What Is Spam?

In the early years of the Internet, when everything was new and almost unexplored in this field, almost nobody had access to the Net or an email box. Then, receive an email was almost an unexpected privilege. However, after the internet boom during the last five years, receiving mail became much more common and stepping firmly on the scene appeared the enemy of all the boxes “spam” or unwanted mail. These messages, usually commercial break massively invade our cells, our instant messaging software, and even our mobile phones. Thus, harm us in several ways: introducing into our intimacy, bringing viruses, trojans, and reducing overall bandwidth.

Can we imagine how quickly everything would work without those gigabytes and gigabytes of spam? And unfortunately they are not the only elements that plague our computers. Their close relatives, and even pop videos and ads on Google are quite unpleasant, but supposedly legal. Is there anything that a normal user can do to stop them? At this point it is not so easy for a normal user to stop them easily. In some countries like Spain and the United States unsolicited email is prohibited by law and in Spain, thanks to the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, possession is punishable database of emails to consider personal information. But while these attempts have had good intentions have been almost no effect and could not stop the flow of spam, more and more abundant, to our computers. Some things that a user can do to alleviate the consequences of this mail is annoying to have your server configured correctly, because SPAM exploits the flaws in the system to enter.

So, if your server is configured as Open Relay, do not need a password to enter and exit freely all types of mail. But, specifically, the most effective so far is preserve the email address as possible. Tips to avoid SPAM: Use a funnel to the account and not give the true account address not published in public places, and if you do, do not publish it in text mode, but within an image to avoid being automatically crawl Using a temporary account for one-time transactions, such as confirming an order or request information on sites where it is likely to sell your address or use it for SPAM displayed such as to avoid supplanting the automatic tracking.

Internet Company

Talk to your boss. You can touch the topic saying: I know that my tenure in this company, ended here, but I love the work that I do and I will look for another job, and when they ask me why I left this company, I want to give an answer that the two us feel comfortable. After leaving the company, analyze what happened and take advantage of the lesson. If you do you run the risk of dragging destructive habits in your next job. The best way to find bugs is simply remembering the times that drew attention and why is it called be honest to yourself (a) don’t be fooled and accept that as human being you made mistakes that ended up with their good work. If the company is reducing personal and you were one of those affected, in that case it is good to ask for a letter of recommendation to make it easier to find work. By more bitter that it has been their experience in that company must never make negative and destructive criticisms to it, because their professional ethics would be jeopardized the person who listens to your comments.

By general rule, find or change jobs delay two or three months, but with the anemic current economic situation (in almost all over the world), may take you more time, and competition current, every six months graduating thousands of professionals in different universities. Companies receive heaps of relevant requests and that is why you have to be creative and not follow the conventional procedures. (See tips for interviews). On the other hand, if you have committed serious misconduct, such as taking alien it company or making scams or forgeries, then you ended up closing, the doors. Most advisable is to accept his mistake and think of something different that applying for work. They are sometimes committed errors that are of by life, if this is not your case, try always to do your job with honesty and honesty, is the largest value that can have a professional.Never attempt to take your Vitaea resume to a company, since it is possible to lose your time and your money (the technology is very advanced and all occupational and personal data can be verified through the Internet). The best thing is that you a forces with a friend or family member and make something that can generate income.


Agroecologia is considered as emergent science, guided for a new epistemolgica and metodolgica base, is a field of the knowledge to transdisciplinar, that it receives the influences from social sciences, agrarian and natural. It has base in the synergic relation enters the evolution of the scientific knowledge and popular knowing and its necessity integration. In the aspect, more technician, the Agroecologia locks up the following elements: ) Conservation and regeneration of the natural resources? genetic ground, water, resources, beyond the beneficial fauna and floras; b) Handling of the productive resources? diversification? recycling of the nutrients and the organic substance and regulation bioptics; c) Implementation of elements technician, definition of ecological techniques, scale of work, integration of the elements of the systems in focus and adequacy the rationality of the agriculturists. An equally important concept for the Agroecologia is the agrobiodiversidade that can to be understood as a clipping of the biodiversity, characterized for a process of relations and interactions between cultivated plants, its traditional handling and knowledge they associates. The multidimension of the Agroecologia demands, also, boardings of joint work of researchers of different disciplines; in accordance with the interaction degree can if classified in: ) the multidisciplinaridade that consists of some researchers of different you discipline if to dedicate to the same object of study, using methodologies specifies and gotten the results, if they congregate to form a general picture of the study object? b) interdisciplinaridade that happens when some researchers of different you discipline the same if dedicating to the object of study, defined in set the common methodologies, analyzing the results in set; c) transdisciplinaridade is the new knowledge that is disciplines beyond them, incorporating new concepts, new estimated and methodologies of study. Consideraes Final.

finally, does not have ready prescriptions, is not possible to develop agroecolgicos technological packages to develop system. The possible and not exclusive steps for the construction of the new system of agroecolgico production could be: ) the reduction of the dependence of commercial insumos? b) to use resources you renewed and available in the place; c) to emphasize the recycling of nutrients; d) to introduce species that create functional diversity in the system? e) to draw systems that are adapted to the local conditions and use to advantage, to the maximum, the microenvironments; f) to keep the diversity, the space and secular continuity of the production? g) to optimize and to take the incomes, without exceeding the productive capacity of the original ecosystem; h) to rescue and to conserve the local genetic diversity; i) to rescue and to conserve the knowledge and the local culture. Innumerable gaps still in are opened and demand an extraordinary effort of research, experimentation, test in agricultural way to expand the knowledge in the area and the adoption of agroecolgicas technologies on the part of the agriculturists. BIBLIOGRAPHY AQUINO, A.M. ; ASSIS, R.L.

(Publishers). Agroecologia: Principles and techniques for a sustainable organic agriculture. Brasilia: Embrapa, 2005. 517p. ROBERT, P.S. Practical manual of organic agriculture. Campinas.SP. 2007. 216 P.

Teaching New Demands

Introduction the changes that assists in the way society avasaladora irreversible in the field of social and economic relations featuring technology, placed in permanent challenge educational institutions in this moment in Brazilian history. Increasingly more society, and more particularly organizations, require expenditures new knowledge always in State of the art professional diversified for the attention of the production objectives, by the growing demand of an avid consumer society by new products and services. This challenge, which is descortinando by a multi-facetada society, leads companies to increasingly demanding behaviors outside the professional technical area, to exercise and live a more humanistic view of the world in which we live. Recent monographs and research have demonstrated that the balance of personal behavior in their social and family relationships has revealed a better professional income within companies. In front of this scenario, see the school on the contingency of not train more professionals of high technical knowledge, but also of citizens with human characteristics in its comprehensive and integral form. Through this perspective, the need for a radical review of the posture of our institutions of higher learning (IHLs) both public and private, feels to face new horizons who wish to stay within the education market. An initial prospective study was developed with attention focada on this premise (10/2010), with the intention of a broader discussion on the profile of the integral citizen, through vocational training and of the transversality of the current issues.

For better understanding of the proposal were developed models through figures that enlighten more didactic manner the concepts of transversality. Progress was made on the subject by the identifier range of human dimensions in the formation of the educating future, in search of the integral citizen. For its part, also proposes an outline on a curricular structure pattern which identifies the basic disciplines, technical disciplines and the complementary, in some cases different from those proposed by the higher bodies of the education.

The Lunches Of Work

Occasionally, the supplement business editors colluding directly or indirectly criticizing the Mediterranean way of life in general and working meals in particular. I understand there are executives who write against that time for Affairs of the workday, with more or less valid arguments, depending on the organizational approach where text is. But do the rest think equal? I do not agree. Long ago, also listened to Mr. Marin, who was President of the Congress of Deputies, expressing their disagreement with the working lunches, although he introduced a nuance or residual comment: the long after meals.

Well, agreement, fully justified exceptions, I agree with Mr. Marin in censuring these excesses (coffee, Cup and pure). But what to eat?: does sensations?, do perceptions?, do senses?, do emotions?, cover a physiologic need? eating to live? feed themselves? I think that is all that together and this all adds more than parties. Are we entering the age of the emotions or are still anchored in the age of the cold? Don’t confuse the bacon with speed. I have come to read that work meals is the same who ask how is your family? and other rarities and dialectical anomalies that I avoid pronouncing in this forum. Obviously, the person who thinks that asking for the family is an unnecessary Act of relations is because he thinks that those who do are hypocrites or something similar Yes?; the person who thinks that in meals for work not work and represents an unnecessary expense for the company is because he thinks that others do not work in a working lunch Yes?. Well, we could also think that the hypocrite is he and the Playboy he is Yes?