Drawing Cards for the Future

The draw of cards is more secure and reliable procedure to find out that lies ahead. It seems he was born in ancient Egypt, where the rich people of the time available in their group of tarot expert servants to always have a circulation of letters when they wanted. The splendor of the draw of […]

System Computer

This change of the press for the computer does not mean the end of the letramento, but, necessarily, the alteration in the proper configuration of the letramento. Frade (2005) considers the definition of the terms letramento, digital letramento, alfabetizao and alfabetizao audio-appearance, to problematizar the situation of digital illiteracy, discoursing on some involved capacities in […]

Simple Way Software Multimedia

Note: what I’m presenting is a brief transcript of the video whose credit is Mr Mauricio duque (SETH GODIN) and anyone can apply their techniques according to its mission which is to reduce the digital divide in Latin America. Then note the video, personal notes, conclusions and final recommendations the purpose of this article is […]

Heisinger Director

Currently the technology permeates almost all parts of our lives, from buying food, through visits to the doctor and to the same salon of beauty or restaurants they rely on technology. Everywhere there is a software or computer program that helps the owners of such establishments carry their business management more professional, safe and controlled […]

Factory Automation Platform Based 1C: Enterprise 8

1C Enterprise 8 – a set of application solutions, covering the basic contours of management and accounting at a manufacturing company. Solution allows you to organize complex information system, relevant corporate, local and international standards and providing financial and economic activities of the enterprise. 1C Enterprise 8 is based on a number of mechanisms that […]

Document Management Software

Document management has a name: Nuxeo EP; and that is why we want you as a Manager, employee, or simple user of peripheral systems, discover how can do to increase the performance of their processes. Remember that in the digital society a good content management and data management is essential, and why document management needs […]

Mars Word

This word-key returns documents that possess a specific word in the heading of the document. For, for example, finding documents I contend the Mars word in the text, we will use the syntax intitle: Mars. We will be able to also specify in the search when we do not want that definitive site does not […]

Page Information

This inheritance of access permissions consists below demonstrated in summary in figure 2. Figure 2: structure of the inheritance of permissions of electronic handbook 3,2 System the main pages of the archetype of Electronic Handbook system of Patients for implantation in the Tocantins will have the following functionalities (2,3,4): Main page? place where all the […]

Heidi Technologies

The technologies are not only products of market, but products of practical social. Its standards are arquitetados symbolically as social contents, stop later having a marketing adaptation. The technologies of the communication and information cannot be reduced the machines; social processes and negotiations result of that if become concrete. They are part of the life […]