Foundries Gather

Knowledge Forum at Kramer + Grebe for and with experts from VW, Daimler and BMW Biedenkopf. Lightweight and downsizing: car makers such as Daimler Benz, VW and BMW working feverishly to minimize engine volumes and reduce car weight. At Kramer + Grebe in Wallau top development experts to a symposium met on Thursday, November 15, to replace current specialized knowledge with experts in the area of the foundry. There has never been a similar Symposium. I am pleased about your interest”welcomed Executive Director Katrin Grebe well 60 participants. The model and tool maker celebrates a birthday this year. 90 Years ago, the hut man Fritz Kramer founded his first company.

70 Years ago Kramer + Grebe was then”, Katrin Grebe reported. To her great-grandfather Fritz Kramer and her grandfather Ludwig Grebe had teamed up. Already at that time was a lively exchange with foundries and carmakers. Of course today there. With our Symposium, we wanted a forum for “ones that have never existed in this form and concentration”, Garcia said. Worked together on TDI development 20 years ago I sat cast together with the team of K + G, Halberg.

Together we have worked on the development of the engine for the TDI”, Dr. Jens Hilbig recalled a particularly important and successful joint project. Now, the engine is been installed millions of times. Hilbigs current lecture dealt with diesel engines and gave an overview of the status and future of electric cars. A relatively new offering aroused great interest by Kramer + Grebe. “Designer Thomas Achenbach hired explained how static calculations and complex two phase flows and thermal simulations are performed: we gain many additional details of the behaviour of materials and realize important savings”, he said. Over 95 percent of all calculation results are predictable through experience and knowledge. In the remaining period, we see but great potential for our customers.

Office Assistant

How the travel expenses forms help you to save money will be needed explained, what forms and providers (software) by means of empirical examples for billing of travel expenses. Using the specified data the otherwise rather annoying travel expenses is done quickly and affects extrapolated porsitiv for accounting. Most people it’s a horror for me understandably: forms of travel expenses! We are honest, have an official form in the finger get ever, that you have understood immediately and quickly and easily fill that was? Not? Also, I may not. For this reason it is self-evident, that is manifested as long as possible the settlement of charges and costs incurred for professional travel. It similar to related legal expenses probably so with the annual tax return: it waits until there is no other way, inserts a night shift and brings it with many curses somehow behind it.

This is it often just a question of patience, these forms for the travel expenses. The sort, even if it’s boring, works mostly still. Alone the many receipts, you must not only collect, but also sort by date and type of expenditure. One wonders how the many notes and receipts only come here! This is followed by filling out and thus the correct problem. To a form, usually a thick manual, every field, every line, every comment in detail – and completely incomprehensible – explains heard for this reason. Alone these statements requires a manual itself.

Why do official statements have actually always so difficult to understand? The facts can you explain safe but also easy and must itself not not torment by abstruse circumlocutions and deal with words the average person has not yet heard his whole life. Probably the one who has someone, you simply pass a box of unsorted documents. A helpful person, who seemingly with stoic serenity dedicated to the mess, which more or less voluntarily to sort receipts, and cope even with the bureaucrat German and the legal costs of travel – and decreases the often tedious work of completing one. A friendly Office Assistant, an accountant, or sometimes the tax adviser can be such practical service providers.

Wikitude Goes Business

Providers of location based content can with augmented reality on the iPhone and iPad 2 money earn allows starting immediately the monetization of location-based content in the augmented reality Wikitude. Companies can location-based data and easily the iPhone and iPad users of the new version 6.1 available Wikitude browser make and make money. Premiere in the “try & buy” principle in the industry: users try the information for free and can buy them without any risk. “The vast majority of the content in our augmented reality browser remains free in the future. With our new offer for business partners we meet the desire of many companies. They want to make use of their premium content via a leading augmented reality browser”, says Andy Gstoll, Chief Marketing Officer at Wikitude. The first premium content partners of Wikitude with tripwolf ( and cityseekr ( come from the travel segment.

The premium range of Wikitude is but of course open to all other industries. Wikitude 6.0 for Android now available more recently is the Wikitude world Browser in version 6.0 for Android smartphones available. The user can customize the user interface now to his requirements. “We have listened to very carefully our user community”, says Andi Hauser, CIO on Wikitude. “A 18 student has other interests as a 35-year-old employee or a single mother. Wikitude can be adapted in the version 6.0 really any life situation.” About Wikitude (Mobilizy GmbH) Mobilizy is on early pioneer in mobile augmented reality (AR) and the creator of the internationally renowned Wikitude World browser for iOS, Android, Symbian and Bada devices. Wikitude has been voted “best augmented reality browser” by the readers of augmented planet for both 2009 and 2010 Mobilizy engages in the research and in-house development of location-based services and augmented reality experiences for smart phones.

Who Pays All Renewables?

Who pays for it? -Renewable means of payment who pays it all – so it is unnerving in the media now, probably for weeks, and become the focus of all talks and political discussions. What is meant is the conversion of energy supply to the clean, safe, environmentally friendly energy supply. Can no longer really be a sillier question and the misleading here is that just the questioner media that transport them, politicians, their consultants, economists, economists, etc., know perfectly well and those who don’t know it yet, help fog’s political machinery, confuse this. To leave no doubt as to the correct answer – here it is: the consumer and the taxpayer. It is each proportional to scan the fog here, one and the same person – we all know. This person will pay on consumption and the overlying taxes, so exactly two times. Please no doubt to come, it is actually so.

This is not somewhere written down, it is the logical conclusion has always been applicable and only Truth and law. This is logical and real, the question must be: “that is how expensive, how much must we pay? A mathematical model calculation, can bring enlightenment here. This flimsy discussion that now heats and dumbing people down – just a few years behind more nuclear energy, which prevailed energies should be, possibly via an additional, higher electricity prices rising so constantly and dynamically, with or without renewable. It is easy to the children, and this question as they say in the vernacular: “Who pays for it,” costs how much money that, for the entire time of the discussion of “professionals, politicians and consultants” – Yes, it is to the children. Ultimately it paid all back an and the same person, the consumer who is at the same time taxpayers. Thank you very much. When these people stop with the speeches and speeches and act? How long should we us now listen to this brain-cracked nonsense and read? But there are also here, as always, what you so not going to believe- an alternative. We nationalize the bridging technology, is the only nuclear power plants, perhaps equal worldwide all – due to internal security and the threat posed by you, that on the basis of hundreds of evidence.

These now popularly, as new owners, also place bridges technology and all profits that exist here, in renewable technologies, directly and without any delay invested. After this heroic deed, all reactors by the network are taken and disposed of together with all nuclear waste on the moon. A Variant, the mysterious way, never someone seriously has taken in the eye. A perfect solution that loosely and without delay, could our politicians all together on the current green trip through a constitutional amendment with similar speed, as the bailout and nationalisation of Hypo Real Estate, here is about life and death, enforce. This is a neat solution. Frankly, a little Communist, but for very practical. A suitable system: Global primary care for people and Nations – the way to another company Seite%20Download.html Wolfgang Bergmann

Instant Messaging

An alternative may be to invite the best affiliates to meet at a Convention of affiliates, where you can take them to dinner or give a cocktail party for them. Method #9: Instant Messaging Instant messaging systems may seem a little outdated and unprofessional, but it isn’t really. You can compare instant messaging with a cheaper way to call from staff. Chances are very good that each of your affiliates will have one or more Instant Messaging in their computer systems, so why not take advantage of that? While there are no costs involved with instant messaging, you can very time-consuming for what most affiliate systems marketeros not use this form of communication with its affiliates. However, it can be managed if you are only available for during certain hours in the day, even just one day a week. This will give your affiliates a real sense of being connected with you and they will be motivated to do more for the products. Method #10: Teleseminar the teleseminar have numerous uses and effective communication with your affiliates is one of them. Having a teleseminario is not difficult, is not expensive at all and your affiliates will want to obtain information from the teleseminar you offer.

To communicate with your affiliates simply use your autoresponder and communicates to your affiliates for the forthcoming Conference, ask before to register and when you arrive the date of the Conference is sent a reminder. The key to a successful teleseminario are to be interesting for persons having access to him and give them information they can use to their success. You can choose with be the only exhibitor or invite other exhibitors who share valuable information for your affiliates. As I said earlier if we do not give due attention others will do so. Communication is vital, since it keeps your members informed about new products and new updates that are being offered. They also keep them motivated to continue boosting products.

Falling Costs Despite Rising Energy Prices

Rising energy prices mean not necessarily higher costs for tenants. The LAS GmbH, of the computers with potential competence, is the evidence for this. The current energy reports speak a clear language: when billing customers, tremendous cost savings were realized with integrated read energy management system. We consider as % energy saving witterungsbereinigt is orders of magnitude from 15 to 25 during the last heating period,”, forward sales manager Stephan clan and refers to the VOW Immobilienmanagement GmbH from Brunswick, located exactly 25% saving in the tips field. The energy management system read GmbH is always used, regardless of the energy source and the type of heating system. A consumption-dependent control sophisticated in detail evidence of potential for optimisation. There we go on very much than the competition”, emphasises Stephan clan. And tenants are rewarded at the end, save that money.” In addition, can the tenant through the usage of newest achieved over the READ customer portal check online their own consumption of energy for heating and hot water and adapt purposefully.

Recent studies show that through the optimization of individual consumption behaviour in addition up to 25% energy can be saved. The prerequisite for successful energy management is the holistic approach to the individual situation at the customer’s place of LAS GmbH. The sympathetic because: The implementation is easier than you think. We usually start with a pilot project. At a first meeting, we calculate the savings potential of objects together with the interested customer and select the first objects together.

Then, the implementation is very short notice. “The first successes of the savings are then quickly measurable”, explains Stephan clan and added: us it depends on our expertise, flexibility and experience to demonstrate and to convince the customer through performance and proven success “. Convincing is also the quality of the LAS the billing process GmbH performs. Equipment used provides accurate consumption data at your fingertips without disturbing the tenant must be in its privacy. This saves time when creating the settlement and increases their quality. Professional managers will appreciate this, because smooth processes with external service providers reduce costs and create open spaces. Company portrait: LAS GmbH is a nationwide service provider of supply and real estate industry. The product portfolio of LAS GmbH includes both sectors equally billing and collection services as well as consulting and solution development. Through our market experience and our high level of innovation we work quickly, safely and efficiently for the success of our customers. LAS GmbH I solutions sympathetic press contact: LAS GmbH Alexandra Wang marketing consultant Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 143 04277 Leipzig phone: 0341 35597-774 fax: 0341 35597-999 E-mail:

500 Pound Loans: Best Loans Available To Meet Your Instant Needs

People who are citizen of the UK and they are not having enough money to meet their immediate expenses in the middle of month can make use of 500 pound loan. There are large amount of people who are falling short of money before their payday. To meet immediate expenses, these people can make use of 500 pound loan. These loans are short term in nature which is deigned for the borrowers to get rid of from bad financial condition. Whether one is not having enough cash to pay for electricity bill, medical bills, grocery bills or something else, he can make use of these loans. These loans are the best financial assistance provided to the borrowers to meet their instant expenses in the middle of the month. People can fill up on online application to apply for these loans.

Of easy application, can form be filled up with simple details. Once the loan is approved, the loan amount can be transferred into on active bank account of the borrower within short period of time. As the name itself suggests, the loan amount that can be availed under this category is maximum up to 500 it starts from 50 and the maximum limit of availing the loan is 500 pounds. Repayment of the loan amount can be done within 1 to 4 weeks of availing the loan amount. Large numbers of calendar are willing to provide these loans to the people in need.

There is no lengthy paper work involved during these loans. Thus, they are approved in a short period of time. The 500 pound loans are easily available to the people with bad as well as good credit records. People with the poor credit scores like CCJs, IVAs, missed or late payments etc can thus avail these loans very easily. There is no credit check involved in these loans. To avail the 500 pound loans category, there is some eligibility conditions that are required to be meet by to applicant. He got to have a permanent job. He got to be having a legal age of 18 or above. He got to have active bank account. He got to be a citizen of the UK. If all these conditions are met, then a person can easily apply for these loans. If you are a citizen of the UK who is falling short of money to meet your immediate expenses, you can make use of 500 pound loans. Christopher Michael is author of cash loans for Unemployed.For more information about unemployed loans visit

Calle Programming

THE METHOD OF THE STREET EDUCATOR. Professional East PROGRAMMING affects concrete realities within contexts and special scopes, being worth of methodologic tactics fit to each case in particular. Those realities can be: – Problems of drug addictions in young people. – Social Exclusion for reasons of race, economy, culture – scholastic Absenteeism, difficulty in the access to the culture, delinquency the intervention contexts are: – Streets, parks, corners and places. – Halls game, bars and places of meeting and youthful leisure. – Ocal and youthful Organizations, infantile centers the methodologic process are based on: – The implicit or explicit demand of its intervention at the request of people, groups, professionals, organizations of Social Services, schools, etc. – the standard and systematic observation to detect and to analyze the problems. – Identification of the needs that can need their intervention.

– The diagnosis of the demonstrated situation. It will have to know population and cultural, socioeconomic, labor, social the levels, etc. that corroborate their diagnosis. – The objectives that set out to improve the situation. – The election of the method, the suitable levels of intervention, strategies and precise resources to each reality. – The criteria for the evaluation (indicating, times, methods, resources). – The coordination that must settle down with other organizations, equipment, etc. that affect the same scope.

– The evaluation with the own work party. The Educator turns into educative objectives the order that to him the organization delegates for whom she operates and she does from a work party in which she feels integrated, using the means that she has to his reach and optimizing these as much as his own individual development, improving his competition in all the senses (capacities, qualities, attitudes, responsibilities, abilities, efficiency ). In this type of social work it has been improvised much, letting itself take by the activism to the detriment of the concretion of objectives and activities – programming, design and planning. It is not easy, after decades of implantation of the education of street, to need an own methodology for all the adressees, because the realities and the territories are different, as they are it as well the promotional organizations of the projects (Independent Communities, delegations, city councils, organizations without profit spirit, private sector). Therefore, it will be necessary to consider the personal options and the perspective of the inspiring institution In any case yes has to be clear: – The justification of the program. – The purpose that it persecutes. – The actions that will be carried out.


Paying bulk amount down: it is preferred to pay large amount down, this will reduce the principal on your loan amount which in turn will reduce the interest rate on your car loan. By paying large amount down you can receive guaranteed car finance despite bad credit. But, it not possible for everyone purchasing car to pay huge amount as down payment. However, if the purchase of your car is preplanned than you can save enough amounts for the down payment of car to avail low interest rate. Get a cosigner: If you can find a cosigner with really good credit history who can sign along with you on your loan papers than you can avail low interest on your car loan. cosigner car secured loans loan are type of car, and by offering this loan lenders risk of losing money is minimized.

You both in loan cosigner and your cosigner are equally responsible for the repayment of loan. Hence, if you make any default than your lender will contact your cosigner for the loan payment. But this will save you from spoiling your credit history. Collateral pledge: If you own some asset with good equity than you can pledge your property as collateral to your lender. You can therefore keep the car you purchasing as collateral. This will help you to reduce rate of interest on your car loan. Because if you missed any payment lender wants to take possession of your property and want to do the needed to get his money back. You can get more useful information on cosigner car loan by visiting online service providers like VeryEasyCarLoans. Contact details EZ debt consolidation network E: ask @ Web site: Hartsville, SC 29550

The Moving

Storage and storage for private should your parts Furniture at the moment do not need, so we gladly make you a suitable offer for the storage or storage. Privately and individually for those who individually and just like it, we offer also the placement of skilled personnel such as furniture makers and motorists for a fair price move. You will find more information here. Installment and relocation loans possible? Just ask us. For private moves with our list of moving equipment in order to be able to offer an as accurate, please use our relocation list offers. Your corporate relocation in good hands detailed planning and implementation of professional – that the MTS object and Office relocations stands out. In addition to the quality obvious for us our main focus is on an as soon as possible and smooth handling of your corporate relocation. Because time is money – and downtime is lost money.

Through precisely defined schedules and procedures, we ensure to minimise your idle time caused by the move. The Moving goods transported be reinstalled at the destination as soon as possible for your actual purpose. So, your company and your Office is quickly ready for use. Aktentransport file storage of sensitive goods – such as files and computer equipment – are in the best hands with us and be packed on request only by handpicked staff and loaded. We take care also to the storage of your unneeded files and documents course. Put on our professional services practice moving and office relocation even doctor’s offices and law firms. We are specialized in the transport of bulky goods and large file collections. The furniture of your practice or your firm is expertly disassembled and reassembled at the destination. So also you again can be there as soon as possible for your patients and clients. For the moving of your company, your company or your agency, we offer you tailor-made packages of local and long-distance transport and demolition and installation service packing service electrical service-EDV-service special transport (Safes,…) File transport Entrumpelungen storage storage installment and removal credit (credit check) your authority move with backup specialists – grants, costs work to moves within Germany under certain conditions of employment offices and job centres are subsidized.