Series Series House

With the development of information technologies and the Internet as a way to consolidate them, the uniqueness of the television broadcast began to lose its relevance. If television had been the only option for viewing movies and TV series, then now is the opportunity to effortlessly watch series online and not worry about having missed the next series on television. Conventionally, the target audience of Internet viewers can be divided into those who watch soap operas again, already seen on TV and those who fundamentally view the new TV series, such as a rabbit on the net. For the first category Spartacus: Blood and Sand online or Dr. House Online is a great excuse for an interesting pastime, such viewers love to watch high-quality series that nashumeli at the box office.

Also, elderly people may be great expectations online or as any other series. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Compuware. And watch soap operas on the Internet is very nice, because people are not constrained by some temporary restrictions, prohibitions. Also kilometer commercials at half the show, too alien to online television, place, the man himself disposes view mode – to pause and revisiting some moments. People who live a fast pace of advanced technologies, know that most recent series and the series appeared on the Internet before on television. First of all, this will involve foreign serials. Particularly happy about those for whom English is a second mother. These people can watch foreign TV series in thematic web sites immediately after their release on TV.

Others who prefer a Russian translation, must be patient and wait for about a month, while the long-awaited series will be released in the Russian version. It should also be noted that viewing series, but these pluses, has one indisputable advantage – a huge number of proposed kinoproduktov. To view your favorite TV series in network television, you need to shell out hefty for additional channels, which broadcast series. And on the Internet these restrictions do not exist.

System University

The agreement is that ED is as a form of auto learning. The creation of the secretariat of Education in the distance (SEED), inside of the Ministry of Education, having for goal ' ' The Ministry of the Education, by means of the Secretariat of Education in the distance (Seed), acts as an agent of technological innovation in the processes of education and learning, fomenting the incorporation of the technologies of information and communication (TICs) and of the techniques of education in the distance to the didactic-pedagogical methods. Moreover, it promotes the research and the development directed toward the introduction of new practical concepts and in the public schools brasileiras.' ' (MEC, 2000). If you would like to know more then you should visit Compuware Corporation. Additionally, they are still cited, the projects of the SEED: virtual library a quantity of more 123 a thousand workmanships, launched in 2004, the vestibule offers to favour access the literary compositions, artistic and scientific (in the form of texts, sounds, images and videos); DVD school are programmings, in medias, TV school; Proinfo is a colaborativo virtual environment of learning that allows the conception, administration and development of diverse types of action, as courses in the distance, complement the actual, colaborativos projects of research, projects and diverse courses other forms of support in the distance and to the process teach-learning; the System University of Brazil (UAB) that it offers of courses and programs of superior education, by means of the education in the distance. Internet is modifying the way as if it makes education. For its wide reach and low cost, it comes almost being used that in the totality of the courses in the distance offered.

Its flexibility and programabilidade allow the creation of interactive multimedia contents and adding a technological convergence. For another side, although all its advantages, the Internet still present serious limitations that in the distance diminish its usability for the education. The main one of them is the narrow width-of-band provoked for the precariousness of the current infrastructure of telecommunications.