Technical Service

That music is part of the life is a reality. It would be very sad that our days are developed without a little music that cheers the heart. And what good experience that we obtained when we counted on equipment of audio of quality that can reflect the recording faithfully that we are listening. The sound becomes alive, the low ones and the acute ones surround to us, constituting a true experience in 3D, that causes that authentically we are transported of this reality. But when the things do not work especially as they would have, for the inhabitants of the zone of Whose in Argentina, the long pilgrimage began until finding a service technical of quality that could guarantee the quickly realised repairs and suitability. Happily now there is a technical service for audio in Mendoza that fulfills all the requirements that the most demanding consumer looks for. Until recently time in our homes we had a VHS reproducer. The rent of films in this format was very common, and it troubled to us to hope that it left published the next success Hollywood to be able to rent it and to see it in our house.

But the time happens, and this little practical format was replaced by the DVDs, those small plastic circles that can store a great amount of information. Due to the great capacity of the DVD, there have been no more disadvantages for the storage of films, of a superior quality with respect to graphs and sound. In this way, all the films in DVD come with sound surrounding the one that we can enjoy a Home Theater to the maximum, reproducing exactly what we lived when we go to the cinema. A DVD can store up to 133 minutes of video in apt hi-res, that is to say to be seen in the new televisions of plasma and LCD of format 16:9, that is to say, Widescreen. If we spoke of music, a DVD can keep almost eight hours from music with the maximum possible quality.

The technology that surrounds to the DVD reproducers is extremely complex. In the first place the information obtains by means of the passage of a light beam laser on the surface of the disc. Although the laser it can get to last some years, the mechanism in himself is extremely delicate and any fault in the calibration could cause reading errors of discs. Fortunately at present we counted on a technical service for audio in Mendoza who will be able to put the things in their place so that those original images and that sound superior return to our life.


Because we must take part in a course of conduct? Teach driving techniques to young drivers or with little experience on a motorcycle is relatively simple. They quickly assimilated technique. Found the problem when a driver has spent years rolling on bike and has acquired due to a so-called learning unconscious or implicit vices. There is no difference between playing tennis, circular bike or jump with pole. All this requires a previous knowledge of the technique and apply it the right way.

A driving licence just proves that the driver know driving rules, has balance and coordinated controls of the bike provided do so at medium-low speed and with a wide margin of safety. The problem begins when we demand to our motorcycle a little more. Especially when shot group at a high rate touching our own limits as not of the motorcycle. It is at that moment when we need to know the aspects that influence the sport driving a motorcycle. Would be a mistake thinking that these knowledge apply only in speed circuits. It is necessary to know the dynamics and functioning of the bike as well as the techniques to be used while driving at all times. Knowledge and application of it will allow us to maintain a rhythm light with greater margin for manoeuvre and to solve a serious situation of danger (possible via output by speeding, front or rear skid, a vehicle that does not yield the step, sliding asphalt, rain or zone humid, traffic stopped at traffic lights, etc) to exit gracefully from these and other situations is essential condition know the dynamic operation of the motorcycle to be able to decide in each time the action that we must apply. DO WE APPLY THE TECHNIQUE CORRECTLY? Where you leave rest your body weight during driving, apply force in any part of the bike by turning in a swerve, lockup with the front, rear, with both, in all situations equally, if you use 2 brakes, which you apply before, with that intensity and graduation, change the the body in the braking position, as you put the arms, how many gears reduces braking, loose the clutch every time, das a gas blow if you lock the wheel, not das never use engine braking, use reference points to turn the bike on your favorite road to that distance sights when wheels with the bike on line, where you look at curveyou consider the movement of the masses to shoot with your bike, you know as they influence the masses in stability and grip on your bike, you descuelgas the bike always, never or depending on the curve, as you put the body, lockup before or after placing the body, several body position before, during or out of the curve, you do force in the Stirrups to rotate, change direction, or accelerate, that traced bundles, the number depending on the radio or rear curve, as and where you apply gas, which you think is ideal to speed up, pulling you know revolutions that delivers your engine torque and maximum power, you use these data to shift gears in each curve if you know all these answers congratulations.

Finished Technician

With this one collects many armadillos, deer, hares and others. In the top of a tree they had found a jibia enormous. It was rolled in the twigs and it was not easy to remove it of there. She was necessary hooks, some men and rude force it stops to pull out it of there. Finished the service, then to follow they had found another one cobrinha. One cascavelzinha of more than a meter of size.

With this the situation was a little different. It is one mortal animal. A bite of the snake and the person can go to visit They are Peter more early. As it had person specialized in the group, the capture seemed to be more easy. In boat it had 7 soldiers of the body of firemen and a responsible zootecnista for capture of animals. A fireman came to help the technician and the others had been there for the deep one of boat for for precaution. They had obtained to lasso the snake and to hold it with the hook.

Thus canine tooth technician caught it with the hand and he unfastened it of the tree. After that two they had been remanejando it with the pole until the mouth of the bag where it would be imprisoned. As it was much great weighed, the task was extremely difficult. It was thus until they had obtained to play it together of mouth of the bag. Finding the technician who it it would go to fall inside of the bag, it opened the ring of hook and it fell exempt inside of the boat and not in the bag. It was the question of it charges to fall in the boat the 7 soldiers to fall in the water. The technician only was in the boat, thus exactly in one tip of the boat the snake in the other tip. What to make now? That soldier would come back to the boat? For the time being none, at least while whose he was there waiting he stops to give one picadinha. Not having another exit, the technician, with a special pole, another side finished playing the snake in the water it boat. The welded braves had returned its ranks from defenders, while cobrinha left swimming route to any dry part. If the soldiers had been behind the peonhenta, nobody were knowing.


She seems to have the expectation, in the empresariado one, of that the reduction of the socket of knowledge technician on Africa occurs by means of previous planning and communication channels with investing potentials. Such measures, associates the development politics, offer, in the medium and in long stated period, propitious conditions for the reinforcement of the commercial relations Brazil-Africa, being basic it Brazil to carry through investments in the African economy, in accordance with report of the World Bank, must grow 6.3% in 2010, that is, above of the goal traced for Brazil, that varies of 4% 5%. Currently, companies of the infrastructure sector and mining are in negotiation contracts involving, the ones that suggest a probable increase in the interchange of merchandises, as well as for the intensification of flow of foreign investments right-handers in direction to Africa. This will be able to not only benefit companies whom they opt to if installing in the territory, but also exporting Brazilians, whom they had attended, in last the seven years, to the triplicao of the number of remittances for the African continent. However, Africa is a continent that is leaving to be in the esquecimento for the globalizada economy, that lived to the edge of the multipolar world, and today, in a world marked for the North American hegemony and for the neoliberal speech, Africa inaugurates one third politician-economic model that, exceeding the socializante nationalism and the projects of liberal democracy of capitalist base, fundiu the authoritarianism with economic liberalism and the integration of the continent in the globalization. .


These are just some of the headlines that have been able to read in the media in reference to the Japanese crisis. The content of these alarmist information, refers only to the potential risks that all could run in the hypothetical case that could not reach to cool affected in the Fukushima power cores. However, who speaks of the dead, the wounded, 20,000 missing persons and the destruction suffered by Japan as a result of the earthquake and the tsunami that happened? What really happened, what are made demonstrable from a tragedy, not interest anyone. At a minimum, is not matter that makes increase the audience of the TV channels or the sale of a larger number of newspapers, when it is not that you are aligned ideologically with an interested environmentalism, under cover of which, can that they are getting huge profits. Even the tragedy and pain, are pretext for those who are always willing to take advantage of the circumstances and preparations to sow unfounded panic that promotes measures that indirectly, favour profits not confessed. There are few who have bothered to highlight the exemplary behavior of the Japanese people. An attitude which should serve as example to the rest of the world. A proceeding, which in the most difficult hours that a people can live is what as it already happened in the past, will allow you to be reborn from its ashes and again traced a glorious flight that will return to amaze from North to South and from East to West. Unlike foreigners who were fighting for a plane ticket and despair by arriving at the airport to escape a hypothetical nuclear as the plague threat, the Japanese, with the unchanged equilibrium that their ancient culture has pervaded them, lined patiently by your bowl of rice in the devastated areas. While in the West a disaster of this nature would lead to speculation, chaos, pillaging and looting in an uncontrolled manner, the Japanese offer us a civics lesson.

Technical Itch

Not every imagine, in reality, should sound experimental drum'n'bass. Barrel and bass, built sophisticated methods, with heavy bursts of buzzing bulkayusche-samples, the usual unusual dnb, not to mention themselves loop'ah. The name of this madness – techstep. Master in the sound on the right is Mark Caro, aka Technical Itch. Which began, like most dnb music with a DJ career, Mark quickly grows to create their own compositions. Back in 1991, the year, DJing for local performing local events, he does think about the incarnation of his many ideas into music. And after a while, a guy gets a chance: the label Ibiza Records released his own project with a rather enigmatic title – ENTT.

Getting acquainted with Decoder'om (Darren Beale), Technical Itch find it invaluable support and as a result of their joint collaboration is born first EP Mark, called Plasmic Life. The next step is mark the opening of Mark's own record company Tech Itch Records. The label for a long time does not get out of a deep underground and is the real support is provided by Kenny Ken, always uses Releases Tech Itch Rec. in his broadcast on London's Kiss FM. This brings Product Tech Itch respect and, of course, fame. There comes a high point: the label pours more and more new releases, basking in the glory, but Mark is contracted with the legendary record company Moving Shadow. Here on Moving Shadow, he earns reputation, which characterizes its dynamic, high-tech and at the same time, biting style of writing songs.

Interview Techniques

If you are the interviewer, before initiating an interview you are indispensable to organize a script? a planning of the interview? for this you must prepare yourself. A good interviewer must possess a good general culture, a reasoning fast a perception sharpened on the human behavior. During the interview, the negative influences must be eliminated all as any types of cultural, social preconceptions, of sex, color, etc. Close the personal problems, the particular antipatias, opinions, the judgments without real recital or the fears and the pressures also must be left of are of the interview. To program an interview adequately, the interviewer must know the data on the interviewed one, to know accurately what he expects of it and what the company wants to get of the interview. Being thus, so that the interview has the waited effect, the interviewed one will need to be left to the will, therefore most of the time, it is in tension state. In an interview, the interviewer will have, first, to investigate the appearance of the candidate? to know if it is adjusted to the profile demanded for the organization? will have to also observe its corporal position, its habits, if it possesss some vice, if he uses some type of drink, he drugs or other not healthful habits. At as a moment, the interviewer must investigate as was the previous work of the candidate? in order to try to know as it will be its behavior in the organization? its degree of escolaridade? to know if it is compatible with the requirement of the position? its abilities, its familiar life, its social life? in order to perceive as if it relates in team? its current health (and previous)? in order to perceive if the candidate it can work under pressure. After this, the interviewer will have to investigate on the last life of the interviewed one? in order to trace a profile on its personality? its honesty and if it has trends to the lies.

Capacity Technique

Defining the auditorship joust, the real situation of the company is sufficient. An auditorship can evaluate, for example, the financial demonstrations as a whole or one has left of it, the adequate use of the human resources, the use of materials and equipment, distribution and etc. To contribute for the adjusted management to take decisions. PROFILE OF the AUDITOR the necessary auditor of independence in relation to the auditado object, in order to collect given consistent and to produce impartial analyses for achievement to seem objective and trustworthy. So that the intention is reached, the auditor needs to develop some personal attributes.

The auditors are those professionals of the responsible auditorships for the certification of the procedures. Gelbcke (1999, p.8), affirms that the natural attributes of auditor, such as independence, objetividade and ability to understand systems and controls are only the basic arguments so that this has competitive advantage before other professionals. We can detach: Capacity Technique: The auditor must know in depth the pertaining norms and procedures to the auditado sector. Needing always to be making studies, specializations and training, in order to keep its brought up to date knowledge. Common-sense: It estimates discernment and balance, so that captured and missed conclusions are prevented, working always being auditados. Tato: the capacity of if preventing embarrassed situations and keeping a climate of respect and affection stops with that they are being auditados. Description: The auditor must restrict commentaries and formulated comments on collected data and evaluations those that, for force of position or functions exerted, the necessity has to know resulted or to follow the works of auditorship in course. Written and verbal expression: It is of basic importance that the auditor knows to communicate itself of clear form, brief and correct.

Motivate The Study Of Technical English

Personally, when faced with the necessity of studying technical English, decided to share with all the experience. I have to say I managed it and I'm happy with my result. In connection with the development of our abilities and desires, English to us it is very necessary. And many even eager to learn it. After all, it is no secret that it gives you more opportunities – trips abroad, chatting with friends, colleagues, improving function and more.

But here we are encounter the same problems. Where can I find free time for study? How to make doing homework an interesting and not boring? Why eventually loses interest? And many others … But the emergence of such questions – a good sign! After all, it is important to have the desire and understanding that something goes wrong .. and this is the first step to addressing these issues. The first thing to always have a goal, otherwise not to aspire to.

Technical English is useful to you for tourist trips in the work (technical writer, programmer, translator, manager, logistician, and others). And in any case this is not just wasted time. Let's try to find motivation for your learning. Why do we learn? We learn for yourself, not for neighbors or friends … and the benefits of this would be primarily visible to you. Consider the following questions and you will understand where the motivation to do. – What will give me the knowledge Technical English? – What I want to achieve? – How knowledge of technical English to help me achieve my main goal, or more? What level you want to achieve in technical English? Be prepared for that studying technical English – a long and tedious process. If you already have the minimum required knowledge, then maybe it will take a couple of months (maybe more). But if the study starts from zero, then prepare for periodic diligent studies within six months. Yes, of course, each person is different. For one, learn the words – easy, another must be an everyday practice. Do not worry. Starting is always difficult, further it is much easier. Learn English technical terms. They will be useful to you first. Do you read literature, write or communicate with someone. Need to bring understanding and knowledge of words to automaticity. To sometimes start thinking in English. To produce the style of texts. In technical English, it is especially important. To anything long and colorful descriptions. Clarity – our challenge. The fewer words the better. It's not so simple – shrink the text to minimize the volume while retaining maximum information content. This is a quality criterion. Teach grammar. Anyway, without her nowhere. Interesting turn will save you and help you achieve the desired style. Do not limit your possibilities. Read and listen to a lot of interesting information on technical English language – newspapers, magazines, blogs, forums. Even proverbs, idioms, jokes, songs – everything will be very helpful. Miscellaneous classes and diversify training motivate! Find a supervisor. Perhaps, brother, sister, parents and close friends – all they can to help you, talking every day, asking what you learned, to analyze the issues together. So-called "confession" (in this context – the share problems with a friend) helps himself to solve all problems immediately. Recite aloud. This adds motivation to the sessions. Systematicity. Reward yourself for regular classes technical English. Let's take a rest after hard work, rest will only get nicer. You'll be proud of themselves.

Commercial Technician

The Census of 2008 (IBGE) presents given relative to the Health of the City of Parnamirim consisting 9 establishments for attendance to greets of the family, with 32 stream beds and 30 employee involved right-handers with the services of health in the urban and agricultural zone. The Health in this management shows as one of the priorities, being in third place in action terms and programs of assistance, in view of that it still exists the necesssidade of Implantation of a Hospital and Maternity with all the specialties to take care of to the city, preventing the displacement for Salgueiro or Ouricuri. Currently, Parnamirim possesss 07 Units of Health of the Family and some with extensions better to attend to its population in its area of abrangncia, also counting the Mixing unit Raymond de S Barreto Cabral, located to the Street Dr. Possbio, SN, in the Quarter of the Bomb. The other Units of Health of the Family are: PSF CENTER: Bomb PSF. COHAB: Cohab PSF. ADOBE: Adobe PSF. ICAIARA: Icaiara PSF.

ALLIGATOR: Alligator PSF. MATIAS: Matias PSF. THEY ARE DOMINGOS: They are Domingos. The Secretariat of Administration and Finances of the City hall of Parnamirim is under the responsibility of the Engineer Agronomist, Modest Givaldo Moreira, formed for the Agricultural Federal University of Pernambuco, in the city of Recife? FOOT, which was employee of the Bank of Brazil for twenty and three years, having experience in the administrative, countable and grafoscpica area. The Secretariat of the Agricultural Development of Parnamirim has to the front Alaian Rmulo, formed in Technician in Farming with qualification in Agriculture for the technological Center. Currently attending a course Agronomy. It possesss professional experience in the VALEXPORT (commercialization of fruits), Petrolina – FOOT. ; Agricultural route (Representative Commercial Technician), Petrolina? FOOT; Strong land (Commercial Technician), Petrolina? FOOT; Juagro (Commercial Technician), Petrolina? FOOT; Ovinos and Caprinos creator, Parnamirim? FOOT; Watermelon producer, Parnamirim – FOOT.

Parnamirim also counts on an extension of the UFRPE that, beyond carrying through programs of qualification with agriculturists of the region, also is carried through projects of incentive to the zootecnia, over all in the area of the poultry keeping, to contribute in the improvement of the standard of living of the man sertanejo. The Station of Irrigated, located Agriculture in the City of Parnamirim, Hinterland Central office of Pernambuco, has as objective to stimulate the introduction of activities as the fruticultura and the beekeeping in the region, contributing for the improvement of the performance of the existing activities already. The Station counts on an adequate infrastructure to the accomplishment of activities of education, searches and extension, related to the irrigation and criatrio of small animals. This station is situated to the Aristano Avenue Blacksmith Rasp, s/n – Parnamirim – FOOT, whose Coordinator is Eurico Lustosa of the Birth Alencar, in an area of 59,9 hectares with access for BR-232 and BR-316.