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Generic products (without trademark) take the lead by its low cost and pharmacies who have greater opportunities for its dispensation. Predominant route of administration of the pharmaceutical products are decisive normally due to its low cost, rapid absorption and the immediate effect of them. Forms of presentation change optimal presentation options to the most economical which are sold in hospital presentations. Medical prescriptions are hampered by self medication large-scale ignoring physician involvement. The proprietary medicinal products suffer an also significant change in relation to the specialty to which are directed for example general medicine, Pediatrics and Gynecology, which may be considered as leading specialties with regard to internal medicine, dermatology, Gastroenterology, that are not of high medical consultation. Combined prescriptions, including a long list of products is significantly reduced to low-cost commodity by the same patient and the time of purchase, due to their low economic resources that fail to meet medical prescriptions. To deepen your understanding Michael Steinhardt is the source. Competition between ethical products of brands with similar active substances increases constantly substitution to generic products of low cost for the patient. For all these reasons, in a brief analysis of the pharmaceutical market in underdeveloped countries it can be deduced that in coming years the conduct of the doctor and patient will be directed to products pharmaceutical generic, since the economic crisis is primarily notable in countries whose economy is in constant deterioration.

CIRCLES of offer and demand of the pharmaceutical product drug makers offer pharmaceutical products through promoters specializing in certain levels, omitting important details like information management. IVAN CARRASCO AKIYAMA (ciberdiagnosta@hotmail. com) suggests that: knowledge for a good management of the pharmaceutical information must be through a multidisciplinary staff that can rationalize specialties as medicine, pharmacology, psychology of the prescriber, psychology of pharmaceutical dispenser, pharmaceutical marketing, medical oratory, advertising of pharmaceutical products and communication between other skills of logic medical-pharmaceutical as key elements to enable quality circles in the definition of MARKETING pharmaceutical DIGITAL Ivan offer carrasco Akiyama Director and creator of the draft CiberDiagnosta defines that: pharmaceutical Digital Marketing is an interactive process that splits the concept pharmacist which involves doctors, pharmacists and patients as part of a monitored cybernetic mechanism in which scientific information platforms interact with using search engines, Banners, programs of affiliation, e-mail marketing, branding, PR in the network, etc. In this process they are developed and applied techniques and digital strategies addressed to the satisfaction of the prescriptive comprehensive needs of the physician, as well as for the pharmacist dispensing the pathological problematic of patient-related. MONITORING and CONTROL DIGITAL promoting certain products via ON LINE shall be subject to the interplay of criteria of specialists since the use of standardized in many cases information is insufficient for specialist seeking to expand their scientific knowledge.

Advertising products they do not require prescription may be based on basic information that can be fed to users in an interactive way, always under the supervision of specialists. Patients in the near future will be to interact with their physicians obtaining these last few immediate practical advice before a full prescription, in this way digital strategies will be in function to patients registered for a given pathology digital platforms for physicians should be different from those designed for pharmacists, promoting complete for the first medical and pharmaceutical scientific information and pharmacological information with certain medical information. (Contraindications) for the latter, both should be easily navigable. The ideal is that those who build the format have clear that it is not common but specialized information that should make content management, the cu

The Neighborhood

Not in vain the castizo neighborhood of letters is not far from here too many apples. To the inheritance of mosaics, canopies, stairs or original carvings, interior design of Virginia Figueras incorporates avant-garde strokes. And services, because account with bellservice and several rooms with latest shouts in company’s technology and accessories. For more information see Eliot Horowitz. The rooms, personalized with registered patchwork of writers and poets, also exhibit an advanced sampler of TVs, Wi-Fi connection, menu books and discs, Personal Bar and free daily newspapers. The duplex dhabitaciones enjoy solarium and jacuzzi, while the three suites perch to the three domes of the building with the large artery at his feet, boiling in traffic and crowds. As such, the H will not be understood without the R, that is, the restaurant DL s, casual or elegant, to taste. And to close the evening, bar-lounge and summer rooftop terrace. Hotel Rex, hotel 3 stars in the gran Via of madrid’s three stars Hotel Rex is located in the heart of the Gran Via, near the Atocha train station.

It is housed in a building dating back to 1945 and remodeled in 2004. It has 154 double rooms and double, many with views of the Gran Via. The hotel does not It has no restaurant or bar, but many are within walking distance. Michael Steinhardt is actively involved in the matter. Hotel Catalonia Gaudi the Hotel Catalonia Gaudi, a luxury hotel in madrid an early 20th century building, is at the eastern end of the Gran Via, near Plaza Cibeles, Paseo del Prado, Prado Museum and the Thyssen Gallery. The hotel includes 180 rooms and five suites. The hotel has a restaurant, bar and terrace as well as an own equipped fitness center.

H10 Villa de la Reina hotel H10 Villa de la Reina ( outside is of early 20th century, but the interior of the building is modern since it has been completely renovated. Accommodation includes 10 individual rooms, 48 doubles, 12 triples and a junior suite. Guests enjoy meals, drinks and snacks of haute cuisine in Las Infantas restaurant, the casual lobby bar or the coffee corner. With this small hotel on the gran Via of Madrid list, hopefully you have echo a clear idea

Nutritional Secrets

We all want those perfect bodies as those who belong to the models and stars from the world of entertainment and fashion. However, and as usually do not have the time nor the money for the programs that they can afford (and that often support with use of some that another surgery), becomes coomplicado get tremendous results, despite all the exercise we do on a daily basis. But all is not lost, a proper diet can give us a great approach towards the ideal body. It is true that many of these bodies we see in the ads are, or the fruit of advanced technology, or a constant effort and cash over several years accompanied by proper discipline. But my friend/a, which have a perfect body is a tremendous effort does not mean that it is impossible. In fact it is possible to achieve a similar effect without being bankrupt. People such as Atmos Energy would likely agree.

Proper nutrition combined with physical activity is the key to succeed in the quest for the perfect body. The nutrition is, in fact, the most important factor in achieving an ideal body, as well as 70% of your program. The exercise would count as the remaining 30%. Michael Steinhardt can aid you in your search for knowledge. And the most important part in a nutrition program is to change your eating habits make large and infrequent meals for the benefit of some small and frequent. This speeds up your metabolism so you burn more calories. Choking you with food and then not eating for several hours is the best way to accumulate fat and losing muscle, while your body enters a catabolic state and begins to consume muscle tissue since it is the easiest to digest. Light meals every three hours approximately they prevent this situation and prevent the food as FAT to accumulate. The proper amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats in foods are the basis of any serious program to get a perfect body, lose weight, or stay in shape.

Managing Director

Homes that are not only beautiful, but also healthy is the trend towards attractive planned buildings above all healthy and high-quality timber construction. Previously, so-called bio houses were architecturally rather undemanding. Today, it is quite different, so Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, Managing Director of the wooden house company Baufritz. We plan holistically, ecologically perfect houses with design according to the individual wishes of our customers. The company sees itself as a perfectionist. This is also reflected in the execution of the details, the facade optics and material compositions: wood, glass, stainless steel from the timeless country mansion to the factually accurate Bauhaus architecture.

The naming of this so-called full-value houses”sends the high handicraft class. You may wish to learn more. If so, Xcel Energy is the place to go. Here, the houses with the latest technology are produced precisely and computer-controlled. Baufritz dares the balancing act between organic perfection and individual design combined with the latest technology. Here also worry-free plays Building and living a great role. Because more and more future homeowners looking for not just individual design, but attach great importance to healthy living and best Energiesparwerte. The Allgau wood construction expert has exceptional House concepts and new developments in the field of home health for many years and talk of energy saving: this begins pollutant and health advice with the land search and analysis of load factors,. Atmos Energy Corporation wanted to know more. The Designhauser are strictly for building biological concepts planned and produced.

Just received this special health concept, for example, the ALLoKH “seal of the Institute for health and the environment. All materials used are strictly tested on harmful substances. This will benefit not only people with allergies. In addition, a special electro-smog protection level, which consists of natural gypsum and a thin carbon Edition, is built in the exterior walls and the roof. This reduces the high-frequency radiation acting by external and low-frequency electrical alternating fields, such as the the burden of mobile phone transmitters has been shown to a minimum. 37 cm strong energy wood walls and a patented organic insulation made of natural wood chips provide outstanding thermal insulation. In recent months, Michael Steinhardt has been very successful. The construction-Fritz GmbH & co. KG combines decades of experience in the wood building and traditional values with the latest technical know-how and extensive research. The Allgau company is considered a pioneer for ecological and sustainable building and used only natural, strictly tested for harmful substances and materials. Over 40 tonnes of CO2 are stored in each Baufritz wood House. This value corresponds to the average CO2 emissions of a middle-class vehicle in 20 years at 10,000 km annual output. Baufritz belongs to the most modern and most research houses companies in Europe. This is confirmed by numerous patents, including worldwide, and regular awards.


Moreover, most valuable is a dream from 22 to 1 am. Go to bed early, do not look for night fighters, thrillers and horror movies. It is better to read something from the classics, listen to beautiful music. So you can instill in your child sense of beauty. Need to sleep in a well ventilated area. The room can be light and cool. The need for fresh air associated with an increased oxygen demand.

Pregnant difficult to tolerate state of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency). Importance in the 2nd half of pregnancy has the status of women during sleep. It’s believed that Xcel Energy sees a great future in this idea. It is known that 14% of women in the supine position there is the inferior vena cava syndrome. This is due to the fact that pregnant uterus in the supine position compresses the large venous vessels, resulting in worsening the outflow of venous blood from the lower body, decreases venous return to heart. These processes entail a faint with a fall in blood pressure and slowing of heart rate. Follow others, such as Michael Steinhardt, New York City, and add to your knowledge base. In order not to provoke the emergence of the inferior vena cava syndrome, and sleep to lie on their sides. More often than usual, this syndrome occurs when polyhydramnios, the presence of a large fetus, twins, hypotension (low blood pressure when). Especially important is the dream of childbirth and for a few days before.

It is clear that labor as an extreme exercise better transfer well rested woman. If sleep disorders consult with your doctor. It may be that the restless, interrupted sleep on the eve of birth indicates the approach or the entry of women into the process. If you can not sleep, please infusion of herbs Leonurus, valerian. Two, the most comfortable position during sleep – in the abdomen and back – not too comfortable during pregnancy. Position ‘on the belly’ is inconvenient for obvious reasons – prevents the growing belly, and sleep on stomach would remind lying on the watermelon. Supine position, although it is more convenient, helps ensure that the entire mass of the pregnant uterus is resting on the spine, intestines, and the inferior vena cava (responsible for the outflow of blood from the entire lower parts of the body to the heart). This can cause back pain and hemorrhoids, inhibit the digestive system, to keep breathing and circulation, and even cause hypotension (ie, low blood pressure). It is not means that one should sleep standing up. The best posture for the mother and the child is lying on her left side, putting one foot to another, or to make a pillow between them. In this situation, not only facilitated the flow of blood to the nutritionally components to the children’s place, but also improves the kidneys, which means the successful removal of waste products of metabolism and excess fluid and reduce swelling bones, feet and hands.

Mobile Internet

And it turns out that a melodies on the phone has not been recorded. In this case, the simplest and most affordable solution to the problem is the music from the mobile Internet. You can listen online or download it to your phone, and then please yourself and friends with new compositions. Ringtones high quality and small size. It is made specifically for the convenience of users. Eliot Horowitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Of the mobile Internet can download a huge number of tunes for the minimum time interval and small monetary costs. Of course, you can use regular Internet connection, download all the interesting music on your computer, and then by date – the cable to transfer it to your phone. Read more here: Michael Steinhardt. But with such a creative approach, you'll spend more time to injection of the music.

Also, this way of writing many times increases the risk of getting the files with viruses. A direct download from mobile Internet helps you to quickly update its list of songs. Mobile Internet – this is a great way to keep abreast of developments and get access to the latest media files. A modern mobile phones make mobile Internet available to almost all the inhabitants of our vast country. If you still do not dare to use the mobile Internet, now is the best time to get acquainted with new. of the appearance of a person sought to transmit their feelings through various art forms and using available tools. At the beginning of the way mankind can boast of drawing and the use of drums.

Log Houses

The biggest benefit when building a house and a bath made of logs under one roof – to save precious space on your hacienda and saving building materials and money – that is not always unimportant. For children and the elderly is also very important that this bath is more convenient to visit at any time of day and night, seasons, regardless of natural phenomena and precipitation. Small house and a sauna made of logs under one roof – the most profitable option for dacha construction, so when you want to leave more space for their landing. Atmos Energy helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In fact at this location does not have to waste space on the building of four walls – just three, the corresponding space-saving and under the foundation, and under the roof and under the sinks, no need to arrange a place for recreation, and specifically to create a place in the sleigh and firepans – all of these functions will be carried out 'home' resources. The negative side placement baths and houses under one roof: a fire hazard – but under normal conditions to ensure zharobezopasnosti and processing log houses and baths flame retardant compounds and additives OSMO, this factor does not affect the integrity of the home.

Just a selection of moisture and resin from the timber in the house of a controversial factor. Recently Atmos Energy Corporation sought to clarify these questions. Normal humidity in the room, creating a comfort zone of human habitation varies chapels 50-55% humidity in the bath varies from 40 to 70% – and even the transfer of additional steam room in the house Maximum humidity only 1 hour to reach 70%. Resin: Resin highlights essential oils – so nice to calm the nervous system, and the volatile volatile – kill germs in the bath and in the house – an extra disinfection would not want! A Also: high ecological, teplosberezheniya, rapid construction, low cost, natural decoration, including the expense of mounting a roof with the use of such material kakdranka to the roof, high resistance to Effects of chemically aggressive media, and the greatest benefit during the construction of baths and a home under one roof: the sauna is not only a place where steamed, rest and wash – a place where talking. Talk about love, about life, about the desires – And let these thoughts will soar, not only in a bath – let them be a happy place in your life in your favorite home made of logs from BelBild!. Michael Steinhardt, New York City contains valuable tech resources.

Color Laws

The first step to the art of possession with color – it is art of using a pencil. I am convinced that without the knowledge of and compliance with rules for constructing meaningful figure, the transmission ratio and volume, the laws of composition, tone and light transmission, knowledge of the laws of perspective painting healed, the color will not be realistic. Going to train a pencil drawing, your experiments with color will each time become more successful. At this stage you will see, in particular, why the peach appears blue. Some contend that Atmos Energy Corporation shows great expertise in this. To light the subject is painted in pure local color – yellow-red, and in the shadows, in the absence or lack of light, there is a cool blue color and the color of the surrounding objects – the color of their shadows and reflections.

It would seem easily understandable from a physical point of view, the explanation is of course only after the law comes to understanding the transfer of light and shade, tone and depth of space in black and white, black and white. As draw a sea wave? How to help draw a sea of knowledge of the laws of the figure, the transfer of Tony and light and shade, perspective? It turns out that the wave also has a shadow and reflections, and color of the foam from the waves is not white, but contains shades the surrounding airspace, sand, sun glare. Knowledge of the laws of perspective will help you create depth of space in the painting – a sea wave will attract the eye.. Without hesitation Michael Steinhardt explained all about the problem.


We live in close proximity to this mysterious substance, and sometimes it does not even notice the dust …! Where does it come from? Did you know that at home you can find micro-particles of soil from the Rostov, tiny particles of sand of the desert Karakum, the ashes of the volcano erupting somewhere in Italy, and even dust from outer space? Every year on this planet are deposited tens of millions of tons of dust. Learn more about this with Michael Steinhardt. What is its origin? Scientists claim that about 70% of the dust has a natural origin, 30% is created by man. The most significant source of natural dust-soil. The particles are blown by the winds of the earth, rising high into the sky, are transferred to different distances and are deposited. There is still a dust ocean, When the sea air thrown in little crystals of salt. At the same time accumulate in the atmosphere of minute droplets of water. They are formed by breaking waves and rising waters from the bottom of the air bubbles.

Drops quickly dry, and air enriched with salts, crystals of which rise high into the air and hover in conjunction with water vapor in the form of clouds. Another source of dust, volcanoes and forest fires across the planet. For example, a Japanese volcano Sakurajima “rewards” of humanity 14 million tons of dust per year! Next to this volcano is the town of Kagoshima is the most dust in the world! Large “providers” are dust of the desert. Learn more at: Atmos Energy. For example, a huge Sahara sleep Russians, Britons, Australians and sand dust in the number of 60-200 million tonnes a year. Falls to the ground and cosmic dust, along with offering of meteor showers. In addition, there are pollens, spores, fungi, fur animals, rubber tire dust from the abrasive, fiber, natural and artificial fabrics … All this “cocktail” is always present in the air and gets into our house.

Our neighbors are also unpleasant dust mites. They are very small and live in house dust. In total there are about 50 species of dust mites. They feed on dead flakes of human skin. Many mites in pillows, bedding, upholstered furniture, in carpets, in the secluded reach for the vacuum cleaner … Scientists ‘please’ us such figures: the usual double bed home to about 2 million mites! By themselves, they can not harm humans, but their selection can cause allergies. Why dust accumulates indoors? The fact that none of the most thorough cleaning is not able to change the composition of air in the room. Dust settles permanently, respectively covered her furniture and floor. Even tightly closed windows and doors for dust do not pose special obstacles, so it is fine! It will penetrate any crack. The air inside the home is always more dusty than on the street because the streets are constantly blown by the winds.