All this technology had but a economic recital that of social identification, but as no process if develops separately in the social processes, was in this scene that the capitalism could develop and influence the too much processes – ‘ ‘ This bio-power, without the lesser doubt, was indispensable element to the development of the […]


Success accordingly well seems a subjective conception which by grace should be socially recognised. Go wrong. I would say that here well worth the praise in own mouth saying is written. Success is not a subjective perception, on the contrary, is a recognition of the objective world, runs from below upwards and not vice versa. […]

Diaz Bordenave

Other legislaes also regulate the EAD: Decree n. 2,404, of 10 of February of 1998 regulates article 80 of the LDB in the distance, in 13 articles, defining on education; conferring norms for certification, school registration, transference and exploitation of credits; forms of evaluation and credenciamento of institutions carry through that them; others. Decree n. […]

Government Liquidation

He added that the social impact that was happening in the Federal Bank is the main concern of the national Government and in particular of President Hugo Chavez, who instructed us to this option which is the partial sale of assets by the liquidation Board and the rest by Fogade. Says, that the liquidation Board […]

The Universe

AT planet HERCOLUS Shaida was watching the universe through a large window, everything was different to the planet Earth, there everything was electronic, the predominant colors were gold, green, purple, blue, and silver, clothing, houses all they were very tight, there were large green gardens, butterflies were brightly colored and there were birds everywhere, plants […]

Cutting Stone

Stone can be cut, giving it the necessary shape and size, but better than this avoided, especially for rounded types of stone, as the 'overall aesthetics' in this case will inevitably suffer. If you really needed to cut stone, it is desirable to 'camouflage' cut in pieces, placing them near the floor or somewhere in […]

African Reasons

In 2008, I started to leccionar in 10 classroom I confrotted myself with a problem created by a pupil; a pupil persisted in saying that since that the world is world the African not yet had produced nor science, nor technology and nor another form of knowledge. I tried, with concrete tests, to show the […]

The Means

The citizens possess individual freedoms and autonomy for its choices, therefore if she makes responsible for its success or failure, while these speeches of world without poverty run the reality of life of many, leaves escancarada the misery situation and shows the failure of the capitalist politics. II Soon historical of the Brazilian educational politics. […]

Digital Terrestrial Television

Thus, the size of a video image moves from approximately 800 600 pixels (the current system) to 2,000 x1000 pixels. Full HD is the famous, 1,000 lines of resolution. It should be noted also defined an intermediate system, with a resolution of 1 megapixel. (1400 x 800 pixels, approx.) Are studied, and new resolutions and […]