Sometimes one has to steal a part of the planned budget. Two basic ways to do it – to hire for the job of random people for a nominal fee and use cheap, low quality materials instead of those provided for the project. Evidence of such manipulations can be found at every turn. So, according to one of the tenants of the house number 10 on the street, Kostroma: ” major repairs in my apartment is carried out with large disturbances. Wizard, which produces such repairs, is in a state of intoxication.

” Other tenants are complaining that ” replacing heating pipes in violation of building norms,” and “repeated requests to fix the mounting crew ignored. Can suggest that the services of these “masters” have cost the contractor “is very inexpensive. Indication as to install the batteries obsolete “Universal tb instead of the projected radiators” SanTechProm-Auto indicates that the organization is actively using the second method of “improving profitability” works. Unfortunately, the tenants are not always in the eye to determine the quality of work performed and make a claim. and if that is a plastic window with double glazing and the difference between the old elevator slams the door on a modern lift brand otis, today even know the child, something about the device automatically radiator thermostats are aware not all. Few people realize that installed the pipe in front of the battery grip can automatically adjust its heating without the need to pay constant attention – you just have to ask for the scale of the desired value of air temperature in the room.

Windows Server

Still, as the authors above, the protocol does not decide names of neighbors for standard, you has to qualify the discovery of net in all the computers of the sub-net. One another one and last disadvantage is that the LLMNR cannot be used to decide names of computers beyond the local sub-net. Mickin and Northrup (2009). 6.CONSIDERAES FINAL Is verified that the process of resolution of names facilitates the way of as the users have access the resources in the net. >. Instead of using numbers, you write the name of the resource and for it brings of this process exists mechanism that convert the requested name into addresses IP? s.

In corporative nets the main protocol of resolution of names is the DNS (Serving of Names of Domain), however in companies that they do not blunt of devices for the implantation and sustentation of the DNS searched for standardized solutions and of easy implementation. In the environment case of nets Microsoft ones of the main protocols of resolution of names it is the Netbios. As visa previously, the protocol makes possible the computers customers in the same net if to communicate without the necessity of complex configurations. However, the Netbios protocol is known that for using the process of resolution of names for diffusion (request is sent to all the computers in the net) cause a traffic of considerable net being able causes errors in the accesses to the resources of the net. Still, we understand not the support of the Netbios protocol the version of the IPv6 protocol. In this direction, Microsoft if pledged in to project by means of RFC 4795 a protocol of resolution of names of easy implementation, insurance and that of this support to the IPv6. The LLMNR makes possible the computers Seen Windows, Windows Server the 2008 or superior possibility to create a group of computers for communication without the necessity to exist the DNS.

Assembling Windows

New windows with double-glazed appeared in the construction market for over 10 years ago. It was fashionable and prestigious to buy a box of pvc and buyers purchase window design, without even thinking what will happen to these windows at the 1, 2 and more than 5 years. Service complaints if did not exist, the staff and management of window companies just beginning to learn the basics of measuring, installation and removal of "stocks" at various stages of the order. And after 2 or 3 years, it became clear that the issue of repair and maintenance of advanced windows care only of their unfortunate customers. In 1998-1999, the concept of – Service, service was only introduced in sales of window companies. Quite often, the owner 6-7-year-olds have their windows to seal gasket for the winter, as no one is taken for their repair, the experience of the problem is not with the quality manufacturing of windows and low-quality mounting unnecessarily at that time the technical Literature on the windows did not exist, what can I say, even the fasteners were not, in 2007 the company Rossokna "pursued the dismantling of pvc windows in the apartment on a street B.

Tishinsky lane m : road repair, marble window sills, trim, antique, items were in a terrible state, mold condensation around the perimeter of the window and the windows were installed on some wooden wedges and foam ie hard fasteners absent altogether, difference in terms of ranged from 10 mm in height, the ebb of the outside was not propenyl etc! Sadly it all! Modification, 2 windows took 10 hours. Here's a montage was made in June 2000, but the windows were of excellent quality! In general, the problem of installation and repair modern windows is very acute, and from 2006 began to appear on the market windows – the company to repair the windows, and the price at all "bite". Typically up to 30% of the value box, depending on the defect. Manufacturers agree perform post-warranty repair of their products only on condition that the customer specified in the contract 3-7-year-old produces a contract for the windows installed at the same address. If the client is selling an apartment, the guarantee for the new tenant does not apply and the service will be paid. Therefore, carefully read the contract again Talk with the manager and zamerschik sizes, opening windows and additional items that you order. Remember that installed pvc windows, just like any other product required for a withdrawal. The company "Rossokna" each client is issued memo to care for the windows and then your windows will please you for a long time and reliable.

Technical Fabrics

Wholesale trade in textiles – an interesting and lucrative economic activity, which includes technical and implementation, and packaging fabrics (jute, textile packaging, fabric sack). Technical and packing cloth (burlap) have a wide range and flexible system of discounts on the sales market. These textile products are subject to strict quality control, and correspond to GOST TU. Burlap – it's rough rugged fabric which is made from thick yarn linen weave. Yarn is made from burlap rough-stem fibers of jute, kenaf, and waste Kanatnikov primary processing and carding flax tow nizkomernogo and Short fiber. These are all types of fabrics are used as for sewing sacks, and in other areas: Packaging fabric art. 14 133 applied: – in the garment industry – as packing cloth – in road construction for the device slopes – in the repair of soft roof (as a reinforcing material) – as wiping material – for cleaning floors, etc. bagging Art. 151-106/8-91: Used for packaging and packing materials for a wide range of materials used for dust and cutoff curtains, with earthworks, forestry work, etc.

Tiago Rasps

The activity has an intention clearly, normally express in terms to create or to bring up to date devices, as a model, a classroom or a plan. Device is a piece of information that is produced, modified or used for a process. The devices are the tangible products of the project, what the project produces or uses for the end item. Flows define a sequncia of activities that produce some result of observvel value. RUP possesss nine flows centered in the process, being six flows centered in engineering and three of support.

The engineering flows are: Flow of modeling of I negotiate Flow of requirements Flow of analysis and project Flow of implementation Flow of test Flow of distribution the support flows are: Flow of project management Flow of configuration and management of change environment Flow Each one of these flows has covered definitive aspect of the system. 6.2 – The architecture and its basic paper in the RUP Great part of the RUP focuses the modeling. The modeling in the aid to dominate a system great, complex and that it cannot easily be understood in its totality. We need multiple models to focus different concerns. So that the workers of the process can: To understand what the system makes To understand as the system functions To be able to work in a piece of the system To extend the system To reuse part of the system to construct another one When we make this in an limited amount of space, we finish finally making a description of the architecture it system. ‘ ‘ Architecture is what it remains when you will not be able to make more thing none and still she will be able to understand the system and to explain as funciona’ ‘.

7-Advantage Is a evolutionary method of software development. user does not wait until the conclusion of the project to have contact with the software, which had to the incremental model. After I finish it development is very difficult to find new errors. 8-Disadvantage Can occur divergences between the documentation and software. It can enter in Loop due to the iterative and incremental model, depending on the customer to arrive at the end of the project. Increase of expenses due to implantation of the version to each increment. It can generate a great change in part (s) already developed (s) to carry through some new incremental requirement. Bibliography PRESMAN, Roger S. Engineering of software. 6. ed. Rio De Janeiro: McGraw Hill, 2006. KRUCHTEN, Philippe. Introduction to the RUP? Rational Unified Process. Rio De Janeiro: Modern science, 2003. SOUZA GRANDSON, Placid Antonio of. Unified process? General vision. Available in. Access in 2011. Unified Process – encyclopedia Wikipedia, the free.

Telescope Capacities

What can we see through telescopes of different diameters: 60-70 mm refractor, reflector 70-80 mm. * Double star with a separation greater than 2 "- Albireo, Mizar, and so on. * Faint stars up to 11,5 m. * Sunspots (only aperture filter). * The phases of Venus. * On Moon crater with a diameter of 8 km. * Polar caps and the sea on Mars during the great conflict.

* Belts on Jupiter, and under ideal conditions, the Great Red Spot (GRS), four satellites of Jupiter. * Rings of Saturn, the Cassini gap at different visibility conditions, pink zone on the disk of Saturn. * Uranus and Neptune in the form of stars. * Large ball (eg M13) and open clusters. * Almost all of the Messier Catalog objects with no detail in them. 80-90 mm refractor, reflector 100-120 mm catadioptric 90-125 mm. * Binary stars with separation of 1.5 'and more faint stars up to 12 eV. magnitude.

* The structure of sunspots, granulation and flaring of the field (only with the aperture filter). * Phase Mercury. * Lunar crater about 5 km. * Polar caps and the sea on Mars during the confrontation. * A few extra belts on Jupiter and the grs. The shadows of the moons of Jupiter in the disk of the planet. * Cassini gap in Saturn's rings and 4-5 satellites. * Uranus and Neptune as a small discs with no details on them. Dozens of globular clusters, the bright globular clusters will disintegrate into stardust on the edges.


Thus, when tamping the way two people can shpalopodboykami to work with 2.4 or 6 jacks. Rams set to shpalnye boxes in pairs under each rail through 8 … 10 boxes. In the course of the rear pair of jacks consistently rearranged in 8 … 10 shpalnyh boxes next to the front of work (Detail the technology of production of various types of track works, using jacks and other MPI, including hydraulic, described in the applicable legislation, such as instructions for the current maintenance of railway track. – Moscow: Transport, 2000 1 Regulation and implementation of the basic technology works with the current contents of the path.

– Moscow: Transport, 1998. 2). Rihtovschiki with manual transmission and the executive motor rihtovschikov placed near the rail (the side opposite to the direction of the desired slight shift) so that the double-hinged arm and shovel were placed under his soles. If the surface of the ballast is contained in a good state, then the installation is not required to align rihtovschika ballast and remove it from the rail in shpalnom box. The executive bodies of both manual and motorized rihtovschikov set at an optimal angle to the horizon (defined almost as a function of the track panel weight, degree of compaction of ballast, the quantities required Sdvizhkov way, the number used in set viewed by rihtovschikov, etc.), so that does not support slip in ballast and not unduly raised her path (25 mm).

Right Contests

The publication of the different official bulletins is intended to publicize, purposes of dissemination and manner that is accessible to the public for consultation, standards and other provisions or acts that the legal system considers that they should be published. This information is considered as a basic democratic right. Among the published information are regulations, appointments, situations and incidents, oppositions and contests, notifications of the administration of Justice, official and private ads, auctions and contests of works and services, and other provisions. At first these bulletins were published on paper, and despite its vocation to broadcast actually were few people or companies that read these bulletins, usually professionals requiring your inquiry into their daily work. But with the development of information technologies, these publications have entered on the Internet. The different rules governing these newsletters recognize the legal validity of the publication of the same in its digital version.

Been gradually replacing the paper Edition for the digital edition of inquiry more easy, convenient, and universal. It is usual in these publications containing personal data e.g. on notifications of the administration of Justice, ads, auctions, competitions and contests. The organic law 15/1999, of 13 December, of protection of data of a Personal nature, hereinafter LOPD, recognizes the nature of sources accessible to the public, and may be consulted, and use the information without the consent of the owner of the data, provided that the processing is necessary for the satisfaction of the legitimate interests pursued by the data controller or by the third party to whom the data are disclosed to these publications, and that do not violate the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned. We all know the important role that Internet search engines perform in the enquiry of the data and information that the precise surfer. A search engine is a Web page in which a database in which relate Web page with their content addresses can be consulted.

Managing Diabetes

Healthy food choices a few recommendations of how to eat properly. * Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. To maximize diversity, try to pick up the products of all colors of the rainbow. At each meal eat vegetables containing starch, such as spinach, carrots, broccoli or green beans. * Prefer whole grains instead of processed grain food. Try to cook brown rice, or pasta from whole wheat with your favorite sauce. * Include dried beans (like kidney or pinto beans) and lentils into your diet. * 2-3 times a week, eat fish * Choose lean meat such as tenderloin of beef and poultry, mostly to their loins.

Do not eat pork skin with the chicken and turkey. * Choose low-fat dairy products like skim milk, nonfat yogurt and nonfat cheese. * When cooking instead of solid fats that can contain large amounts of saturated and trans fats, choose liquid oils. Do not forget that fat – high. If you are trying to lose weight, do not exceed your portion of the fat supplements. * Avoid high-calorie snacks such as chips, cookies, cakes, and full-fat ice cream. * If you eat too much, even if it is healthy food, it can lead to weight gain.

Do not eat too big portions. Pyramid for people with diabetes diabetes shared food into six groups. These groups or segments on the pyramid vary in size. The largest group – are cereals, legumes and vegetables that contain starch – it lies at the heart of the pyramid. This means that you can eat cereals, legumes and vegetables that contain starch in large portions than other foods. The smallest group – fats, sweets and alcohol – is at the top of the pyramid. This suggests that the food from this group can be consumed in very small quantities. The food pyramid for people with diabetes helps to streamline the number of servings. If you comply with the minimum number of servings from each group, you'll eat about 1600 calories and If you eat food from the top of the pyramid, it will be about 2,800 calories. Most women who eat the food from the bottom of the group, but most men eat from the group mid-or upper, if they are actively lifestyle. The exact number of servings that you need depends on your goals and needs of calories, your lifestyle and the foods you love. Divide the number of servings you should eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks each day.

History Subaru

The name of the Subaru came to light thanks to the president of fhi – China Kenji (Kenji Kita). When was the vehicle of P-1, China announced a competition for the best name for him. He believed that the Japanese car must wear a Japanese name. But none of the Names have not won the competition, and China finally came up with the title itself – it was the word Subaru. In Japanese it means 'to unite, to gather together', and is also called the Pleiades constellation (part of the constellation Cells). Without a telescope in the Pleiades can consider the six-star (in fact there are more than 200), and just through the merger of six companies and was formed Concern Fuji Heavy Industries.

Subaru – a car brand of the large industrial concern Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Cars – is not the only sphere of activity of FHI; besides them, fhi is engaged in aeronautical engineering, rail, shipbuilding, etc. History Group, through which the light appeared Brand Subaru. Started history of Subaru in 1917. The young engineer, aviation enthusiasts Chikuhi Nakajima (Chikuhei Nakajima), opened this year in the city Nakagame aviation research lab ("The Aircraft Research Laboratory"). Aircraft while in Japan was not as such, but thanks World War I, has demonstrated its capabilities, opened, in particular, the laboratory Nakajima. In 1931 the laboratory became a company called Aircraft Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd, and during World War ii aircraft Nakajima were very, very in demand – up to 1945.