Translation Program

Translator works not only with text files. Often need to translate spreadsheets, graphics, presentations, drawings, signatures on the graphics and the like. Job transfer comes in many different formats. For processing of these formats translator must have special software. Its not enough to simply install on your computer, you have to figure how to work with him.

In today's market of translation services speed of execution of tasks is one of the deciding factors. Often learn a new program you want in the shortest possible time. Each specialist is usually already have the necessary set of programs. But sometimes treatment of a specific file type, there are several options for software. Can be a long time to process images in one editor, not knowing that its counterpart is much more convenient. The reason is simple – the translator not enough time to search and explore all that is offered in the software market.

In addition, this market is not standing still, improved versions of old programs and there are entirely new proposal. For example, at the currently developed as useful when working with text programmok that track all the new items is not possible and some of them, sometimes you learn by accident. Lately it has become possible to find free analogues of many expensive programs in the form of free software. Many of them are little inferior to paid software. Do not do the work without file converters – it is often necessary transfer a file from one format to another. When using the program Translation memory is very important. Not in every system of Translation memory can be imported, for example, PDF-file. Each translator can choose which programs he will used for this purpose – paid, free or online service. When working with translation memory technology is also useful to have a program for aligning parallel texts in order to create memory files Translation of previously translated material. Each the translation before sending the customer to re-read several times. With the monitor to do it is not very convenient. Want to print a document, but it is always additional costs – ink, paper, too costly. Optimize print and cut costs allow managers print. Nor should we ignore those programs that are not directly used for translation, but without which currently do not. Take for example, at least anti-virus software. I therefore felt it appropriate to withdraw its draft 'Tools interpreter' special section to collect information on such software in one place, to acquaint fellow translators with interesting suggestions that they had the opportunity to opt for a program to fit your needs.

Human Resource Management

and 8.0. 2. Classification baselines 1C: Enterprise This classification includes the main (basic) software product line "1C: Enterprise". 2.1 1C: Enterprise 7.7. – The system software allows to solve various problems of accounting and management in enterprises, regardless of their profile. o Trade and Warehouse-designed to accommodate all types of trade transactions and can perform all accounting functions. o Accounting – a universal solution for automation of massive accounting in enterprises. o Salaries and personnel – is a component of the 'calculation' with the standard configuration for the calculation payroll and personnel records.

o pub – Configuration of "Production + Services + Accounts" system "1C: Enterprise 7.7" is a typical solution for the automation of small and medium enterprises, the main species whose activity is the production of goods, services, and wholesale trade. o Financial planning – includes: strategic and operational planning (budgeting), and collecting data on actual implementation of the plan; plan – actual analysis of budget execution, simulation, analysis and forecasting of the financial condition of the organization. o Integrated 7.7 – Includes all the above listed components. Main advantage of using is that it not only maintained a single information space, but also implemented an automatic reflection in the accounting data records management trading activities and results of the payroll with the required degree of detail. 2.2 1C: Enterprise 8.0. -The latest version of the platform for the automation of management and accounting systems to meet modern, market trends o Management of trade-solving, and m objectives of management and operational accounting, analysis and planning; automates trading, financial and warehouse operations o Accounting, is designed to automate accounting and tax accounting, including preparation of a mandatory (regulated) reporting in organizations o Human Resource Management, is designed for comprehensive automation of payroll and implement personnel policies o scp Enterprises – is a comprehensive application solutions, covering the basic contours of management and accounting in a manufacturing plant o Server – Client-server version is designed for use in working groups or across the enterprise.

Soviet Republic Cent

AsiEl color silver remains one of the most important in this market, particularly in China, India, Japan, and South Korea. In South Korea alone color silver represents almost half of the market, having grown up 11 percent compared to the previous year. In China, this color experienced a growing popularity in the tastes of consumers, from 23 to 32 per cent. In Japan and India there is a preference for white, even though the silver is still a strong demand. In India for example, the aperlado and the White added 28 percent of preferences, followed by the silver (27 per cent), red (12 per cent) and the blue (8 per cent), while in Japan the the aperlado and white represent 32 percent of preferences, followed by the silver with 28 percent. BrasilSe is still showing as a market that prefers neutral colors. The silver remains the favorite color with 31 percent of the preferences, followed by black (25 per cent), grey (16 percent), white (11 per cent) and Red (8 per cent).

States UnidosLos most popular for the second consecutive year colors were white and the aperlado with 20 percent of the preferences, followed by black (17 per cent), while the silver color that remained the favorite for nearly a decade, is now in third place with 17 percent. Europapracticamente in all segments is predominantly black color as the favorite with 26 percent of preference, followed by white and the aperlado (20 per cent) and silver (18 per cent). For this year it highlights an increase in taste by the reddish tones. Russian market RusiEl is characterized by a pronounced taste for the silver color, which is reflected in 30 percent of the preferences of consumers, followed by the black and red with 14 percent each, blue (12 percent) and white (10 per cent). Despite being the most popular colors in the former Soviet Republic, in this market the grey and black colors red and green are more popular that in any other region of the world. DuPont has carried out this study for 56 years, and is considered one of the most important in terms of color preferences among the population referred to in various industries. Dear reader, gathers it our invitation to visit our Web site at Internet Vision Automotriz Magazine, where you will find the latest that is happening in the exciting world of the automobile, the last news, launches of new models and everything that happens around the world automotive industry. .

visionautomotriz. com MX journalist specializing in automotive industry. Contributor to several publications in Mexico on issues of cars, automotive industry, technology, gadgets, watchmaking, and lifestyle. He is editorial director of automotive history publications and Self-tracking of mine editors, in addition to being editor of the site. visionautomotriz. com MX where you can see more articles from a server

Text Reader

As researchers as Jack Goody (cited for Darnton, 2010, P. 39), the invention of the writing was the more important technological advance of the history of the humanity. It transformed the relation of the human being with the past and opened way for the sprouting of the book as historical force. The book existence printed matters, from Gutenberg, facilitated to the access the information, although to be restricted to the ruling classes, left the book to the reach each bigger time of readers. It is understood, in this research, that the book is … a material object, generally confectioned in paper, on which they adhere to letters and other drawn figures the ink, according to one called technique impression, whose invention dates of century XV; this object produces as a process of clear-cut work and appears primordially as merchandise, exactly that the intentions of its craftsmen are of another order that not mercantile it (MUNAKATA, 1997, P. 84). The reader of the book printed matter, especially the didactic, counts on a relation of proximity with the object ‘ ‘ desejado’ ‘ , he ahead places it of itself on a table, turns its pages, he handles it, he sharpens the directions: the direct tato-contact, the vision: that it is attracted by the colors, format and until the olfato: that it identifies if the book is new or old, establishing of this form, an affective relation between reader and text.

As Munakata (1997) the book … is not for being read as if reads one treat scientific position adopted for many critics to content of didactic books. Didactic book is for using: to be loaded to the school; to be opened; to be scribbled … to be folded; to be read in high voice in some stretches and others, silence; to be copied …; to be carried in return the house; to be opened of new; to be ‘ ‘ estudado..

General Tips

1. Status. People in high status positions usually feel freer to engage in conflicts and are less likely to avoid confrontation. 4. The unwritten rules. Some groups encourage conflict, while others have unwritten rules is to contain or prevent. 5. Differences gender. Men are encouraged to be more confrontational than females. Active listening Active listening is a valuable skill for resolving conflicts, allowing you to show that you understand what another person is saying and how he or she feels about him. Active listening means rethinking, in his own words, what the other person has said. Active listening is a way to check if your interpretation is correct.

It also shows that you are listening and who is interested and concerned. These all help resolve a situation where there are conflicting views. Active listening responses have two components: (1) naming the feeling that someone else is transmitting, and (2), indicating the reason for the feeling. a Those are some examples of active listening statements: “You seem upset about what happened at work.” “You’re annoyed by my lateness, are not you?” “He seems really confused about how to resolve this problem.” “I charge when you find errors in the paperwork for Joe. “Looks like you’re really worried about Wendy.” “I have the feeling that you are extremely busy at this time.” Active listening is not the same as the agreement. It is a way to demonstrate that it intends to listen and understand their views. Benefits of active listening If a person uses active listening as part of your communication style, which has a positive effect in resolving conflicts that arise.

This is due to the following benefits: 1. It feels good when someone else makes an effort to understand what you are thinking and feeling. It creates good feelings of the other person and makes you feel better about yourself. 2. Repeat what you heard and check for understanding promotes better communication and fewer misunderstandings occur. 3. Reply with active listening has a calming effect in an emotional situation. General Tips for Managing Conflict January. Stick with “I” and avoid “you.” 2. Avoid name-calling and humiliation (“A reasonable person can see that … “). 3. soften the tone. 4. Take a time-out (” Let’s take a break and cool off. “) 5. Recognize that the other person’s point of view (agreement is not necessary.) 6. Avoid defensive or hostile body language (eyes, crossing arms in front of the body, hitting the foot). 7. Be specific and factual, avoiding generalities. Preventing conflicts Now that we’ve talked about how to resolve a conflict, let’s see how to prevent conflicts. Think about the situations in your life that do not seem to be many conflicts. What could be happening there? Chances are, you are practicing the following skills unadel conflict prevention: 1 . Posing outdoors issues before they become problems. 2. Be aware of triggers and respond to them when they notice. 3. They have a process to resolve conflicts. Discuss the process with those around you and agree about what to do in cases of different points of view. Garrett Coan is a professional therapist, coach and psychotherapist. His two office locations in Northern New Jersey are accessible to persons who reside in Bergen County, Essex County, Passaic County, Rockland County and Manhattan. Training is available online and telephone services and counseling for those who live some distance. It can be accessed through or 201-303-4303.

European Standards

In Europe, since 2003, introduces single 'European standards illumination en 12464-1', detailed in the different countries in accordance with national conditions. In European regulations with regard to the following lighting parameters: * The illumination zones of visual performance * The illumination problem areas of the immediate environment * A generalized index of discomfort * Colour rendering index * Ripple illumination for workplaces with computers, in addition, regulated by limiting brightness lamps, reflected on the screen. The first two parameters describe the quantitative aspect of lighting, the other three – quality. We consider each of the regulated parameters. 1. Illumination band performance of visual tasks. Instead of general lighting of the premises, regulated by the same rules are now standardized illumination directly in the area perform visual tasks, ie in the workplace. This may be a desktop or just part of it.

Depending on the type of work performed in the area of illumination performance of visual tasks can be from 200 to 750 lux. In some areas lighting should be adjustable (conference rooms, meeting rooms, etc.). In areas where a large proportion of employees working with computers, normalized maximum brightness of lamps that can be reflected on the screen. For computers the old generation with the screens on the cathode-ray tubes without anti-glare coating, this brightness at an angle of 65o should not exceed 200 kandel/m2, for computers with lcd screens or with anti-reflective coating – 1000 kandel/m2. Light sources are constructed on the basis of light-emitting diodes have the angle of 15 to 120 degrees.

Video Games

Modern man is more often resorted to all sorts of relaxing activities. Quite surprising, since we live in a society with a particularly significant amount of stress on these grounds enough to seek out different ways to the nervous tension of such escape. The surest solution to the problem – it's different kinds of medical therapy – melodic, viewing films, and in addition to the game. Every of us can not forget how much pleasure to provide school games. But not everyone can agree that children's time, in fact, nowhere is not passed, it remains in the human mind, including citizens who grew up during gameplay – the most enjoyable time. That's because at the moment more and more people want to download roms for Nintendo super or find other solutions for personal pastimes and healing from the emotional stress. In direct proportion to the individual taste preferences, each person will be selected directly this kind of game that the best option to meet the needs. Therefore, someone chooses a different strategy, and someone else – the standard .

Accordingly, to whom no significant prefer more simple mind games that are not much less interesting than the full step by step strategy and thus provide peace sensual side of each of us. Daily on the Internet there are thousands just created computer games and thousands of corrected versions of all your favorite old acquaintances. In addition, news about games are endowed with immense popularity. Since the data newscast flashed not only specific characteristics of the brand new video games, but also found fans in the old tricks and updates variants. All sorts of subtleties code is constantly interesting, since they produce more significant options for gameplay.

In particular, it claimed, if you play in a variety of online tactics, where take intensive attended by thousands and millions of players from all over the world. The discovery of tiny tricks gives an advantage, which may be able to become a principal. Think that computer games – is the ability to express themselves. Realistically, for the many people who can not find yourself in the real world, the game is not just a way to develop important professional activity for quality, but in addition, and self-actualization. It is for this reason, the search query site about video games in the search engines is allocated such a colossal numerous. A large number of individuals learn strategies for businesses through various levels of difficulty strategic computer game. And by the way all psychologists are unanimous: in the process of betting activity all the required skills are acquired gradually and positively. The present-day computer games embody a unique system, which provides an opportunity to play, and exercise and rest, and achieve success.

Multithek Wins German IPTV Award

Award in the category of ‘Most innovative technology’ Bonn / Munich, 13.12.2013 at this year’s German IPTV award she received the award in the category of most innovative technology multithek from MEDIA BROADCAST yesterday evening in Hamburg and successfully asserted itself against competitors like MyVideo and The most innovative and creative formats in the categories of best business model, innovative formats, cutting-edge technology and belgisches use concept be awarded the award annually. The most important German Internet TV prize aims to explore creative potentials and promote. Hans Rummert and Steffen Brauer, both expert sales manager at MEDIA BROADCAST, attended Thursday the prize for the multithek. We are pleased about the award, which shows once more how much of the innovation is in the multithek “, as Hans Rummert.

Alexander Schulz-Heyn, Chairman of German IPTV Association: with the multithek, a highlight is successful MEDIA BROADCAST. On the basis of the open Standards-HbbTV is the multithek to the device-independent portal for interesting TV apps. MEDIA BROADCAST ventures the step and offers multithek not only in his own DVB-T network in, but also the high-reach DVB-S Network of Astra. “So that is multithek to the central point of contact for all developers, their smart TV applications transmitter independently distribute would.” The multithek combines television and Internet services and provides a variety of new TV free of charge via satellite and DVB-T. multithek users have easy and direct access to stations, libraries and additional services. Free facilities include, for example, the libraries of ARD and ZDF, more television channels like Bloomberg TV, JuweloTV and or the music television Putpat. Brand new in the portfolio, the online library is itsmy Kymba which offers commercial-free children’s television with educational standards, as well as the games portal.TV.

Whether adventure games, quiz games, or eKlassiker like Solitaire – the selection of games for the commercial break is large and suitable for the whole family. A HbbTV-enabled end device, as well as an at least 2MBit/s high speed Internet access are required for the use of the multithek. There is more information about the offer under note for image editors: Press picture: the winner of this year’s DIPTV Award with host Andreas Turck from left to right: Hans Rummert (expert Sales Manager, MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH), Jurek Rohrberg and Axel Mohring (founder and Managing Director Elbkick.TV), Andreas Turck (presenter and shareholder pilot entertainment), Carsten Riemann (Executive pilot entertainment) and Alexander Schulz-Heyn (Chairman German IPTV Association). MEDIA BROADCAST is Europe’s largest full service provider of broadcast and media industry. In the core business designed, built and operates the company nationally and worldwide multimedia transmission platforms for radio and television, based on modern transmitter, cable, and satellite networks. As a TDF group company, MEDIA BROADCAST serves about 750 national and international customers: Public and private broadcaster, TV and radio production company, international broadcaster and network operators, media institutions and the cinema industry. The portfolio includes almost all services of the process chain in broadcasting, from the production, content management up to the release. Information to MEDIA BROADCAST under, the TDF group under. PRESS contact multithek: dot.communications Philip Lobbecke Tel.: 089 / 530 797 105 email:

Web Page Maintenance In The Cloud

A3 system presents the new mydante with mydante the Saarbrucker software manufacturer a3 offers system nationwide for the first time a content management system as a service in the cloud. Special software had to be established for the maintenance of the own website so far on your own computer or on a server. This was often significant overheads for installation and maintenance with them. Providing a care service”for the Web site in the cloud compared offers many advantages: the user needs to worry more about software or updates, but can if necessary simply requests the service on the Internet. With mydante, we pick up the current trend of cloud computing. We have to do it, but with a service that takes the user to complete if he wants to use it no longer with a classic content management software with our product. The availability of this service is immediately given, time required and costs for installation and maintenance,”explains Rudolf Klein, Managing Director of the a3 System GmbH as another target group in addition to the end customer sees small agencies that offer special added value to their customers with mydante. All technical and warranty questions of the agencies are resolved through the cloud approach”, says Klein.

At mydante, there is no technical overhead for server, installation and implementation in contrast to many commercial CMS or open source solutions and eliminates also the often annoying issues with system updates”. Thus, even small projects in the CMS environment are economically feasible with mydante. Excellent software for the IT innovation prize of the Initiative Mittelstand was the product of mydante 2006 winner in the category of content management. Also this year has succeeded in again the newly launched mydante through its innovation and its suitability for SMEs on the qualified list. More information about mydante and to the mydante partner model are available in the Internet under and available. Via the a3 System GmbH a3 system is a solution provider for demanding Business applications and integration projects. A3 systems designs, develops, and tests software solutions based on accepted industry standards and best practice “-approaches.” Project-specifically put together teams of experts accompany the projects through all stages of the analysis and specification through design, implementation, and integration to introduction, maintenance and operation. With the family, dante a3 systems offers standard products for the areas of content management (, Newslettermarketing ( and help desk. Press contact: Hartmut Schmitt a3 system Saarbrucker Strasse 51 66130 Saarbrucken GmbH phone: + 49 (681) 988 18-12 fax: + 49 (681) 988 18-29 E-Mail: Internet:

Computer Games

Imagine now that you’ve proposed you place your website be number one with the keyword (keyword), computer games. Unfortunately for it, there are millions of computer games-related websites, and used this term as a keyword for positioning and to be found by search engines. Search engines are distinguished and classified (among other methods), by its quality checking many links pointing to it. He thinks that each link or link that points to your page represents a vote for the quality of its content (or so it should be). Links therefore are extraordinarily important when it comes to rankear pages in the search engines, with the terms computer games.

It is not surprising then, than a tempting theme for spammers, who have created a host of tricks to fool the search engines. Links farms are the most popular method so we are going to see it in the first place. Farms of Links (Link Farms) with this name is called a spam whereby spammers technique created a page with hundreds of web sites with the sole purpose of search the search engines. Spammers create farm and filled it with thousands of links to other web sites that are those who benefit from the system are and are targeted to position within the search engines. Those engaged in the world of marketing need to distinguish between legitimate directories and links farms, so that requested their inclusion in directories real avoiding farms that can also harm them. How to detect a farm of Links? You can see that in these farms, each category of the directory has dozens and dozens of links, most of which any visitor can use, this can be a good starting point to detect one. Your suspicions should be increasing if the URLs seem to be simply strings of words separated by dashes. Or a tool check and locate the IP addresses of the visitors you reveals that the most of them come from the same block C (the same set of IP addresses within the network).