Petroleum Exporting Countries

Eurocentrism has arisen in the Age of Discovery (mid XV century. – Mid-XVII century.) Dominate the world when the Europeans made a great leap in the development of science, technology and production. In the Renaissance (Renaissance) was formed and consolidated view of European civilization as the direct heir of the ancient world. All nations and civilizations are considered from the point of view reflected in their history and culture of acquaintances, Europe, the devil, moreover, these features are not the same for Europe. Classic Eurocentrism to the west of the Rhine said the benchmark European Greece and Rome, Italy, France and England. Scientists between the Rhine and the Oder include an understanding of the "European" Byzantium Germanic and Balkan lands. Thinkers of the Eastern European countries represent its history and culture differently: they view Russia as the bearer of European civilization, including the vast Asia. There are two main points view on Eurocentrism.

According to one, are isolated from each other "organisms", "monad," as they called the German philosopher, early XX century. Spengler. According to another, are inalienable and going in general similar stages of development part of the whole world. Scientists divide the local civilization under the terms of their appearance (eg, river civilizations), social and economic development (trade civilization "), connect time, religious and territorial definition ("of medieval European Christian civilization"). In this case, a number of countries in Europe, North America and East Asia with the most sustainable socio-economic structure. Economic development, information and scientific resources, high population of these States can actually determine the direction of development of human civilization.

Among the developed countries are particularly members of the Group of Seven – the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Britain and Italy. For example, the U.S. and Western European countries impose such restrictions on imports from the Asian cars, steel, consumer electronics, and Russia – on the import of cars of foreign production. In developed countries it is widely practiced by agricultural protectionism to protect its producers and the domestic food market. Development of integration leads to the emergence of collective protection (eg, OPEC – the Organization of the – Petroleum Exporting Countries). EEC countries have eliminated all trade barriers among themselves, but against other countries adopted a common policy restrictions.

Synology Unveils The VisualStation VS240HD

The powerful and energy-efficient live-view complementing the surveillance station Dusseldorf, January 8.2013 – Synology Inc. today launched the VisualStation VS240HD. The cost-effective monitoring solution designed for uncomplicated live preview, allowing multiple channels at the same time the stream on local HDMI display. Thanks to the support of up to 24 channels at the same time in a 720 p HD quality with 240 FPS, the VS240HD offers a powerful image decoding. Dual HDMI video outputs make it the ideal surveillance solution in large missions. By a State of the art security checkpoint from users can stream as video footage in high-quality on different screens. “The VS240HD is a low-cost and compact device to live view monitor. Since it consumes only 14.4 Watts in full mode and Furthermore, no PC needed saves not only energy costs, but also space,”says Chad Jiang, product manager of Synology Inc.

combined with the Synology DiskStations or Rackstation the VS240HD supports both video and audio streams in MJPEG, MPEG4 and H. 264 video compression format. PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras are also supported and allow a comprehensive monitoring and object tracking. Users can retrieve recorded footage in addition to the live view function and export high-quality HDTV clips and snapshots to external USB storage devices. With all these powerful functions can be controlled easily through an intuitive user interface with a USB mouse. More information under: products/vs240hd.php? lang = eng availability the Synology VS240HD is now available.

At a glance Synology, Synology is provider of NAS systems and IP-based video surveillance solutions. Synology aims to complete integration & exploiting of the newest developments and latest technologies, data storage to provide reliable and affordable options to companies and home users, centralize, simplify data backup to share files across different platforms to synchronize, and access from on the way on data. Also, the NAS Synology NVR functionality including software systems offer for video management and analysis. Synology’s claim is to offer products with advanced features and first-class customer service.

Site Development And Support

Site development and support – one of the most important concepts in the process of the site. Many believe that after creating the site will be able to do it to maintain and develop. In fact, it is not. Those who think so, your doom site to fail, and if not failure, then to a miserable existence and oblivion in the hundreds of thousands of similar pages. Support site is divided into two main parts: information and technical. For technical support is a process maintain the status of all elements and features site.

The concept of information support is more abstract, as information support is a sufficient supply of information on the site. Sufficiency is determined by user rating. The more detailed account information on a particular type of goods or services, the more adequate is the information. Despite this, it is information support is a key indicator for the site. This is due to the fact that it is the information on the site allows it to remain relevant and to create a positive company image. Cost of site support may be different Depending on the range of works.

For example, site updates, incident investigation, "touch up", "erasure", project development, bug fixes will cost customers about $ 150. Accordingly, when growing volume of work performed, and the cost increases. To support the site also includes development of additional pages, update existing pages, text editing for the site, the presentation of texts in foreign languages and much more. For example, to develop an additional page for the site can not make everyone as well as to find a bug in the code page. Therefore, for the development of the site and maintain its relevance to support the transfer process in the hands of professionals

Sweden QSL

New warehouse locations in Krasnodar and Novosibirsk creates shorter delivery distances and greater supply security Meyer quick service logistics with its new offices in Krasnodar and Novosibirsk. The two Multitemp camps are part of planned growth, striving for QSL in Russia for the next few years. Friedrichsdorf, July 31, 2013 – QSL of Krasnodar supplies since July quick-service restaurants in the South of Russia in the region between Rostov, Sochi and Krasnodar itself. The QSL customer Burger King will open in the medium term more restaurants in this area. Economic efficiency and environmental protection go hand in hand here”QSL Manager Florian Entrich explains the reasons for the opening.

The regional stock forms the basis for shorter distribution tours to the South Russian restaurants. So far, the local Burger King stores in the cross-docking procedures have been supplied. Another important strategic step is also achieved with the new location in Novosibirsk. From there, the Siberian stores will be from August of QSL customers supplied. Here we invest quite aware already before the commissioning of the first restaurant in additional infrastructure because with a cycle duration of shuttle transport is an adequate security of supply to reach otherwise,”explains Florian Entrich.

The new camp will serve as the hub for regional supply in the future. Because in the North Asian part of the Russian Federation, a particularly big growth step is planned for the next two years. We accompany our customers in building his increasingly more dense branch network”, Florian Entrich describes the background for the development of the own network. QSL full service logistics offers its customers in the foodservice in nine countries according to the principle of one-stop shopping. That the service provider uses Multitemp vehicles and warehouse locations nationwide. For more information see. Press contact: Tobias Low main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Ludwig Meyer GmbH & co. KG Daniela Bappert Otto-Hahn-Strasse 11 61381 Czemins village phone: 06175 9345-0 Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG (QSL): the full supply of 1,300 quick service restaurants in Germany organized the Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG, Austria, Luxembourg, of Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, of Slovakia, and Russia. Its largest customers are Burger King and yum! Restaurants international. QSL is a sister company of Ludwig Meyer GmbH & co. KG. Established in 1949, specialist for fresh transport and food logistics is an owner-managed medium-sized company.

Garci School

Observing the direction of it speaks presented to follow, the daily knowledge and the pertaining to school is made use, in the social relations, polarized values. Let us see: Pupil brings its day-by-day so that with this we will bind to the content or to show to them that exactly that at this moment to seem that its life nothing has to see with what it sees in the school, the society uses everything this in day-by-day and charges of all we minimum it of a knowledge will relate with our world and other places. On the relations between daily knowing and escolarizado knowing, visualized in the perspective of speaks previously presented, Garci’a (1998, p.84) points: ' ' In the article of Reif and Larkin …, therefore, when comparing the scientific knowledge with the daily one, defines this last one as? common knowledge on the natural phenomena acquired by the majority of the people in the daily life and the first stages of escolarizao, before arriving at a more systematic study of science. In this definition we find the idea implicit of that the daily knowledge is one to know previous to the instruction, that has felt in those stages of the life where not yet if can have access to the scientific knowledge, idea syntonized with the belief of that the proper wisdom of? common direction? she is primitive and little rational, in contraposition to a rational scientific knowledge and more elaborado' '. We can infer that the present educational speech you say in them here pointed reflects the valuation of the pertaining to school knowledge on the daily knowledge, disclosing the proper condition of marginalizao knowing of them popular in relation to the dominant culture. Far from being a neutrality space where the social differences are extinguished, the school nothing more is that place of reproduction of the inaqualities social, for the treatment given to the contents and the pedagogical strategies.


For many professionals it can seem ftil, but to play is important for the child and the team has of to be apt to understand and to enxergar this necessity creating half where it has the infantile accomplishment of tricks, bonds with other children and educational programs. The act to take care of must always go beyond the pathology, must is centered in the welfare of the child in general way, in all its necessities while children. A time that the child if relates with others, that it feels itself supported, that it plays, it without doubts will go to answer better to its treatments, therefore she moves away to its fears and its sadnesses, consequently the internment process if she becomes less traumatic. 4 the therapeutical toy is a structuralized toy child to alliviate its tensions to it, its ansiedades caused for any atypical experience for the age, must be used whenever the child will have difficulty in understanding or dealing with a difficult experience, or still to be prepared for invasive and or painful procedures. In such a way, it is had as norteador problem of the study: Which strategies stand out the benefits to use the toy therapeutical during the care of nursing to the hospitalized child? In this perspective, the objective of this article treats To promote strategies that stand out the benefits of if using the therapeutical toy during the care of nursing to the hospitalized child. It is justified accomplishment of this work for through the story of much mother not understanding because of if using the therapeutical toy as mechanism of intervention of nursing and some professionals of health to be unaware of its use and its benefits. It is had as expectation of contributions to guide health professionals and responsible for hospitalized minors how much the therapeutical toy is important in the process of internment in such a way for the professionals how much for the child. .

The Things

What works is to think of what you want. As we just said it is the key to build the future you want. What is authentically te importa? To perform your inventory it is necessary that you do so totally focused. You must create the things that you want to have, do, be, with people you want to share it, where and the feelings that will determine your life. You will be surprised what happens when you have a clear representation of what you wish for. Your neurological system is programmed to do so.

There are things that time ago want to and that have not yet managed to: want to change your job? What a job that you like? Carry out one project that you both want? Do you want to advance in your current job? Do you want to finish those studies you have earrings? What physical conditions would you change? What traits of your character would you correct? What beliefs makes while you want to develop? With whom would you improve your relationship with your partner, a family member, friend, co-worker?. What hobbies would like to change or develop, sporting, artistic, scientific or other? Would you like to do, independent of your work or obligations? Closest to you who do think that need your help and how you can give it? Do you want to change some aspect of your situation, mental disorder, addiction permanently? Or, are they new jobs, projects, wishes, dreams that you had never thought? How much money would earn in a given time? What knowledge or skills you would like to expand or acquire? What aspects of your health you could improve? Who you want to be, now and in the future? Do you want to find partners, or new friends, colleagues overcome your loneliness? Which adventure would you like to live? Which country would you like to know? What experience would you like to experience? Profound and lasting change you produce in your life? Do you want to start again some activity, feeling? Do you want to perform some frustrated illusion? As you can see to set your goals you can resort to your unfulfilled desires, to your memories, or give freedom to your mind, your imagination and creating of new. You can create new desires, illusions, projects that you’ve never proposed. You don’t need to limit your goals or

Bad Credit Repair

The problem of bad credit is probably the biggest unrest to hit America recently. Clearly, many people are reeling under the mountain of debt and suddenly while the market begins to wiggle a finger in the direction of those with bad credit, there is an urgent need improve things to you want to your external olive branch of the funding will be cut off. But let me tell this, bad credit repair is a task of the medium of not and requires superhuman effort to save him from drowning in debt. As these graphic illustrations aside, here are some help to repair bad credit.Repairing bad credit, one usually means that he wants to improve credit account. Credit account is a number, released by agency delgrado of solvency, which essentially decides its creditworthiness. It is usually so putting a weightage for each of the following criterion calls of as consiguir credit report and clean it.

Payment amounts due length history of the history of credit types of credit used new lines of credit repair bad credit implies somehow hit of all of these factors positively. The line of action is so pretty clear: reduce amounts due and improve payment history but how? Here are some tips to help you improve credit account.Pay off all deudasDu-h. Classic point here. Structure their flows of liquidity in such a way that the importance is given systematically to reduce the level of debt. Plan how you intend to reduce its debt by asking for a reputable credit counseling agency aid. A debt counselor will review your income, help you broke the indiscrecionales discretionary costs and helps you create a structured plan to reduce the amounts you currently owe.New lines of Creditose says that if you test your creditworthiness over various lines of credit, the agencies consider it positively and hence the helps improve your credit rating.

World Bank

Morals also received the support and recognition of their work from prime minister of Dominican, Roosuelt Skerric, who expressed his solidarity and demanded the cease of unjust the blockade against Cuba, imposed by the United States from almost 50 years. He affirmed that in the world he knows himself the attacks that president Evo Morales in his delivers country, not only to improve the conditions of life of all the Bolivians, but to concretely obtain a true social equality in its speech in this Assembly 63 president Evo Morales, indicated the serious financial crisis in the UN. One talked about in addition to the policies to institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which has not brought solutions to the impoverished majorities and has generated the crisis economic and the climatic change Emphasized as relates, that ” The privatization policies are the causes of the financial crisis and the change climatolgico” He showed that in Bolivia the workers, farmers and natives have risen against the economic systems that have only privatized the natural resources and that therefore have generated the sacking permanent. Also he indicated that the pritavizadoras policies comings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, have not brought solutions to the majorities. He informed that the nationalization into the natural resources and the hydrocarbons like petroleum and the natural gas in that nation, have been the permanent fight from their arrival to the power in 2006, by the equality of their brothers. That talked about then the income of that country before the nationalization, were of only 300 million annual dollars, however in 2007 the sum of 1930 million dollars was registered, which are hardly used for the improvements in the conditions of life of a small country of 10 million inhabitants.

The smaller doubt does not fit, than the participation of president Boliviano Evo Morales, has been an excellent figure in this summit and where many countries have acclaimed their work, respected their program and mainly has endorsed to him before the recent crisis that occurred where, the preservative groups and the oligarchies tried to not know the advances that their policies have brought for the country, that according to is denounced one was small groups that conspired from the first day in which it assumed the government, supported by imperialism. Recurdese Morals in last August in that it was ratified with 67% of the votes. Certain, that the note in this Assembly that are new perspective of changes, many generated by a Latin American Continent that has been united, integrated and arranged to defend the freedom at all costs..

Enterprise Management

Elaine there in the city hall, that you decide. If you will not be able, so that I go to speak to you? – You leaving she is me confused! (more still) – Then, please, pass he can me with the Elaine DOCTOR? – Which the subject, gentleman? thus would cry out continues it subtle between moucos ears. However, exactly thus, knowing of the probable damage for the company-institution, great part of & ldquo; chefes& rdquo; they do not give to the due importance the essencialidade of the good filters. In case that more serious still it is when the filter has as head, some politician. Councilmen, mayors, members of the house of representatives. Soon after the closing of the ballot boxes, the elect one already considers & ldquo; empossado& rdquo; therefore already it counts on some assistant to make due & ldquo; filtragem& rdquo;. Generally people had helped who it if to choose.

Great part of them already does not need (for the time being) to catch children in the col, to smile for who does not like, to take coffee or cachaa with probable & ldquo; votes certos& rdquo;. This type of thing, only daqui the two years. How, Eloy, TWO years? Elections are of four in four years? But if it was elect mayor-councilman will go to more work for members of the house of representatives (federal and state) and governor, senators and president daqui the two years. In Brazil we have elections to each TWO years and, politician of DNA, she is not outside of election none. The elect politician, already has its there two or three filters, duly commissioners, for attendance to the voters of its base.

These filters they make possible and the impossible one so that the voters do not arrive at the elect one. For which reason they make this? To prevent that the elect one has that to say NOT and this he is marked in the voter. The assessor saying or then not delaying a solution indefinitely, will prevent the consuming of the elect one for the next election, that always will be able to allege that NOT WISE PERSON who the assessor had made (or not made) such or such thing, but, if elect now, will immediately go to proceed the solution waited for the voter. starts everything again. This for the politician is the slow and painful electoral decay. For the public institutions it is the main reason of the escrnio and the public disdain. For the private company it is the death. Eloy Ribeiro de Souza eloysouza@ to twitter: @eloysouza Eloy Ribeiro de Souza, is formed in Business administration and after graduated Enterprise Management and Methodology of Superior Ensino, beyond diverse complementary courses in such a way in Brazil how much in the exterior. Palestrante, poliglota, with experience of more than 20 years in foreign commerce, what it made possible to it, the routine convivncia with many cultures, and, for consequncia, to know personal and professional positions that, today, are subjects of its lectures for all Brazil.