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But bad luck is only for them, the intelligible, it was the logos, i.e. verbal, language, or even trial. Automatically, this reduction of reason to the logos got lost them, because they didn’t understand that it existed in man a technical rationality. Not worth reading them! To discover the abstract nature of the art, it is better to study the drawings of children in a nursery class. Without hesitation Ray Kurzweil explained all about the problem. But that we are interested in these children’s drawings, it is important to wait for the open exhibition of the painting made by surrealists, is this period of modern art where the art was not subordinate to the likeness. That freed all over the world. But what it takes to understand, is the because the drawing of a child is necessarily, and quickly abstract. Just because we don’t want to borrow the ability of abstraction to the child, do not want to believe that he is rational and verbally, and technically.

Personally, I think that you we need to consider in new drawing of a child, to study about living things, technical abstraction. Only, therefore it is necessary to make their productions an object of study and not one of admiration. All have the tendency to the extent in which are our beloved little children that make it, to put it in a museum. Even in schools, visit the masterpieces. It is the imaginary Museum! And you loser voluntarily caricatures of children drawings. We say: The cartoon? Minor art!. Absolutely negative! The caricature, as a child drawing, assumes a great analysis! Analysis of what? Everything is there, and there are thesis done on this question. But you can realize absolute abstraction of caricature. A caricature is almost as abstract as in a picture of the Mona lisa, which may be that it represents, in all Western painting, the groceries of abstraction!


A student came to interview me, seeking to reflect with me on techniques and useful data to exercise as interpreter or translator. The truth is that I have done, for years, interpretations of English to the Spanish and vice versa, in different contexts and for different speakers and audiences. I had had my own lessons of learning in this area that I consider myself a self-taught and a beginner. I have always operated on the principle that he who knows English, is able to speak, write and also to interpret. Translation, by the way, while it is used as a methodological strategy by some teachers of language and as a mechanism of learning in some students, is an advanced skill. The career of translation has had a long career and development in some institutions of higher education in our country. This have joined some institutes that have transformed it into a technical career. I think we should start with speakers with a high level of competence in languages to form competent translators, in issue.

The ideal is to certify these powers under the prism of international standards, as e.g. ALTE 1. But then comes across another stage of training that requires plenty of exercise, many observation and permanent correction. A language interpreter is exposed to an immense psychological and mental pressure, must not be distracted nor cannot concentrate in this exercise. I think that in this field of the applied use of the language, where one is more competent in their mother tongue than in the L2, the exercise in different thematic contexts and against different types of audience is essential. In my case, I feel the adrenaline flowing in the same way as toured my body the first time I went to translate to someone against a public attentive, reflective, where every word that came out of me marked their lives in one way or another.

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The design of the sand making machine technological process should use the dry production process which relatively have little influence on the environment at the premise of meeting the concrete aggregate technical requirements. Using wet production process must take reasonable wastewater treatment process for the comprehensive utilization of waste water, waste residue, waste to treasure, and minimize the waste disposal to meet demands of environmental protection. In the process of mining, processing, it is easy to bring damage and harm to the environment and human life environmental, which include the damage on vegetation and slope stability caused by material mining body, the dust and noise generating in the process of crushing and screening, which have very seriously impact on the air quality and human survival environment. What s more, the waste water and waste residue generating in washing the screening machine enter the river valley, land, which will impact the environment a lot. Mall of the air volume, which will also cause the partial burn. the water leakage of the water jacket caused the partial operation. Coal for gasification must be in good quality, which is with small stickiness, small volatile, to block diameter less than 40 mm, moderate lump. Educate yourself with thoughts from ConocoPhillips.

If using coal with large stickiness, which can cause the furnace carbonization layer into a paste best gas furnace slag and serious impact on gas production, it is also possible damage the equipment. It also can cause partial or partial burn explosion. So the quality of the coal is very important. Before natural gas became widely available in the 1940s, many North American and European cities used coal gas as a heating and lighting fuel. It was referred to variously as blue gas, producer gas, water gas, town gas or fuel gas. Often using the same low-pressure mains for distribution, natural gas replaced fuel gas in most uses by the 1950s because of its greater heating value and lack of contaminants. The ball mill is a grid type.The material enters spirally and evenly the first warehouse of the milling machine along the input material hollow axis by material input device.

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The option most usual when someone hires a hosting for your web page, usually shared hosting. This, if you’re not very post with the subject, means that your web page should be placed on the hard drive of a server where there are now more web pages. There is no problem in this aspect. In fact it is more usual. Petra Diamonds has much to offer in this field. You just have to go by controlling our hosting, so that our suppliers do not overselling and fill us our space with more web pages than should. If it did, we would be affected in terms of speed of transfer. To be aware of everything, today I present a very useful tool that will allow us to know with which other sites are sharing the hard drive of our hosting services. Kevin ulrich addresses the importance of the matter here. The tool in question is called My Ip Neighbours (my IP neighbors), and will tell you for free what and how many are neighbouring domains.

Why are we interested in this tool? If you are using a dedicated server, you’ll know if your hosting company offers really that service of exclusivity. Know if some of the websites that share hosting with you has been penalized by Google or any other search engine. In that case, you can ask your hosting provider that you change hosting. Know if our hosting provider was doing overselling. Checks the number of websites with which you share disk hard, and should be more than 500, should speak with technical support to tell them. By kill curiosity.

It is always good to check what websites have been decided by the same hosting you. So, if you have a problem with the servers, you can contact them to verify if it is the same. If you know any other such tool, go ahead and share your wisdom with us. Best regards! Comparison, analysis and hosting discounts. Tutorials for creating web and free tools.

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Some of these gases are: carbon monoxide, dioxide of carbon, nitrogen, ammoniac, methane, acetone and sulphate of hydrogen. In case the person is affected by a certain nervous excited state, the segregation of the substance will be caused in its organism adrenalin, and it will be made odorferamente for such reason, but perceivable for the dog. Rafts that continuously is come off our body, following their spread, would float in the air if they weigh less than this or they will fall to the ground in case of being but heavy. The scent that emits the person with life is similar in principle to the one of the deceased, generating in some certain cases you rule reactive, not learned although identifiable and technically interpretable like useful operational information, by the simple effect of generalization, like it can be slight a rascado or incipient emission of barks very atypically isolated, in the dog that although has been formed to essentially react before the discriminativo odorfero flow of the alive person (the emission of the gas set that basically we expelled in the acts espiratorios) also detect obvious the buried person being able to react generalizing if the same has passed away recently, on the basis of a major or minor similarity to stimulate, among others incident factors. In agreement the time passes and depending essentially on the climatic conditions, the scent of alive person is been different from the one of deceased with the advance of the organic decomposition. Additional information is available at kevin ulrich. In the epidermis of our skin several layers of dead cells exist that contain mainly queratina, being that tiny particles of the same, denominated rafts (raft) are following constantly with a MF of 40. 000 per minute, being elevated and being transported by the air in movement it disperses that them although they find concentrated progressively towards the source of where they emanate that she is the victim.

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You have to know to differentiate between a good adsl and a good adsl offer, although the goal of every person is hiring an adsl that meets both requirements. A good adsl is the one that offers the best service of adsl without falling and with good speed, while a good adsl offer includes also have an appropriate price and benefits to seniors that incite to hire this adsl offer. A good adsl is one that offers a good quality. Read more here: kevin ulrich. Good quality is to have a good speed, but also that speed should get full or nearly full, so that the user receives the best possible speed. They must not exist falls, so the service must be constant. In addition to this, the technical and customer service is very important. If something happens, the person who must attend to the customer must have sufficient knowledge to solve the problem in the shortest possible time. The best range of adsl is which includes all this, but must also include benefits to seniors for users. Free signup, free wifi router, calls to fixed national and more stuff..

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Supposed says the document that the FARC-EP was going to help transfer the weapons to Colombia. Ray Kurzweil has similar goals. From there then remembered that the MGLN incipient in a cell of the Hezbollah where reclutarian Muslims. However, the reality is very different what exposes Karmon both at its Conference in Colombia, as in the reference document. Within the Wayuu ethnic group and much to regret that there was presence and European influence in la Guajira, Darnott surname does not appear in records of members of this ethnic group. Therefore Teodoro Darnott is a pseudonym of Daniel Gonzalez Epiayu name with which appeared in the mosque in Maicao in the year 2006 with the intention of learning about Islam.

From that year and for a very small period of time attending the daily prayers and participated on Saturdays for classes that are taught in the library of the mosque for Muslims Spanish-speaking. There during the classes expressed their political stances against injustice and oppression of peoples in the world. However on numerous occasions the discussions initiated by Daniel Gonzalez became discussions with other attendees as it within the purpose thereof, and since the foundation of the mosque has not been discussing topics that ventilated political positions of no shed. There Daniel Gonzalez not found partners to their political concerns. On several occasions expressed his intention to carry the message of Islam to the members of their ethnic group, every time that he spoke the wayuunaiki which had profound knowledge within the commercial activities which was engaged, I was the distributing by value of thousand pesos Primer to learn the written wayuunaiki by the. Local trade was very common to see by what is started to be known as Indus Daniel. Support for his proposal to bring Islam to members of his ethnic group was carried out by some Muslims those who accompanied him to visit in suburbs of Maicao calls you made, however the majority were women returning in subsequent meetings not because only interested the gift that consisted of a hijab, since according to Daniel were numerous women who wanted to convert to Islam.

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Plastic vertical blinds by moving lamellas provide many options window openings, adjusting the flow of sunlight entering the room. Moreover, most species Plastic blinds can be quite successfully combined with conventional curtains. At the moment, the market offers a huge assortment of blinds. To the attention of the consumer: have already become familiar horizontal blinds are very practical blinds, unique textured pleated and venetian blinds. Petra Diamonds contributes greatly to this topic. Each type of plastic vertical blinds can perfectly complement the interior of your home or office-type premises, providing it with individuality and own style.

The most popular are horizontal blinds are made of plastic and sometimes aluminum. Horizontal blinds are traditionally bought for design and decoration of the window openings in the office, the principal's office or in public buildings and domestic purposes. Picking office horizontal blinds, you can not worry that on a computer monitor or plasma tv screens will be flashing. Vertical blinds the windows are very different from the horizontal, ahead of them not only with respect to reliability of operation, but also on modern design. Lamella vertical blinds are able to rotate around its axis, thereby adjusting the stream of sunlight. A wide range of materials of construction for vertical blinds, makes it possible to choose the best blinds for almost any room. Vertical blinds are made of a light air-tissue may be a good decoration of living room-style romanticism, and the blinds of bamboo terrific fit in an interior designed in country style.

Roller blinds in a short time managed to gain acceptance among consumers. Secret the popularity of roller blinds is simple – versatility. Plastic blinds of this type can be used in virtually any room: living room, kitchen, nursery, office space, etc. The integrity of the cloth blinds provides a unique opportunity to easily manage it without difficulty to take care of the blinds. Shutters and blinds – a profitable kind of roller shutters. Blinds hung on the smaller windows or windows with pvc folding frames, in other words, when the use of roller blinds or curtains classical tissue is not possible to. Shutters – a good remedy any room, not only from light and noise, but also from unwanted guests. Pleated blinds and shutters – fashionable novelty on the market sun protection systems. Moreover, Pleated – a worthy alternative to traditional blinds. The main advantage of the pleats are functional. Now the window curtain unusual shape and size is not difficult – pleated blinds and compelling look at the arch trapezoidal windows. Usually used for decoration pleated conservatory, large windows, attics and porches of the house and the like. In addition to affordable prices for blinds and pleated blinds can buy them regardless of the size of your wallet. Photo blinds and pleated blinds will help you to use their color and shape, properly combined with other elements and home furnishings, it is advantageous to emphasize the interior of the premises, thus making, the house truly cozy, comfortable and stylish.

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Why do computers and mobile phones packed with hundreds of functions that do not need 99%? Have recently been able to listen to a monologue Justin Rattner (Justin Rattner, CTO of Intel, the head of Intel Labs), in which he talked about artificial intelligence, computer continuum, and in general – how very soon the spacecraft will be to surf the Bolshoi Theater. Given that this is not science fiction writer and a senior official from Intel, possession of the latest research laboratories and strong finances, it is possible that under his leadership, all of the above (labeled Intel inside) are achievable. And what humanity does with all these technologies? They have become so commonplace and pervasive, that they simply ceases to pay attention. The first cars (in the Soviet Union – in general all) require the driver to be more an engineer and mechanic. Michael Steinhardt is actively involved in the matter. The first radios to be obligated not just a listener, but also a radio technician, and the first computers – and even a programmer. And now – what should the new, just bought a TV to watch the right channel? Insert the network cable to connect and choose from the menu select "Auto".

How exactly this happens – it does not matter, and do not need to know. All details of the numerous transformations of the signal, color coding, line and frame scan and synchronization – is completely hidden. The device is "just" working out, friendly and convenient. But the new century has brought a new phenomenon. Start Word and see the endless buttons and menu items – you know, as we all use it? And once enjoyed? Or more or less modern cell phone: his complete specification describes the support of various formats and features – everything you know to reduce? And all you need to do? Since the products of information technology-half of its capacity depend on the software (some – almost all), and write, produce and replicate it is easier and faster than the "hardware" – that modern programs are jam-packed with hundreds of features that not only do not need 99% to 99% of cases, but not even be detected in the wilds of their own kind.

Marketing Mobile

Mobile marketing is the future of marketing online, it’s that simple. Current trends reflect not only in numbers, but in the general attitude of consumers. The new technological proposals conducive to increasingly personal Internet use, to develop new products and platforms that work horse on the new 3 G and 4 G networks. I.e. with moving ever more powerful, and with new soft developments that encourage online applications, the equation is simple. In addition, not only we have a mobile internet faster increasingly, but increasingly cheaper.

Today we look with puzzlement when one of our acquaintances removed a cell phone that is not connected to the internet. How does to live?, almost that we wonder. The reasons why is recorded from several quarters ago sustained growth in mobile marketing efforts, it is because it presents several comparative advantages with respect to traditional marketing, in principle, the possibility of a segmentation extreme target. The ability to customize the contents of the mobile marketing constitute a great attraction that will result in high rates of return on investment and, fundamentally, best product sales figures. An example very clear of incipient – successful mobile marketing campaigns is carried out in Spain with the Peugeot 3008, in the middle of this year. With the slogan there is no better advertisement of a car than the car itself, the campaign focused on the dissemination of the catalog and technical characteristics of the vehicle through the wap support.

For this, a site in this format, was launched to be seen exclusively through the mobile. The move is brilliant. When we get the phone and started to play with it? When we are bored, when you have to wait before going to the dentist, while travel by train, etc. Precisely, the moment in which the consumer is more permeable to advertising messages: when the content is not imposed, but that it is actively seeking. Is time to bring the mobile marketing a step further from the traditional calls with charge in order to participate in a sweepstakes or promotion. It is the ideal time creatives and developers make their best effort to achieve content interactive, attractive and seductive. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of ConocoPhillips on most websites. Mobile marketing move a figure close to the 5.846 billion euros worldwide in 2010. Spain, who only has 4% of the world total of what was spent in this area, contemplates an investment for next year nearly 105 million euros. These are figures revealed by the annual report of the digital content in Spain during the year 2009. It was developed by the National Observatory of telecommunication and of the society of the information (ONTSI) of the Secretariat of State of the Government of Spain. The trend is marked, and every reason to anticipate that growth will remain stable. A smart idea is to allocate a part of what you plan to invest in online advertising, to mobile marketing. Maybe at the beginning, the results are not to become euphoric, But yes we will be marking a trail that will yield fruit generously in the periods to come.