What Is Spam?

In the early years of the Internet, when everything was new and almost unexplored in this field, almost nobody had access to the Net or an email box. Then, receive an email was almost an unexpected privilege. However, after the internet boom during the last five years, receiving mail became much more common and stepping […]

Internet Company

Talk to your boss. You can touch the topic saying: I know that my tenure in this company, ended here, but I love the work that I do and I will look for another job, and when they ask me why I left this company, I want to give an answer that the two us […]


Agroecologia is considered as emergent science, guided for a new epistemolgica and metodolgica base, is a field of the knowledge to transdisciplinar, that it receives the influences from social sciences, agrarian and natural. It has base in the synergic relation enters the evolution of the scientific knowledge and popular knowing and its necessity integration. In […]

Teaching New Demands

Introduction the changes that assists in the way society avasaladora irreversible in the field of social and economic relations featuring technology, placed in permanent challenge educational institutions in this moment in Brazilian history. Increasingly more society, and more particularly organizations, require expenditures new knowledge always in State of the art professional diversified for the attention […]

Contextual Search Advertising

Contextual search ads – is one type of paid advertising by the Internet. Contextual advertising is displayed on the page, in accordance with the inputs the keyword, that is, advertising is placed on pages sites of the same subjects. Contextual advertising is paid. Therefore, contextual advertising is particularly effective for attracting targeted visitors. If you […]

The Lunches Of Work

Occasionally, the supplement business editors colluding directly or indirectly criticizing the Mediterranean way of life in general and working meals in particular. I understand there are executives who write against that time for Affairs of the workday, with more or less valid arguments, depending on the organizational approach where text is. But do the rest […]