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Courses of Photoshop CS4 can be you find that them, nevertheless that they are really free is difficult, always requests something in return, to medidados are receiving to you, but this it is seen well promising. Swarmed by offers, Mitchel Resnick is currently assessing future choices. Only that wants the author is to arrive at 200 Fans his page from 200 Facebook and to minimum subscription RSS of blog, I have understood that the subscription of blog goes by 165 or something thus and the page of facebook by 70. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ray Kurzweil. Blog of Solutions CATHEDRAL, contains many articles furthermore CATHEDRAL, tutorial of photoshop for all the levels, and a great amount of gratuitous resources to unload free. If you are wanted to know but of this course I invite to you that you visit blog of tutorial of photoshop to learn Photoshop free. Another Blogs Related? Taringa! – Virtual Course of Photoshop CS4 (AulClic)? All Resources Free: Curved tutorial photoshop cs4- tool? TUTORIAL PHOTOSHOP CHANGE OF COLOR WITHOUT SELECTION As To use Adobe? Course free online of Photoshop CS4? Tutorial Photoshop CS4: like creating a tin 3d

General Services

The So Paulo minimum wage takes care of the 105 occupations that are not contemplated agreements or collective conventions of work, generally functions that support of category unions does not have. The readjustment considered for the governor Jose Mountain range was of 10,89%, making with that the So Paulo minimum wage has a percentile increase for 1 bigger band that national minimum wage that was of 9,68%. The first band (R$ 560,00) takes care of the domestic workers, maids, fishing, messengers, workers of the field (known as diligent farming and forest), continuous, assistant of general services clerical, laundrymen, ascensoristas, motoboys, used not-specialized of the commerce, workers of mines and quarries, or workers of movement and manipulation of merchandises and materials that do not belong the unions. The value of readjustment considered for the second band was of 7,55%, passing of current R$ 530,00 for R$ 570,00. The second band takes care of to the professionals who work as agricultural and forest operators of machines and implementos, machines of the civil construction, mining and to cut and to cultivate wood, mailmen, dyers, professionals of beauty hall and centers of embelezamento as: manicures, pedicures, barbers, others. They also contemplate this category: salesmen, dressmakers, bordadeiras, estofadores, masons, workers of preparation of foods and drinks, manufacture and confection of paper and cardboard, workers of tourism services, workers of protection and personal security guard (that they are not part of regional unions), waiters, collectors of collective transport (that they are not part of regional unions), barmen, painters, plumbers, soldering irons, chapeadores, mounters, ceramists, vidreiros, fiandeiros, teceles, tingidores, jewelers, workers of tanning, clerical silversmith, operators of machines, digitizers, operators of telemarketing, attendants and comissionrios of services of passengers, workers of the energy net electric and telecommunications, masters and foremen, marceneiros, mechanical workers of usinagem of metals, adjusters, mounters of machines, operators of installations of chemical processing and supervisors of production and industrial maintenance.

San Valentin Day Of Valentine

The heart has reasons that reason does not know, Pascal every year on February 14 is celebrated with much joy St. Valentine’s day, Valentine’s and for other day of friendship day. Since then, it is a special day that leads to a rapprochement with those loved ones, but especially with the companion that has been selected to share that particular affection that has that being with whom we have decided to keep a relationship. As is it reminds us, since the 19th century began the exchange of postcards produced en masse. This practice was joined by giving another type of gifts such as roses and chocolates, usually given by men to women.

In United States, this celebration also began to associate with a greeting of platonic love of Happy Valentine s, sent men to her friends. It is common gift of roses among friends and relatives, both so the pink determines the message that is intended to express. For example, the Red Rose symbolizes love, the White represents peace and the yellow the friendship. It reminds us of Wikipedia on this special day, currently celebrated by the exchange of notes of love known as ‘valentines’, with symbols such as the shape of the heart or Cupid, although with the rise of the Internet has spread the custom of exchanging virtual postcards. Also on this day, the tradition of giving roses to those persons who have a special affection is common. Certainly a day of much business for some traders given to those present, gifts given, especially of flowers and about it very well Mario Diament of the newspaper la Nacion of Buenos Aires reminds them us, it shows us the other aspect, that if it is true that love, which in theory should be a tax-free feelingmanifested in this date so materially that whole industries and even national economies depend on its result.


The majority of today's leaders have no doubts the reality of the "revolution of relationships." Everyone understands how useful to have a personalized client base, which can be used to track history of relationships with customers, manage sales, monitor the activity of sales managers, etc. These tasks are solved with the help of software technology, whose market splashes plenty of proposed solutions. Among domestic development experts continue to allocate the development of Expert Systems, such as Quick Sales and Sales Expert and development of Terrasoft. But the question in this article goes on technologies. The problem remains a problem, technology is implemented and the impact no. As in the previous article, where the meaning of the term customer relationship management helped us Chinese philosophers, I would like to focus on the relationship. And that's what I remember.

Do you remember the classic Christmas tale by Frank Capra "Life is beautiful '? That generally comes to mind about the film, so it's always a new idea that we all as individuals – are very different. However, in the film there is an underlying theme of crm, of which F. Capra and thought on shootings. In the film the two main protagonists, George Bailey – the son of a banker, which took over the family business 'Building and Loan', and Henry Potter, tight-fisted town banker forever-in-black. Potter was in the sense that to earn money for his bank, squeezing them out of the townspeople, whom he considered "paltry people". He adhered to the established banking rules, when people wanted to borrow money, then get them on terms of the bank, or did not receive at all.

Success in this field of made him 'the richest man in town'. George Bailey believed the contrary, that the citizens of his clients, so it is his duty to serve them well, with a personal approach. During the years, reminiscent of depression, supplied the workers' city dwellers with money at reasonable interest flexible, because they needed it. He has been involved in their lives, and worked with each individually and all wanted to know personally, although, strictly speaking, they were just his clients. In the final picture of the townspeople come to the rescue of George Bailey, giving him his money so he could pay the missing amount allegedly stolen by them on false charges, Mr. Potter, with each of the rescuers recalled that once Bailey helped him in this difficult hour. Touching, that goes without saying. So with any of the bankers you would prefer to deal with? Remember, the introduction of crm – it's not only the introduction of software products, but also a new philosophy of the behavior of your company.

Monterrey Teaching

Carlos Mora Vanegas Thanks to a scholarship that gave me the ITESM through Dr. Edgardo Reyes Salcido had the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies in Masters in Management, with strong emphasis on marketing and human resources for many years before that time I joined to be educated, just four years had gone by the start of this school, and came from a graduate student in management and economics at the University of Chile. I had the opportunity to exchange views with colleagues from different Latin American and Central American countries who entered the school in search of knowledge to contribute effectively applied to the companies they serve, of course, I was accompanied by Mexican professional courses, many graduates ITESM and prestigious national universities.

By then, only this School in Monterrey was the graduate degrees in administration, however, his reputation was felt as qualified teaching staff, all with doctoral degrees, many administrative sciences, graduates of renowned American universities, in addition to the agreements that ITESM had with some universities that allowed qualified teachers teaching at the school, something that touched me to experiment with three professors, including this, my dear Dr. John Aberle California, with whom he maintained a good friendship and I always recommended that I go to the United States. I remember very well the master classes taught me that in markets Dr. Gonzalez Arce, who eventually led me to explore this area a with which I identified in the exercise of my profession and where I have been teaching for many undergraduate and graduate years at the universities where I have had to teach classes and I think he would approve my administration.

Direct Message

At this point you must already have very clear to have a list of emails, it is essential to do business over the internet, the money is in the list. Ready. You already have your page’s landing, your autoresponder, but I am sure that now there is a problem, do as I get traffic to my page capture? Today I’m going to teach a simple but powerful internet marketing strategy, to give traffic to your landing page, using your twitter account. Now you must have heard that social networks are not for sale and that if you want results with them, you must deliver value and build trust in people bla bla bla. Although it is true, everyone tells you the same thing, but do not give you specific strategies. Here I bring you a timely strategy, to do, to generate more subscribers to your list of emails with twitter. Let’s go to the grain then: If you already have a twitter account, you must have noticed that everytime you follow someone in this network, it sends you a message of welcome, of the type: thanks for following my tweets, a I liked to be in contact with you. Best regards.

Now that you think, if in that message of welcome or appreciation, you offer your gift product that subscribe to your list of emails, without that look like these selling anything. For example: Hello, thanks for following me. In compensation I have decided to give you this ebook, video, software (depending on what you’re giving away your landing page) (your link to your landing page) trafficking that your welcome message not read like that you want to sell or earn a subscriber to your list of emails, but more well, like a gift you do it selflessly as a thank you for having followed. Your message should be short and concise, remember that twitter gives you only 140 characters to write your message, if your message exceeds that number, part of your message and your link to your landing page will not appear in the welcome message, when it is sent to your follower, therefore, you’re losing the chance to get subscribers to your list of emails. Do not post direct links to affiliate programs or business yours, remember what we least want to, is that they see us as we are trying to sell something.

You can also use, instead of one page landing, a blog (always and when it contains information of value, articles, tutorials, educational videos), if what you want is to get traffic to it, putting a message of the type: thanks for follow me, can know me a little more in (the link to your blog) ready. Now, put this strategy on autopilot. To avoid be writing a welcome message, each person who follows you on twitter, you can automate it. There are many programs on the net that allow you to do so, personally I use hootsuite which I given excellent results. Simply go to hootsuite subscribe completely free within your control panel, where it says social accounts you can add your twitter account and then customize your welcome message (where it says Direct messages-Edit welcome DM), which is automatically displayed each person to do your follower on twitter. You don’t underestimate this strategy of internet marketing, dale a taste and then tell me the results I’m sure will surprise you. If you want to learn more effective ways of getting visitors to your landing page view to web traffic.

Inverter Technology BiDirex

Solar 2013 exclusively uses the highly innovative, superior inverter technology BiDirex from Intersolar, ensuring maximum customer benefits through unique advantages. Wildpoldsried/Calgary, 21.05.2013. The Canadian high tech company sustainable energy technologies Ltd. delivers its innovative inverter technology to PROSOL invest Germany GmbH in the future. An appropriate cooperation agreement was signed last week with pan-European exclusivity for the multiple patented BiDirex system. From Intersolar 2013 the BiDirex technology has been proven for more than 10 years is used as standard in a new product line of the solar battery. With BiDirex technology we can offer our clients a series of additional unique benefits.

We are therefore delighted that we were able to gain sustainable energy as a strategic partner”commented Managing Director Christoph Ostermann cooperation. Torsten Stiefenhofer, who is responsible as Managing Director for the technical department, explains: Several hundred solar systems, we have for many months in the permanent online monitoring, we know the actual requirements for an efficient inverter from the practice. This is not about the maximum efficiency that is provided by most manufacturers in the foreground. Rather, a high degree of efficiency in the lower power range is important, in which battery storage systems usually operate in practice. Just one of the strengths of the BiDirex what brings more power the end customer at the typical operation of a battery system up to 11%, he would have to write off for inverter technologies other than loss here.” The BiDirex power inverter delivers maximum efficiency even at low voltages. Its patented pulsed step technology”based on intelligent software and a simple, rugged circuit, which will ensure high-quality AC-output. In contrast to conventional battery power inverters, the multiple patented, two-way power inverters dispenses with external DC/DC Conversion or separate AC/DC charging circuits and thus enables the industry’s highest levels of efficiency. The BiDirex technology has proven more than 10 years in practice.

Technical White Magic

The dowsing is the perception and measurement of the energy of objects.It is a very old technique of white magic or white witchcraft, in which receives information from the vibration of the object and amplifies it through tools such as the pendulum, metal rods and the bagueta, manufactured by the radiestesista with various natural materials.Among the instruments used is the pendulum. It is used by white magic very frequently to ask questions which can respond with a Yes or a no and also for healing at a distance, always complementing the treatment of traditional medicine.Pendulums in tip, used to give precision to the auxiliary dials, allow us get answers of incredible accuracy. The bagueta is basically a tree, preferably Hazel horqueta. Taken from the ends of the branch and points toward the floor, in the search for minerals, deposits or water. The search method is done with a witness, i.e., with a sample of the element that is intended to find. The witness is an element very used in the dowsing and follows the principles used for many magic spells. It can be a personal garment, a photograph or a sample of a specific place.The metal rods, also called dual rod, consist of two rods in L that we will take by their shorter ends. Movements of them respond, like the pendulum, to questions that can be answered with Yes and no and are widely used to detect the place where a person or object is located. Searches or measurements which uses the dowsing must be carried out according to the principles of the white magic, namely greater preparation and connection with the energy, the better the results. Original author and source of the article

Highway Santarm Cuiab

Such houses were destined to the colonists seated in the place, which had also received lots agricultural, where they would develop its economic activities). Each agrovila would have to count on the services of a school of first Degree, an ecumenical church, a medical rank e, in some cases, a warehouse for agricultural products. Also, the construction of agrpolis was part of the program: meeting of agrovilas, whose polarization if gave around a nucleus of urban services. Beyond the services of agrovila, the agrpolis would have a banking service station, post offices, telephones, school of 2o. Degree, etc. The objective of agrpolis the age to take care of to the demand of all agrovilas, situated in determined stretch of the Transamaznica.

In the truth, several had been implanted agrovilas, however, only one agrpolis – New Brazil, in km 46 of the stretch Altamira-Itaituba and, finally, the Program foresaw construction of Rurpolis, a set of agrpolis. In the practical one it was constructed, only, a Rurpolis – President Mdici, in the crossing of the Transamaznica with the Highway Santarm Cuiab.' ' (Source:). Clio Birro describes, with property, that: ' ' in kilometer 180 of highway, in stretch Altamira-Itaituba, in lot agricultural of number 10, of Soil 07, determined colonist implanted small service of bar, that started to serve of support to the stop of the bus and of trucks that made line or have freighted, throughout the Rodovia' '. The decurrent activities of the necessities of that they arrived today explain the services given until throughout the road and even though of the functions of the INCRA regularizing ownerships, distributing property headings (urban) and commanding the destination of the lots, with areas for urban schools and other services. Thus, the development of Uruar, in accordance with the BIRRO publication ' ' if it must to the fact of that the next agricultural lands to the urban nucleus are of good fertility, resulting in the setting of the colonists in rea' '.


I have heard many times this type of comment: that with the passage of the years, memory starts to go wrong, they say to themselves, that it is no longer possible to remember or a phone number, which, until the name of the children forget. While it is true that with the passing of years, our body begins to deteriorate, our motor functions decrease and our cells are renewed with less intensity, it is also true that our mind can maintain its good condition, when we do work or train constantly. Check out Petra Diamonds for additional information. The problem of memory with age, has to do specifically with the decrease in the tasks or responsibilities that year after year they are losing, we entered a sedentary, reduced state and maximum relaxation, which makes our brains have fewer responsibilities than in previous years. We will give an example: imagine a mother with a small of a couple of months, it has in its hands, the responsibility of caring for this little life, it must be attentive to the schedules of power, alert to the answers of the baby, concentrated on providing you the necessary for this small be continue their way. The degree of attention is maximum and the mind will be attentive constantly, since failure could have unwanted consequences.

As you can see, this responsibility is critical, then the mind will be working and striving to fulfil, i.e. is exercising. Obviously, the above example is one of many, we can land one more practical as reading. When we’re losing responsibilities, and we detect that our mind is ceasing to receive stimuli, it is important to start with alternate activities, for example, a very effective, is reading. Read, imagine and understand what he is seeing, makes our mind works perfectly, we are working our neurons, we are encouraging it to enter scenes never seen before, in the case of a science fiction novel for example, or feel that the characters felt, with the departure of a loved one.

This type of stimuli, make that our mind is exercised, that works, to work, reduces the chance of brain disease, and the best, we’ll notice as our age, it is just one excuse to develop appropriate memory techniques. We must not forget that food is very important, in the previous article, we talked about this. So now you know. It removes the thought of your age as an excuse. It will prepare a list of activities that you start to perform from tomorrow. Start with something small and it sees increasing your level. You will notice how charity is and how these frequent exercises will bring positive results for you. Don’t forget to leave us your comments and tell us about your case. See you in the next article. Techniques for memory original author and source of the article