European Action

European options – an option of the European type possesss a right that could only be exerted in the date of maturity. The options can be of purchase ' ' calls' ' that to give to the bearer the right to buy or of sales ' ' puts' ' that to give to the bearer the right of vender. The purchase options are used in Brazil, over all of the American type and with them the most diverse strategies are mounted, want either as protection, hedge, want either as leverage, want either with intention to acquire the action object, in the case of the active object to be an action. The purchase option to give the right, to its bearer, to buy the action to one definitive price and in and up to one determined date. In this context, thrower, person who receives the prize, is with the obligation of vender the action object, when he will be requested and until the expiration of the option for the agreed price.

It functions, accurately, the inverse one of the action of sales, that we will see after that. The terminology used in the sales and purchase options is the same ones. The representative series of the expirations of the purchase options, as well as the sales options, are represented by letters of our alphabet, starting for the letter ' ' A' ' finishing in the letter ' ' M' ' , each letter, in this sequence, represents the months of the year. being thus, option VALEA46, to read itself: option of purchase, derivative of action VALE5, with expiration in January and strike R$ 46,00, VALEL46, to read itself: option of purchase, derivative of action VALE5, with expiration in December and strike R$ 46,00. In such a way, if we bought one of the options above, would have that to pay the prize and would be buying the right to buy action object, not it obligation, until or in the expiration of the option for R$ 46,00.

Computer Science

It is necessary to see as this process happens to learn front to the computer and the Internet, therefore is important that he has stimulatons. With the technological advances (Computer science) he had some positive points, such as: special education, computerized prteses and the easiness that brought in the writing and communication. For Gimenes (2001), we live in a technological revolution, we are in the Age of Computer science. The computers are each time more gifts and arrive at the schools as important support for the system educational, it comes modernizing and facilitating the concretion of the production of the works. It says despite the evolution of the education is necessary, which cannot be estagnar, having to work new paradigms that provoke so intense changes in the society. Tijiboy (2001), presents differences between the paradigms in relation to the technology: In an old paradigm (Industrial Age): the knowledge was only for the transmission of the professor for the pupil; the students were passive and received orders from the professors who had only the objective to classify them and to select them; in a competitive, individualistic and limited learning, where any one could teach. New paradigm (digital Age of the Information): the construction of the knowledge is collective between students and professors, therefore the pupils are active, construction, transforming finders and of knowledge; the paper of the professor is to develop the talentos of the pupils, therefore they live in a context of cooperative learning and with a infinity of information where to teach he is complex and it requires a considerable formation.

When analyzing these paradigms, we perceive a great change that has inside of the pertaining to school institution how much to the use of the technologies. Before pupils passive formed themselves, capable to only reproduce what the professor transmitted. With the new paradigm, a new profile, the school is formed having that to change its way to think to take care of the necessities of its pupils.

computer-Controlled Heating

The result of the introduction of computer controlled heating supply was a significant reduction in power consumption: it is several times lower than existing standards. Control and accounting introduction of automatic solutions can significantly increase the level of control over the work of all the equipment at a particular facility. But owner-operators have to simultaneously monitor just outside the boiler dozens, hundreds of homes. And this "Shadowing" affects not only the state of engineering systems, but also many other options. And here we can also safely say that the man's work over time should machines. In some places already, and going on: this spring Novgorod has been presented comprehensive information system for monitoring (CMI) housing and communal services in the region.

Was created multiservice backbone network data, comprising 106 km fiber-optic cable is connected to 773 cameras, including 516 access, 199 stationary survey and 29 high-speed turning. In addition, we have established 29 units extra-service communications, implemented two pilot project "Intelligent House" and "Automatic resource accounting", created by the Situation Centre. Among the main goals and objectives kism – improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency services; clock control over the content of trunk and intra-street and house areas, compliance with the schedule of domestic and export, etc. The establishment of such complex systems of control involves the use of modular principle: the possibility of such decisions over time can "step up" and increase by adding the appropriate options. Particularly promising modular "way" is seen on metering. Today there are dozens of different solutions in the field of water, electricity, heat consumption. "Dock" them all – a problem even for experienced organizations. Here comes to the rescue and the principle of modularity.

For example, this year appeared on the market monitoring system, combining different blocks of components in various combinations. Under this scheme, for example, operates domestic development "Everything is taken into account" (ITELMA content), which includes the elements of water, electricity and teploucheta for both houses, as well as for rent installation. Such solutions can, without any serious labor to add and delete modules – accounting devices, both own production as well as other manufacturers. Highways, equipment, records – "three pillars" modern housing. To upgrade them, we certainly can not solve all the accumulated problems of utility, but in any case, be able to ensure system efficiency, increase productivity and lower costs. and these freed resources can go to solve the remaining problems. Press office ooo grundfos "

Central European State

New partner in Czech Republic of SystemPlus, Pan-European cooperation for road express freight, is working with a new partner company in the Czech Republic. In early April of logistics company Cargologix s.r.o. was inducted into the SystemPlus network. Since then, services for SystemPlus customers has become even more diverse. Niederaula, June 27, 2013 – relatively unencumbered has asserted itself economically very well the Czech Republic by the currency crisis in the euro area in recent years.

The Central European State is perfectly integrated into the EU economic flows and has a balanced trade balance. Perfect to serve this important market in the Centre of Europe, SystemPlus has brought a strong and innovative partner with a motivated and qualified team in the boat. Cargologix s.r.o.. year established in 2007 has established itself within a very short time with its range of services as young and dynamic player on the Czech market. As the only company in the country, it offers European road express services among others. The Headquarters and main transhipment operation (HUB) is located in? i? any Yes lovice around 20 kilometres from the Centre of Prague.

For the Czech Republic-wide supply, Cargologix also maintains connections to locations in Plze, eske Budjovice, Brno, Ostrava and Hradec Kralove. Thanks to the new partner, SystemPlus in the Czech Republic can further improve his service profile. Therefore 12-watch services are desired in the whole Republic as far as now possible. In some areas of in the Czech Republic shipments can be delivered even until 10: 00. For areas of the capital region, Cargologix offers even an express service, a delivery guarantee this service is built still on settlement day in next time. Also, transport of all dangerous goods classes defined at SystemPlus are now possible that in the service area are ensured the same dangerous goods standards as in Germany here. In Cargologix we have gained a powerful partner for the Czech service area to do this”, explains Karin Wolf, Managing Director of SystemPlus. We look forward to further cooperation.” For more information see. Press contact: Uwe Berndt main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer str. 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: SystemPlus logistic service GmbH & co. KG industrial 5 36272 Niederaula phone: 0 66 25 / 107-777 about SystemPlus: Pan-European cooperation of SystemPlus specializes in road express freight. 18 System partners with approximately 400 partner businesses belong to the logistics network was founded in the year 1991, which are active in 22 European countries. SystemPlus offers individual solutions and consistent logistics products with consistent quality of service for the Europe-wide distribution and procurement. A Europe-wide tracking & tracing”, recall services, transport of dangerous goods, delivery note data transfers and cash on delivery shipments will round off the product range by SystemPlus.

Monica Beatriz Gervasoni

The wise Council of a journalist says: we must take biromes and role as bra and panty. Monica Beatriz Gervasoni wrote the following article on Sos journalist and who can read full by clicking here. Goddesses or demons, some women scribes have been involved hand in hand with some traditional traditions. Because for example: how to explain to the great-grandmother, grandmother and mother who barely know sewing, no little embroidery, gatas cooking and will not open nor crazy door to go to play, unless we have finished the note even less we married with no Colonel, because, of course, do not pass in front of any headquarters. Worse still, choose a chord husband, another journalist, or future journalist, which is still recontra worse,. There is nothing to do, will conclude the family correlate resigned, God makes them, one breeds them, the wind scatters them and them, what can do them?, come together! Assuming that they have been able to explain or ignore the issue, the issue does not stop there. It must be borne in mind some details that when creating, also, added or subtracted.

For example: keep in mind our isolation of each day. Front of the blade blank paper or computer, everyone remains incommunicado. It doesn’t hear or the flight of a fly. Nobody, including the Canary Islands, can say or pious. At any time, everyone, and not to be paranoia floating in the air, they sospecharan that we meditate, by rail to incense, candles alleged and related. But, we are concentrating and praying to how Holy is crossed by a miserable idea. The wise Council of a journalist says: we must take biromes and role as bra and panty. A journalist, goes naked if it is devoid of its elements. So get to work, to provide an artillery of pens, pencils or pen, write, especially when you request them to do so.

Digital Formats for Great Listening

In each of these stages is essential to hear the full album and every detail very carefully, until you are satisfied with the result before moving on to the next stage (it is advisable to use quality headphones.) Stage 1: Transfer to digital format. The objective at this stage is to make a play as clean as possible for each LP record when on the computer. This will save us further cleanup work in digital format and achieving a higher quality end result. If the disc is very dirty, will need to soak it in water with a drop of dish-washing and let one or two hours. This will release the dirt. From time to time, sweeping the disc in the direction of the groove, with a soft brush and rinse the disk in the cleaning solution.

If the label you want to keep the water must be protected with polyethylene or other waterproof material attached with adhesive tape. The process of washing with water and detergent does not damage the vinyl. If the disc is in good condition, a formula that works well is as follows: 65% distilled water, ethyl alcohol 30%, 5% isopropyl and a few drops of liquid detergent. Alcohol should be pure, industrial type, without any additive. To clean the disc can be rotated on the turntable and wipe with a soft brush dipped in the solution. Finally dry with paper towels. In both cases the disc allow to dry for at least an hour, or better yet, all day. It is not advisable to touch the disk wet.

Apparently this technique appears useful for reducing the friction of the needle and reduce background noise, it produces more harm than good in the vinyl because it spreads the dirt in the groove and then play it always wet need to sound acceptable. The adjustments necessary to record from the stereo to the PC are simple. The cable from the stereo (connected to the output tape record) must be connected to the Line-In sound card (input light blue). You must configure the Windows mixer for audio input (double-click the speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen).

Once you open the audio mixer window, open the Options menu – Properties, select Recording and mark the check box Line-in volume controls chosen. Ensure that the Line-in box is selected. Reopen the sound mixer and make sure that check box Line-in option is dumb but no sound coming to the PC. Adjust the input volume to about 70%. With these adjustments we can record from the stereo. For this purpose any basic software for sound recording serve. The file must be in WAV format, 16 bit, 44100 Hz CD quality. It is desirable that the recording is in one file and change the hard side, press pause and then resume recording. This will allow us later to apply digital filters to the entire LP, not track by track. It is recommended not to save the MP3 file compressed as this be reduced because of the sound quality is lost in compression. If you want to save space compress it into a non-destructive as FLAC or APE. This first part of the process is simple and requires no experience to achieve good results. To eliminate the CILSS, pops and background noise of the LP will require a bit more skill that will be acquired with practice. So let them keep these recordings and as a backup because it is very likely that, after more knowledgeable and willing to return to process these files for best results.

Romantic Weekend

Everyone at some point in our lives we have encountered with the much hyped question time for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc): YY what I can give you, if you have everything? Whether man or woman the object of homage, what the "donor" of the gift you want is to succeed, that her gift is original and recalled the very least, given the huge number of shirts ycorbatas (them) and perfume and jewelry (it) battered held by cabinet and / or needs. If you think about it, there is nothing better than "kill two birds with one stone," fulfilling the above premise of being as a king or a queen, and by the way, encouraged to yourself with this gift "special." A romantic weekend is the ideal partner for this type of situation. We were perfect, as it has yet to discover who does not like a suite with a jacuzzi in the room, breakfast in bed and / or dinner by candlelight with meticulous care and more than menu. If you join this some kind of massage, private spa session (yes, private, both alone …), if you do not succeed is because your partner is nothing short of quasi-Martian. Having chosen the type of gift, now get to choose the site. And there often arises the problem. It is logical to assume that we have to choose it close to home, or province, by that which few miles in two days should be doing.

And this, we will have to squeeze either our wisdom to select as our internet / or girl / or deserves. We finally arrived: we propose to realize this dream, prepare a romantic weekend as well designed as if hicierais yourselves with the same care and putting all the attention to the smallest detail, great prices and a variety proposals that will cost you decide for one or another. aah, and a multitude of destinations, so you'll always find one close to home. Yourself be surprised. Dreaming of something that depends entirely on yourself to become a reality.

Integral Education

The Program More Education, for being one politics of government, searchs to take care of the schools that present the IDEB Index of Development of Basic Education low the pupil in situation of risk of social vulnerability. However, the school has the social paper to integrate different to know, educative spaces, and to try to promote an education that estimates a learning for the life. OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVE GENERAL: To analyze the Program More Education and its contributions in the pertaining to school resume and the learnings of the pupils. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES? To point out the integral education in the official speech and the pertaining to school resume; Potencializar learnings foreseen in the proposal of the Program More Education, strategies and avaliativos processes focused to enrich the regular pertaining to school resume; To focus which the contribution of the Program More specific Education for the learning of the pupil in relation to the knowledge, abilities and educative formation. To establish a communication between daily scientific knowledge and evidencing points that contribute in the education process learning.

METHODOLOGY The related work if presents with qualitative character that corresponds below to the traced stages, which involves contextualizadas analyses and interpretations that use of many instruments of research analyzes to mark out with buoys the knowledge. The metodolgico process is of application of questionnaires to the involved staff (oficineiros, pupils and tutor) in the perspective to foment its importance in the process of teach-learning of the pupils who participate of the program which is being searched. The purpose of the application of the questionnaires aimed at, to search aspects of the Integral Education in the Program More Education what the formation of educating says respect. The interviews made with oficineiros of the related program, that in accordance with its answers, had been able to clarify the importance of the carried through activities, focusing explored abilities of objective form that they contribute for a significant learning. FINAL CONSIDERAES The related research could on the basis of foment a series of referring concepts to the question of the integral education the Program More Education. From the quarrels and acquisition of the information, we conclude that to offer an education of integral regimen to being educated it makes with that the same it can acquire a knowledge that results in its cognitivo development, personal and to be an operating citizen for the transformation of the society where lives. The integral education in the context of the pertaining to school resume, in accordance with our process of analysis, must contribute to extend the times and the spaces of formation of the children in one perspective of that the access to the public education is contemplated thus they all have permanence in the school during the day aiming at one better learning.

Brazilian Health

Exactly thus, in Brazil, continental country with more 5,560 cities, still has a long way to be covered so that it has a bigger distribution of the consultations in acupuntura in the public net of health services, therefore only 2% of the cities, in the year of 2007, had registered atendimentos in acupuntura in the SUS. Without a doubt, it has progressos in the world-wide situation of the PICs, for example, in the increment of the gotten information; in the fact of that 30% of the countries members already make use of national politics for PICs, as it is the case of Brazil, as well as of 65% of the countries already presenting legal procedures and of regulation. Great population contingent of developing countries or developed makes use of the PICs. 6 What it really worries is that, although the OMS to recognize that the acupuntura and the too much PICs could serve as main or complementary treatment for the most diverse patologias and that some studies have demonstrated that the same ones present a deep influence on the physical and emotional problems, beyond the low one cost of its applications, Brazil not yet applies with severity these practical in the SUS. They remain important, even so not insuperveis challenges, such as those relative ones to the massiva qualification of professionals, the magnifying of the joint with the strategy of Health of the Family, the constitution of attention nets, the development of monitoramento processes and evaluation, the improvement of the registers of services and the systems of information, with the necessary update of National Cadastro of Establishments of Sade (CNES), the magnifying of the cooperation processes horizontal line, as greater visualization and spreading of successful experiences, as well as deepening of the politics of insumos, form including homeopticos, fitoterpicos medicines, needles for acupuntura, beyondthe promotion to the research. .

Health Networks

More power at the physician network Spessart EC of Chairman Dr. Norbert Staab reported about the successful project internal network dates”more members. Thus, a better service and quicker appointments at the specialist provided the patients within the network. The project also contributes to the binding cooperation between House and medical specialists”the ENT specialist Staab said. The members agree that the medical care of main-Kinzig-Kreis in the future can be achieved only in close cooperation of all the medical care in the District of involved. Particular problems are the growing doctor shortage, but increasingly also the lack of specialist in this context. Thus, patients have some difficulties to find even a general practitioner already in some places. It is also increasingly difficult for patients to get appointments with medical specialists in a timely manner.

We are intensively and successfully addressed these problems “Dr. Ulrich Dehmer due to bad ORB. By learning about the doctors in the Circle one another, trust is created across the disciplines. This in turn facilitates the daily work. We expect a further increase interest of colleagues to join our network. Especially because increasing the daily work, and some hardly space for other activities can be, do we need a local medical community of interest, the two Board members Dr. Eberhard Wetzel and Dr.

Ulrich Dehmer declared compliant. In addition, the interests of participating doctors can be better represented than would be possible alone in a strong community. In a next step, the doctor network about the own professional group want to cooperate, more with other professions, such as maintaining or therapists. We must ourselves more interdisciplinary on and be active beyond the traditional sector boundaries,”emphasizes Edmund Frohlich, who is charged with his consulting company cheerful Management GmbH ( with the management of the network. Only in this way can in the next few years, demographic change in health care in the country be mastered. These also are the conditions, to obtain a financial support from the outside, unless by the physicians Association (KV) or the public sector. The successful training for aspiring general practitioners, which was established together with the district hospitals and the House Medical Association and where more than ten young doctors and doctors have found their way into the district is at the core of the reflections. You can also connect on the analyses and proposals of the action programme for the municipal services of general interest (MORO), which Edmund Frohlich for the physician network has regional actively participated in Spessart. ( health networks are not ends in themselves, but they are designed to provide an added value”looks in the future, and for service providers, the cost objects and in particular for the quality of the network manager Edmund Frohlich Supply of citizens and citizens”.