Petroleum Exporting Countries

Eurocentrism has arisen in the Age of Discovery (mid XV century. – Mid-XVII century.) Dominate the world when the Europeans made a great leap in the development of science, technology and production. In the Renaissance (Renaissance) was formed and consolidated view of European civilization as the direct heir of the ancient world. All nations and […]

Synology Unveils The VisualStation VS240HD

The powerful and energy-efficient live-view complementing the surveillance station Dusseldorf, January 8.2013 – Synology Inc. today launched the VisualStation VS240HD. The cost-effective monitoring solution designed for uncomplicated live preview, allowing multiple channels at the same time the stream on local HDMI display. Thanks to the support of up to 24 channels at the same time […]

Site Development And Support

Site development and support – one of the most important concepts in the process of the site. Many believe that after creating the site will be able to do it to maintain and develop. In fact, it is not. Those who think so, your doom site to fail, and if not failure, then to a […]

Sweden QSL

New warehouse locations in Krasnodar and Novosibirsk creates shorter delivery distances and greater supply security Meyer quick service logistics with its new offices in Krasnodar and Novosibirsk. The two Multitemp camps are part of planned growth, striving for QSL in Russia for the next few years. Friedrichsdorf, July 31, 2013 – QSL of Krasnodar supplies […]

Basic Units

In literatures of planning and management of the health system we can find a vision that we could call ' ' racionalizadora' ' technique, where the people whom they use of the half assistenciais of health are seen as only using of a system with previsible attitudes, disrespecting the real necessities and problems found in […]

Garci School

Observing the direction of it speaks presented to follow, the daily knowledge and the pertaining to school is made use, in the social relations, polarized values. Let us see: Pupil brings its day-by-day so that with this we will bind to the content or to show to them that exactly that at this moment to […]


For many professionals it can seem ftil, but to play is important for the child and the team has of to be apt to understand and to enxergar this necessity creating half where it has the infantile accomplishment of tricks, bonds with other children and educational programs. The act to take care of must always […]

The Things

What works is to think of what you want. As we just said it is the key to build the future you want. What is authentically te importa? To perform your inventory it is necessary that you do so totally focused. You must create the things that you want to have, do, be, with people […]

Bad Credit Repair

The problem of bad credit is probably the biggest unrest to hit America recently. Clearly, many people are reeling under the mountain of debt and suddenly while the market begins to wiggle a finger in the direction of those with bad credit, there is an urgent need improve things to you want to your external […]

Value Free Science

The problem is that science should not include value judgments, and if we do science with the right, we can not prosecute conduct in advance. However, what makes the science of law is pre-define acts of human behavior, determining what to set it right and punishable. It is as if a physician ordered the objects […]