelligent measuring and test equipment for the electrical industry and electricians. High-quality equipment, software, test systems and furniture in training, research and development, production and quality assurance, as well as in the service be used by our customers. The elabo GmbH belongs to the Euromicron group: press contact Susanne Rittmeyer Elabo GmbH Ross fields road 56 D-74564 Crailsheim phone: 07951 307-0 fax: 07951 307-66 E-Mail:

The European SAM Academy

As the first provider of comprehensive software asset management training the European SAM Academy will begin their training in October existing software asset management concepts not more equitable are often the complexity and dynamics of software asset management and the claim of many companies. This is especially difficult manageable license models, a variety of software products and versions and comprehensive technical and virtualized infrastructures. In these circumstances, it becomes increasingly difficult to employ software assets in a controlled and efficient to control businesses. The European SAM Academy: Standards for professional software asset management right here the European SAM Academy sets and provides best practice expertise for the establishment of a sustainable software asset management. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has to say. She brings a breath of fresh air in this area and with it the opportunity for companies to redefine their software asset management based on tried and tested methods and develop. The European SAM Academy offers a comprehensive training program for the first time around the issue of software asset management, informed in detail and practical.

As a company of LICETUS group is SAM Academy independent software vendors and tools vendors. The training sessions cover a wide range of topics: Sam basics about the organisational integration and system under support to legal issues and vendor-specific training for the optimal licensing of products of leading manufacturers. You may want to visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to increase your knowledge. Also, learn how you competently negotiate the license optimum for your business. As readers of this newsletter, we offer you participation in the training 2011 with a 10% discount. To capitalize on the advantage, specify please following promo code when registering: Presse001. The offer is valid for a login until September 30, 2011 for the following types of training: software asset management – BASIC training October 24-26 in Munich principles of a comprehensive and effective software asset management – from the license definition to create the balance of the license sambasic /. IBM BASIC – licensing of IBM products 02.-3rd November in Munich as you properly license the use of your IBM software in accordance with the contractual basics ibmbasic / ORACLE BASIC – licensing of Oracle products.

October 27-28 in Munich as you correctly and efficiently use of your Oracle software (focus on database and application server products) in accordance with the contractual basics license oraclebasic / MICROSOFT BASIC – licensing of MICROSOFT products.

The Crisis

Our relations in the social sphere and business must operate according to the same laws of nature. The problem is that now it are not doing, then our current crisis. As soon as mankind ceases to be a set of separate individuals and to become a single system, it will begin to be governed by the relevant laws: the laws of unique and comprehensive systems. Already we are not forgiven by those things that before we could escape. Continue to live in the old way is like jumping from the roof of a skyscraper and expect the best.

They have changed the rules of the game: now, instead of using one another as separate individuals, we have to take care of all elements of a tiered system. And until we do, the crisis will continue. There is an effective method that can make us easier the process of change: public opinion. Everything will be much easier when the channels of communication, the press, media mass communication and Internet explain you to people that we are all parts of a single system. In an agreement, an individual loss is the loss of all, and the benefit of an individual is the benefit of all. The way in which billions of dollars are being poured into the economy today is like pumped with painkillers to a person seriously ill. On the other hand, we have to change root our approach, replacing the I that is currently at the Centre of our worldview, by society.

However, this society will not be a mass of separate elements, but a family. A perfect world just imagine that all your around them are close relatives, and you sincerely want all of them to be happy. It helps them, and they feel and behave in the same way towards you. In addition, we receive from our financial institutions all the necessary help to maintain that lifestyle. This is the way of achieve a balance with nature. The laws that operate in a loving family are the same as we are now breaking, of a single, comprehensive and perfect system. As soon we know these laws and begin to follow them, will not continue to face us against nature, and this, in return, will reward us with prosperous social and economic systems. Dr. Phd Michael Laitman is Professor of ontology, PhD in philosophy and Kabbalah, with master’s degree in cybernetic biology. Author of 40 books on authentic Kabbalah. Founder of Bnei Baruj and Institute Ari, in Israel, dedicated to the teaching of the Kabbalah wisdom for free. Bnei Baruch has become a global organization with students from all parts of the world. Its members are dedicated to the research and dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Information at. KAB. Info. KAB. TV/spa. Laitman. It is Blogs related technology information, cities and exclusion. An experts point try in a seminar in Tenerife the ‘ multi-faceted chocolate experts After Caifanes for you Rockulto productions Market Minds Otra ChocoZona Alan Greenspan: The Crisis Spanish word of the day: However what remains of the left? the newspaper el salvador sv the Federal Reserve (Fed) will keep interest rates low for Alan Greenspan: The Crisis The Big Picture Blog Archive Alan Greenspan: The Crisis