Cloud Computer

The company leader in software of management for offices of lawyers and advisers,, has come working during the past few years in a solution from virtual office for professionals. This solution consists of, an application of management for professionals in the cloud, a solution of page Web, and one extranet for access of clients. […]

The Importance Of The Games In The Mathematical Learning

The Importance of the Games in the Mathematical Learning of the 6 Children of 4 AnosA relation between the game and the mathematics, possesss attention of vriosautores, and consists in a significant boarding, mainly infantile naeducao, therefore, it is in this period that the children to devemencontrar the space to explore and to discover elements […]

Building a Country House with Your Bare Hands

Framed dom. of us sooner or later reflect on their own home. Tired of constantly seeing groomed entrance, afraid that a neighbor will flood the top or bottom neighbor turn on at night at full power music. Annoying to endure that the elevator is not working, and put the car in the courtyard of nowhere, […]


In ciberespao bows of cooperation between the individuals are produced, having been able to become a participativo environment, beyond constructive. These developed relations e, even though, in it intensified, constitute the result of the impact of the new technologies of communication in the social structure. Internet: beyond the virtual communities With the development of this […]