And they found a lot of interesting: the front camera, three Apple logo in different places, tightly sealed in a metal motherboard, which have not been able to open, about 50 screws, which were numerous details skrupleny smartphone fitted to each other more abruptly than sprats in the bank:), as well as a battery, which occupies most of the inside of the gadget. That's what was able to learn about the new iPhone: The screen resolution is much greater than that of 3GS, approximately 960 460. Appeared front camera for video chats. Camera 5Mpx or steeper. Flash. Micro-sim instead of a sim-card. Jack for external microphone. Separate volume buttons.

Power button, Mute and volume controls made of metal. Also changed the design of your smartphone. The back cover is now flat and not arched, butt phone is made of aluminum, the battery is more voluminous (19% more than the 3GS), but the body sizes remained approximately the same as the previous model iPhone. After the journalists managed to make out, and – most interesting to gather iPhone back, they wrote a letter to Apple, which expressed namerinie gadget back to its rightful owner, but … not received no response.

Then they contacted directly with Gray Powell, who picked up the phone, but as soon as he learned that it is a missing prototype, refused to talk and took Gizmodo their contacts. But he never called back. For Apple it OK, since this company was always super secret and impenetrable in terms of everything that concerned the upcoming products.

Black Box

This provides users with a high level of flexibility, since the information and advertising displays are placed there you can get where the highest attention – without requiring an additional socket for the AV Extender must be present. Because the portable MediCento IPX with PoE function does not require an additional power supply. Instead he is included simply for the power supply and AV signal distribution over IP via CATx cabling into the existing LAN infrastructure, such as TCP/IP networks. The audio – and Videoextender supplied up to 256 screens over large distances up to 100 meters in lossless full-HD content. As a result, the system is ideal for DS installations across multiple buildings across and also to more remote locations, the distribution of medical images in hospitals, use in education or for shops and points of information (POIs) in the Mall. For the design of an impressive video wall is the new ‘ Videoplex 4 video wall controllers ‘ laid out: the standalone device splits a single DVI source to four independent monitors.

Multiple devices can be stacked for larger video walls (video walls). Image content in a simple way with the Videoplex from Black Box can be cropping, scaling, rotating and set in columns. The display devices connected to a large video screen and displays can be mixed in their orientation – horizontal and vertical – creative and thus achieved impressive installations such as for live broadcasts. In the development of video wall systems with the Videoplex from Black Box, distances of up to 20 meters in full dual-link resolution (DVI-D) are possible. With the ‘ XR 8 x 8 HDMI matrix switch’ Black Box Germany also offers a high-performance switcher for AV professionals. With its 8 inputs and 8 outputs, the Matrixswitch allows distances up to 100 meters over only a single CATx cable. The new matrix switch for switching of video and audio signals to specific receivers support the A/V interface HDBaseT for uncompressed transfer of Full HD video in 1080 p with embedded audio and control via RS-232.

Black Public Culture

EE UU educatuivos centres are trying to attract students with the creation of courses such as Religion and culture hip hop or Lady Gaga and the sociology of Fame. The course on Lady Gaga is a sociology, not about music. The return to classes starts in United States and schools seek new proposals to attract students with courses such as Religion and hip hop taught by musicians, rappers and dj s or seminars with diverse subjects that looks at the brilliant success of Lady Gaga. Rapper Bun B, Member of the duo UGK (UnderGround Kingz), is one of them and has decided to combine his passion for music with the classes, this time not as a student but as a teacher. Bun B, along with other two professors in the Department of Humanities and religious studies of the Rice University of Houston (Texas) teaches a seminar on Religion and hip hop culture.

The aim is to teach that modern music is not incompatible with religion and can be a support for young people than through letters rapeadas many times they ask about the meaning of life, indicates the course manual. We’re showing the cases in which hip-hop and religion have the same goals and a common ideology in the context of culture, stated the rapper in an interview recorded by the digital portal The Root. Some of the topics of discussion on which students will discuss will be the ethics of hip-hop or rap should be included in the ecclesiastical music to attract young people, as it anticipates the syllabus of the course, available on the website of the University. Dj 9th Wonder, winner of a Grammy, also joins this new trend and be taught along with the Professor of African American studies at Duke University, Mark Anthony Neal, a seminar on music and African-American popular culture. Class has as a bedside book the work of own Neal What the Music Said: Black Popular Music and Black Public Culture, which focuses on African American musical traditions from jazz to the beginnings of hip-hop.

On Mobile Phones And PDAs

Today’s world closer to us. it is difficult to deliver in the absence of our mobile friend and constant companion. He considered us not only to our assistant, however, still podsoblyaet interesting and nice to his native spare time. All of the above – probably about mobile phones. And no one since no one will be able to challenge the precedent, though perhaps a tiny device placed with us more than anyone, because everyone is willing to exist on relationship. Probably closer has long realized the creators of the additions to mobile devices, and with any of days it is increasingly in the vast Web. Let’s see what the between ordinary telephone apparatus and a telephone or pda. Telephone differs from conventional telephone availability of the operating system (as , Symbian OS); communicator has in fact, found in most cases, operating system, Windows Mobile and perceiving the screen that way as a function of the telephone here closer owns serious rivals, who claim to be the first space according to importance. Therefore, and adding differ dramatically for those devices.

For example, if you type in at least some search engine like something similar to the phrase “for all phones, phones, smartphones and PDAs, then the outcome of the investigation you can not take one a thousand pages of results. In a single, ground, as if to grasp – if set correctly voprostsy, is allowed to get the answers you need. Fun for communicators, and the same as for other units, are formed for this, that we with you were nice Having your native time, as soon as necessary if a wait a long time to live on the road. Today’s numbers and the abundance of games according to genres and styles is so great, though fully able to elect either for yourself exactly what if necessary according to the soul. As mobile fun now, according to said spices are much the greatest of games. Give consent, though much more pleasant to time because of the latest fun than the next just looking at humane tired and grumbling little face in the subway consistent way home.

Files of pda are designed to enhance multi-functional capabilities of the unit, so that for such a nick had a chance yet get more from their own pda. These additions have all chances to be developed as an official, that way, and developed by outsiders. For example, there is such a small utility with support for a host pda with Windows Mobile will be able to view the flash-adding when you visit Web pages. Craft is like an extreme version of Flash the Player from Adobe for pda Windows Mobile owns 7 version, and Intrigues require close 10th. That’s such a nice example of the usefulness of additions. There are so many resources, which has all the pda. On those websites have large collections of games, additions, screen savers, those tunes for a “reasonable” pda devices. If you read continuously improve your phone or want to make elementary that way, that he was unique and differed from the others – then these websites elementary done for you. Nearly all of this addiction with long passes into main handicrafts, and even follow-up work.

Audio Broadcasting

They are to promote its implementation, many Wi-Fi radios available in addition to AM/FM radio or DAB digital radio receiver or both, so they are very versatile devices that allow you to tune to different radio systems, the conventional AM/FM radio, terrestrial Digital Radio and Internet radio. Unlike television radio technologies, where the analogue blackout led to the disappearance of analogue TV and its replacement by the DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television), radio scanning progresses very slowly. There are currently several technologies that allow to emit radio channels: AM/FM Radio: is the conventional radio. Digital terrestrial radio: known as DAB radio (Digital Audio Broadcasting), is a present digital radio technology since 1995, is however little extended by the necessity of having a receiver specific.

Satellite radio: is only implemented in United States, where it is cost-effective because the population is scattered and the area covered is very large. You need specific receptors. Internet radio: is experiencing tremendous growth, both in its podcast version by means of streaming. Is it tuned with any device that can access the Internet, such as a computer or a mobile phone, but there are specific devices for this function, called Wi-Fi radios. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi radios radios are similar in appearance to conventional radios with digital display, however do not tuned the usual radio waves but that are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi to play the broadcasts of radio on the Internet. Wi-Fi radios allow access in any place that has Wi-Fi connection to the vast amount of available Internet stations, until now only accessible from the computer. Let’s look at the main features of the Wi-Fi radios: Wi-Fi: they have Wi-Fi antenna built-in or external, as well as encryption WEP, WPA and WPA2. Graphical environment: to dial mode.

Sound output: allows you to connect headphones, external speakers or an amplifier. Alimentation: they have rechargeable batteries. Connectivity cable: many Wi-Fi radios include Ethernet connector for cord usage if it is available. Formats: Wi-Fi radios read the most common formats of compressed audio, like MP3, WMA, Real Audio or AAC. Stations: usually Wi-Fi radios connect to directories of radio stations, such as Reciva or vTuner, to obtain addresses of stations, also allowing you to add strings manually. Feature speaker: some models serve as a computer speaker Wi-Fi, allowing listening to music that plays the PC. Speaker iPod function: some models of Wi-Fi radios have adapter for iPod serving as speaker for the iPod. Alarm function: many Wi-Fi radios incorporate wake up to start the day with the favorite Internet radio station. Hybrid models: some models include AM/FM tuner or DAB digital tuner, so disposing of several functions in a single device.

Ipad Students

Few developments cause as much excitement as that has lifted the school Unversitaria of tourism Mediterrani, which has decided to include an Ipad 2 in the tuition for this course of tourism 2011. The main motivation according to the words of white Braut, academic Director of the school, have been interesting educational opportunities which are opened for Mediterrani students with the normalization of the use of this communication tool and the practice of its lightweight design. There is no doubt that the University School of tourism Mediterrani bet for the new digital age and this is very good news. Now first year tourism students may work with a useful and necessary tool for their works and projects during their academic years and training in the tourism sector. On the other hand, Dr. Braut also wanted to emphasize another novelty at the academic level as the preparation and examination of evidence of English First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency that, from now on, students will perform for free in the Centre in the 104 calle Rocafort, Barcelona. This initiative also opens new possibilities to the school and the pupils of the same since it adds one more to the list service for students at the school. It should be noted that currently the school also has a company manager associated with the school in the same physical space to resolve all questions of students and facilitate the generation of new projects and companies in the world of work..

Photo Canvas

The most popular use of prints on fabric is with photographs. These photos printed on canvas can be your family, your partner, your friends or anything else that comes to mind, the only limit is your creativity. Just choose your favorite photograph, the size of the canvas and the shape of wrapper on the framework that will be all the work necessary for the creation of their own photo personalized canvases. Photography, that Yes, you must possess a good quality, since often the paintings tend to have large surfaces and photography will need to enlarge to the size of the canvas without loosing its quality. Create a photo montage is a great alternative for those looking to print more than one picture on a canvas photo is a montage of various images in a same canvas. Since then this option is advisable for a canvas picture of a rather large size, since in the small canvas pictures not will appreciate all.

Work of art & design photos only an option of what can be printed on a canvas. Artists have been using the canvases for centuries due to the natural quality and conservation that give his work, and the same goes for digital designs that are your best presentation format on the canvas. Add text to your photo canvas to create a unique gift selected once your photography and design, you can add your custom text, which is a wonderful way to personalize your canvas and create a truly unique personalised gift. For the aggregate of your custom text, you have two options, either you can include your text in front of his canvas, or in the back of the same so if message is more discreet. It is without a doubt a great idea for makes a gift of birthday triptychs and several canvases prints. A single image can be divided into several canvases if you have a large image to create an impressive effect with your photo canvases. This form of presentation of your photos is ideal for natural landscapes.

Convert your photos into Pop Art Art a fun idea to print your photos on canvas is transformed into colorful Pop Art artworks. This format is ideal for printing photos of people, the most popular styles are those of Andy Warhol and Banksy. Looking at his picture changed to a format of Pop Art style art will be a wonderful way to create fantastic original gifts that will surprise anyone.

Testing Analog

It is not that this weekend more long than usual not removed nor a single photo. It is that on Friday we started at the CEF a practice that we had made in digital, but this time in analog format, with black and white film.Gave us a spool of 25 photos (at the end mine has been having 22 things make the reels to measure), a camera to choose between what they had and on the street with the tripod to be at night. Gave me the Canon AE1, a mechanical SLR 100% with a target canon 50 mm maximum aperture of f/1.8. Maximum exposure 2 seconds from there time in Bulb (to count the seconds of exposure with the clock or head). Aperture diaphragm in the lens ring and 125 ASA black and white film. There were other cameras available, but since I get with analogue photography we are going to do it really, with a classic and very different from my Canon EOS 350 d camera. I think that the more different is to mine, most think as I do the photo already that the lack handling the camera makes you secure me more on how I do each photo, not worth that shoot more or less.

The most curious, in addition to the fear by shooting (I have forced me to think much about the photo) and not to see the photo immediately after making it, was the handling of the camera. The photometer of this camera is a needle to the right within the Viewer. You adjust shutter speed and tells you that Aperture is correct for that speed everything is accustomed. Well, to see if we can on Wednesday reveal something and if we got this, to see if we can contribute the negatives for Friday and then see if I can show you some results. But again will be hehe. To see more articles like this or some of my pictures you can visit: original author and source of the article

Graphics Interchange

Transfer rate: amount of data of input and output to the server permitted per month, apply visits to pages and webs, loading and unloading of FTP files and emails incoming and outgoing hyperlink: O link communications. It is a connection from one page to another destination such as, for example, another page or a different location on the same page. Download: Download information from the network. Upload: Upload information to the network. HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language, labelling of Hypertext language English: is the language used to create Web pages, a very simple language that allows to combine graphics, texts and links HTTP: English HyperText Transfer Protocol, Hypertext Transfer Protocol: is the communication protocol that uses the internet.

URL: English Uniform Resource Locator, resource locator uniform, the Internet address system. It is the character string which is assigned a unique address to each of the information resources available on the WWW. POP3 accounts: Amount of mailboxes that They provide you with the hosting account for your personal use or that of visitors to your web site. FTP: File Transfer Protocol English. Used to send and receive files from a Web site. The file transfer protocol, is a method with which you can upload or download information to and from Internet search engine: (browser) established programs that serve to locate content on the Web.

Some famous are: Google, Yahoo, Altavista. etc. Blog: Basically it is a derivation of a web site, the term blog derives from weblog, it is nothing more than a digital journal that publishes one or more people. The difference between website and blogs is that the latter allows a permanent, daily, update or how you want the holder, and is accessible to anyone although it lacks technical knowledge about the internet. There are many sites that allow you to quickly create your Blog and so take your place on the web. Blogger: Is the name that is known to the person who creates a blog and publishes articles, reviews, news, photos, videos, tutoriales.etc. blogosphere: so is the segment of the internet where the sites are blogs. Post: Defines a publication (an article) published in a blog, also called new entry. If you’re going to leave a comment on a blog, whether own or not, you are leaving a post, already you are posting. Forums: Virtual places of communication, where you can share tastes, hobbies and interests with like-minded people, or as a tool for E-Commerce, where share projects and information between partners, suppliers, employees, etc. Podcast: Podcasting is the creation of so-called mp3 or AAC sound files and video files called videocasts or VODcast. Summing up the podcast focuses only on the aspect of audio, while the vodcast combines audio and video such as television. FAQ: Means: frequently asked questions. It is a list of questions and answers on any topic in particular. (Graphics Interchange Format) Graphics Interchange GIF:Formato GIF is a standard format of image files for the network. Link:Enlace Login:identificador of a user within a system. To enter protected system usually us ask our login (username) and password (key word). User usename:Nombre. Well, as I said it is only a part of the large list of web terms, but these that I included in the list are those who more truly in your initial stage.You can copy it and print it and have them present. With the passage of time you know exactly what each one means and form an active part of your memory of surfer. Lots of luck!

Digital Library

The osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, which especially affects the cartilage that is the ends of joints of bones. It is a disease of the joints wear. There are joints that once they have finished growing begin to show signs artrosicos and it happens in all people. Radiological signs of osteoarthritis can normally start at age 25 in the dorsal spine (middle part of the back), at age 30 in the cervical spine (neck), 40 in the lumbar spine (lower part of the espalsa) and 50 years in the knees. Can only be regarded to arthritis as a disease, when the magnitude of the degenerative alterations (joint wear) is not proportional to the age of the person. General medicine one in eight patients suffers from a condition of the locomotor apparatus. s actively involved in the matter.

Degenerative conditions arthrotic older joints (hips, knees) and the vertebral column, are among the most common therapeutic problems in practice of all the days. 80% Of the diseases of the locomotor apparatus are osteoarthritis. One of every five patients with advanced osteoarthritis of the hip will be incapacitated in less than five years. So it is essential diagnosis and treatment specific and immediate of this disease, so that it does not advance, and if that would have happened, you should reverse the degenerative process. This is now possible. Symptoms: the fundamental, is pain joint, which is located in the spine (from very mild to very severe), in the hips, knees, hands, feet and other joints. When the neck is affected, it can hurt not only the region, but also the head, arms, hands, orbital region and in some special cases, it may be accompanied by vertigo and dizziness.

The movements of the affected joints can warn type noises squeaking or crackling noises.Eventually, osteoarthritis can lead to a limitation of mobility to articulate. Treatment: scientific studies of the last years have demonstrated that articular cartilage is the first thing that is injured and wears away in osteoarthritis, and that it can be, under certain conditions, stimulated to return to regenerate. To this point the new methods of treatment for this ancient disease. In definitive treatment can be summarized: 1 – against the pain and functional impotence of the affected joints, using laser equipment, stretchers-generating magnetic fields, Reclaimers electronic (capacitive transfer) and 2 – the second aspect of the treatment aims to halt or reverse disease arthritic, trying to minimize its evolution. Currently there are different types of biological weapons such as: antioxidants, cartilage and other medications aimed at stimulating cartilage joint. The joint pain is attacked effectively, without side effects; and the problem of osteoarthritis is attacked thoroughly that don’t follow its evolution. I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find articles of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development: health, sports, entertainment, computing, languages, labour output and more.