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This change of the press for the computer does not mean the end of the letramento, but, necessarily, the alteration in the proper configuration of the letramento. Frade (2005) considers the definition of the terms letramento, digital letramento, alfabetizao and alfabetizao audio-appearance, to problematizar the situation of digital illiteracy, discoursing on some involved capacities in the appropriation of the system that can fight such situation. The computer is seen as device that makes possible new spaces of writing that they bring unfoldings for the reading interaction and writer. The book and the media printed are and still they will continue being important, same having that to renew themselves and if to adapt to face the challenges taxes for the new technologies of the information, in the search of a new balance in the cultural system contemporary. For (BRAVE, 1999), what it contributes for the difference enters these two ways to construct the knowledge is the presence of the computer, the fact of the apprentice to be constructing something through the computer (computer as tool).

The use of the computer requires certain actions that are sufficiently effective in the process of construction of the knowledge. When the apprentice is interacting with the computer it is manipulating concepts and this contributes for its mental development. KEYS, (1985) say that the more rich it will be the way lived for the child (stimulations and resources), greater will be its development, fitting to the school, mainly of the popular classrooms, to supply these resources, as being the only chance of the child to have contact with this technology in a systematic way. The present work, about the agreement of the computer as tool auxiliary to the process of acquisition of the abilities of reading and writing, is about theoretical and practical exposition regarding a pedagogical intervention, in the field of the promotion of the reading, in a regular classroom of the room year of the basic education of a public and municipal school of the ortaleza periphery.

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Note: what I’m presenting is a brief transcript of the video whose credit is Mr Mauricio duque (SETH GODIN) and anyone can apply their techniques according to its mission which is to reduce the digital divide in Latin America. Then note the video, personal notes, conclusions and final recommendations the purpose of this article is that most of people interested in online businesses expand their knowledge in different aspects of the marketing by internet and especially in regard to email marketing. Source of information: Email Marketing Simple manner in a timeline from 1990 to 2009 email marketing and other materials to communicate and publicize our clients has evolved in the early 1990s direct mail and phone were the tools d communication more usual with our customers at the beginning of 2009 there is a proliferation of channels of communication (emailMobile, sms, direct mail, telephone, VoIP and multiple tools that facilitate the relationship with the client as social networks, blogs, rss, podcasting, social media and ads, landing page, web cam among many others the constant: fragmentation of media, diluted messages, customer segmented some basic concepts that we must handle: spam: send mail without the authorization of the person optin: accept a double message optin: generate subscribe via email and mail to confirm action. benefit of the above: verified mail user takes the job of accepting your mail demonstrates interest, truly wants to receive the information.

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Currently the technology permeates almost all parts of our lives, from buying food, through visits to the doctor and to the same salon of beauty or restaurants they rely on technology. Everywhere there is a software or computer program that helps the owners of such establishments carry their business management more professional, safe and controlled manner. The MSMEs garages should be no exception. According to polls of Box systems applied in 2009 to owners of mechanical workshops about their habits in terms of technology, the 38.6% of respondents answered if you use some type of control system in your company currently already be manual or on a PC, while 49.2% do not use any control. Of those who answered that if they use any means of control in their garages they mentioned the following as the most common: Excel sheets, book, records, invoices, orders of service, records, i.e., most do it all way Manual. The reality is that this important sector of the automotive industry lies unattended technologically. Need a software for automotive garages accessible needs and pockets of mechanical workshops micro, small and medium size (MSMEs). The current problems of your garage.

There are two types of problems in mechanical workshops. Commons as for example: Control of vehicles admitted to the workshop, Control of parts of the workshop, sale of spare parts, inventory, invoicing, repairs Control (service orders) other Lo previous produces serious problems as: delay in deliveries of the vehicular services. Run out of spare parts necessary for the day-to-day operation of the workshop. Robbery Ant of spare parts and tools. Claims unjustified on the part of customers.

And the specific problems or information, what are my costs? What are my utilities? Why concept won more by sale of spare parts or service vehicle? When do I have to send to order more replacement parts again? Who are my employees? Do many monthly customers attend? The above produces more serious problems such as: do not know what is the most profitable area of your workshop. Not knowing how much you have invested. The owner can not take off of his workshop. Mistrust in employees and customers. Unable to have more workshops. Customers perceive a disservice. Others. The working tool for your workshop. As well as other industry sectors benefit from technology through software automotive garages also should use the same power to enter to compete professionally. With a software to control your garage you can begin to give order to chaos. Finally you can you have statistics and know where win and which lose in your business. You can also make important decisions as know who are your clients more income you generate for treating them very well, or when requesting additional parts that don’t miss inventories of Parties and elementary parts for your operation. The purpose is that you get all the information needed to make safer decisions for your business. The most common is that you want to make your shop grow, open auto parts or put a second workshop, to which you also need support in the software that you’ve chosen to help you take that big step.

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Document management has a name: Nuxeo EP; and that is why we want you as a Manager, employee, or simple user of peripheral systems, discover how can do to increase the performance of their processes. Remember that in the digital society a good content management and data management is essential, and why document management needs to be handled by an expert team. Team that will help you to install, use and benefit from the utilities of this method of knowledge management, provided entirely by the company Nuxeo, which Yerbabuena has the privilege of being the sole partner integrator of Spanish-speaking. What can do you with this document management Software? Therefore, firstly, its programming language which turns out to be completely free or Open Source, opens you doors so you can download enterprise web applications. And you with downloads of these applications, no doubt will gain in prestige and management to large scale and organization will be awarded in a way of the document management. Result? It will be agreed to constitute Nuxeo EP as his right arm in the Organization of both structured and unstructured information.

And why choose Nuxeo EP? Because unlike other document management Software, its operability is highly consistent with the needs of effective management that you while ago goes looking for the development of their enterprise content. Everything in Nuxeo EP is aimed, basically, so that any person who, regardless of its degree of technical knowledge, can establish which are the strategies of organization of their reports, statistics, reports, dispatches, etc., of a coordinated, highly affordable way of understanding and, first and foremost, with the indomitable guarantee of Nuxeo as a leading and responsible organization in document management processes. For this reason, if you thought that document management Softwares were not effective in being able to manage their content in such a way that they could appear as a whole Harmonic at the time of making your company successful, so don’t hesitate hire the services of Nuxeo EP that has for you the necessary and effective support to the effective realization of its document management processes. Practical administrative sustainability and regulatory compliance by the considerable saving of paper, files and space that entails are, next to enterprise security, the great service of Nuxeo EP provided by Mint.

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This word-key returns documents that possess a specific word in the heading of the document. For, for example, finding documents I contend the Mars word in the text, we will use the syntax intitle: Mars. We will be able to also specify in the search when we do not want that definitive site does not appear in the results, being enough to use the Mars syntax – site: allintitle: when we type the prefix intitle: , we guarantee the recovery of only one word in the headings of the pages. In the case of allintitle: , it guarantees that all the typed words will be in the heading of the Web page.

If to want that a Web page possesss the heading of operational systems, we use the syntax allintitle: ‘ ‘ systems operacionais’ ‘. Obs: The use of the prefix allintitle: it functions in the same way that if we typed intitle: in the front of each intended word. Searching in Texts the prefix intext: it helps to only look for texts in the body of the page, that is, it eliminates URLs, it ignores headings and links. Although its limited use, is very important to find word-key that could very be common in URLs or link of headings. Example: intext: HTML intext: ‘ ‘’ ‘ Obs: we can, in the same way, use its variation: allintext:. Research in URLs We can restrict our research the URLs of the pages. Using the prefix inurl: , we can find sites that inside possess a specific word of the URL. To find, for example, sites that contain the word ‘ ‘ Beatles’ ‘ in the URL, we can type inurl: beatles. Obs: we can also use the variation allinurl: , that also it finds words listed in URLs.

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This inheritance of access permissions consists below demonstrated in summary in figure 2. Figure 2: structure of the inheritance of permissions of electronic handbook 3,2 System the main pages of the archetype of Electronic Handbook system of Patients for implantation in the Tocantins will have the following functionalities (2,3,4): Main page? place where all the users will have access to the system and will get information on its functionalities. In this page, access is had the information of research of the database of the registers of the patients. The information available they include, for example, the city of the Tocantins where if a bigger number of affection cases registered. That is, this page will also function as a news. Page of daily pay-I register in cadastre of data? in this page the administrative assistants of the diverse units of health of the State must only insert the personal datas of the patients, whom the data base of the system will feed. In it the information of the carried through medical procedures in the patients will not be launched, time that this will be of the ability of the health professional effected that it, either it doctor, nurse or technician in nursing. This restriction aims at to guarantee a bigger security and secrecy on the registers of the patients. Such aspects consist below demonstrated in the figure: Figure 3: archetype of page of daily pay-I register in cadastre of data Page of login? as this system will be had access by different types of users (patient, administrative, professional assistants of the area of the health and the administrator of the unit) will have identification of each one of these users by means of this page of login, place where the filtering of the permissions and restrictions will be made in order to guarantee to the system the following qualities: integrity, confidencialidade, availability and authentication.