Traditional Projectors

Now business projectors have a resolution of xga (1024×768) or svga (800×600). Virtually all projections except the base permissions are able to demonstrate image with lower resolution and a resolution of a few steps above, using special algorithms stretching and compressing images. Due to the dynamic development of projectors for home cinema more models in this sector is created based on widescreen with a resolution Wide xga (1280×720) or (1024h576), Wide svga (960h540) and Wide vga (858×480). With regard to video standards, most projectors work well in most common color system pal, secam, ntsc 3,58 and ntsc 4,43. Recently, more projections are beginning to support the format hdtv – High Definition Television.

Almost all multimedia projectors have lenses with variable focal distance, which allow you to resize images on the screen without changing the location of the projector. On some projectors focusing is made by hand, on the other lenses are equipped with electric, allows to scale the image from the remote control. Manual focus is usually more accurate, and motorized lens is useful when ceiling mounted. Many multimedia projectors are equipped with built-in audio system (power amplifier and loudspeaker), and outputs to external speakers to provide sound presentations in small and large audiences. Advantages of multimedia projector: the ability to demonstrate the video and computer images, mobile, portable, the demonstration in large classrooms, a demonstration at lit classrooms, support for high permits. Disadvantages: to prepare materials for presentations require a computer or video camera (although it most convenient to show training videos) Episkopi where they should save time, Bishop seem a godsend. Episkopi can display opaque documents.

Do not need to prepare in advance. Projecting photographs, flyers, brochures, advertisements from magazines to the big screen permanently retain the impression of presentation. Scientific and business scope is the main area of Bishop: demonstration of the on-screen instructions, documents, graphs and charts to increase attention to the subject of the presentation and increases the degree of perception of information. Dignity Bishop: ease of use, ease of material selection Disadvantages: use in small rooms, the impossibility of making written comments Overhead Projectors Traditional projection equipment are overhead projectors. The first overhead projectors appeared in 1944 and has since been widely used in scientific conferences and in schools. Overhead projectors are designed to demonstrate the image applied to the transparent film. The image on transparent film can be applied in several ways: by using special marker pens, printed on a printer with a copier. Advantages of overhead projectors: the ease and speed of training materials, the use of illustrative materials in any sequence, the ability to display the image Disadvantages: most used in films intended for a particular type of office equipment or handwriting, but there are universal film.

Water Pressure

Solve a problem maintain the desired pressure in the water network necessary for the safe operation of dishwasher, washing machine, helps circulation pumps. The gas pressure can only be considered when choosing equipment, giving preference models adapted to local conditions (an example can serve as a gas water heaters and boilers ariston, equipped with special functions). The selected temperature is maintained at the pressure of water (Boilers GENUS), a continuous modulation of power in the circuits of heating and hot water and electronic temperature control are carried out using a special sensor. So stability is achieved by working in low pressure water and gas. Sometimes pipelines, a so-called "" – air tube, which also displays the device, in particular, pumps out of action.

To prevent it necessary to carry out deaeration, or removal of gases from continuous flow of water. It is an essential step in water treatment to protect the power equipment and pipelines against corrosion. Air, which is present in the system in the form of large bubbles (free air) removed with different air vent. To provide for their installation must be at the stage layout strapping equipment. The demands manufacturers to appropriate devices included in the of piping (pressure gauges, air outlet, filters), may suggest a service technician. Maintenance work in the manual devices typically contain policy guidance to be to know and service workers, and consumers, as they relate to both installation and operation.

Most of those intended for the consumer, are simple. For example, all of the pump can only be when it stops. With respect to gas columns need to know that attempts to self-purification of scale – an infusion of vinegar or other cleaners – are strictly forbidden. Self-improvement or manufacture of spare parts is also not permitted because only original spare parts and accessories are certified by the manufacturer, provide security for the consumer: they are tailored in size, were mandatory testing, made of material required, etc. Keep in mind that to cause the master need not only when disaster struck. It is very important to observe the time prescribed in the Regulations for carrying out routine inspection and replacement of parts, expired. This is the key to long work sophisticated home appliances. Modern equipment is designed and constructed already given In order to service representative had access to any band instrument. When you purchase "smart" devices, which are generally easy to use, the owner can be sure that the device itself would give him to know about failure of one or another part. Technology for smart-house is equipped with display system breakdowns. To automate the management process, for example, referred to downhole pumps sq, concern grundfos offers control units cu. With their help, two-way communication with the pumps and total control. And in the event of a fault (voltage drop, overheating, overvoltage), in the case of dry running and other emergency indication as to help himself user and the master to determine the cause of malfunction. Modern technology, particularly equipment for engineering systems, private homes, can help solve many problems. However, you do not must not forget: that the equipment was always in order, a qualified approach. Its basis is an accurate selection and professional installation. And as an add-in should perform regular maintenance and timely service. Press office of the company "Grundfos"


The overall performance of a computer hard disk which is without a doubt the hardware component determines what more important of a computer. We can have the best processor and a huge amount of memory, but if the hard disk is not to rise to the occasion, things can get too slow. Proper maintenance is critical to maximize the performance of our hard drives. At the same time, knowing beforehand if there is any possibility of failure can save us great displeasures and a huge information loss. Here a list of utilities carry out more relevant which can help you in this task:-HD Tune this tool is used by many specialized sites to assess the performance of different types of discs, whether they are conventional or solid state. The free version has everything you need so that you can evaluate the speed and integrity of your unit, and to be able to read S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic reports that are stored on your hard disk.

Version pay account with additional functions such as deleting hard drive and writing tests, which are interesting, but their high cost (25) do users to express their preference for the free version, which although it is a little outdated, works seamlessly. -HDDScan another utility that performs a work similar to HD Tune is HDDScan, which we have seen since about a month here on the site. HDDScan has received an update recently, with a new much nicer interface for the user. You may not have the tools for measurement of speed that has HD Tune, but as for the rest of the functions HDDScan has nothing to envy. Moreover, some of the options offered HDDScan free only are available in the version of HD Tune pays. As an additional advantage, HDDScan has no installer, so their ability to portability is very large. -Contig Contig program is very small and even has an installation system.

Generate More Traffic

Twitter: the bird (bird) that more success is making in the entire world! It is a social net in the form of microblogging that it allows to postar updates as makes with its Blog, however with 140 characters and to only make many friends (following or followers). If you already have an account in the Hi5 or in the Orkut, the process is not very different.Here in my Blog you also find tips for these social nets and others as the Facebook. A time that you opened an account (account) in the Twitter, you can be if asking if it can really help it to stimulate it traffic for its site. In the first one, he can seem as an absolute thing, especially if you not yet have no follower! However, after having followers, he can perfectly lead a ton of traffic for its site with the Twitter. The first thing that you need to make is to follow people (follow) of the form as you will be able, so that she can congregate the biggest number of followers. One remembers that the Twitter does not have one limit for this, and you need many people the seguiz it before you obtaining to follow more people.

After having followers (followers), it is so simple as to place one link for its site or its Blog. The people are each time more in the Twitter to each day, and are susceptveis to get many clicks to see what you have to say. This means that when the people to clicarem in its page, them need to have something intrigues that them. This will help to bring people for the funnel of sales, and to make them interested in its blog or its website. It has the certainty of that its site is excellent for its niche in the Twitter. Of this form, you it will be each time with prospects more segmented and that they are interested in what you have to say.

Hetel Semer

The Helpdesk, as well as the too much areas of Itautec, has its operational processes auditados by the ISO 9001:2000. This certificate, amongst other characteristics, assures that they are defined indicating to mediate the quality of the services given for each area and that the same ones are measured constantly, from the perception of its customers. Whenever these pointers point with respect to some shunting line in relation to the goals proposals for the high direction of the Itautec, respective corrective actions and its responsible ones are defined with the objective to return such pointers to the acceptable levels. Moreover, norm ISO 9001:2000 recommends that the service levels pass for process of continuous improvement, constantly raising the degree of maturity of the processes of attendance to the customers. All this structure will be mounted in the Itautec or the dependences of the customer, in this finishes in case that it is enough only that the customer supplies the basic infrastructure the installations of the Helpdesk. What it is ITIL? For Hetel Semer ITIL it is the abbreviation for IT Infrastructure Library, a methodology of management of YOU that it appeared in the end of years 80 of the necessity of if having organized and clear processes. One perceived that the companies are each time more dependents of the area of YOU and that it was necessary to organize the flows of processes in this department. The methodology was formulated by the secretariat of commerce of the English government, from research carried through with specialists in management of YOU. Although already it exists has one decade the ITIL more than more widely passed to be divulged only recently due to necessity of the companies of reduction of costs, to guarantee of productivity continues and to make with that the Technology of the Information adds value to the business and for in such a way becomes necessary to the application of best the practical ones.


The WeTab is one of those tablets that look good and operate very well, was not disappointed and it is obviously clear, by call worldwide German precision. I was escaping that country’s nothing wrong, in regards to technology and many other things. This tablet is on sale in Europe some time ago, but is still hoping to have more variety in their applications and widgets, why want to expand even more. Since already available download of WeTab OS and tools for developers, so there will be more variety of applications and widgets for this great tablet. The good thing is that once the operating system, you can use it in a virtual machine, so you can try all the benefits of this operating system, which by the way, is based on Meego, so it is not absolutely necessary to have the operating system of the German manufacturer to develop for this tablet. Hopefully the injection of content and applications, help German automaker in its plans of reach more people, since your hardware isn’t bad and even your operating system is a different proposal which we are already accustomed, then gives the freshness that much needed in this industry. Original author and source of the article


INCREASE OF the LOGISTIC AVAILABILITY SUMMARY the increase of the processes pulled for the demand of market of the manufacture companies comes in great increasing with passing of the time, therefore the logistic one comes acting in significant way to guarantee the normal process front to the new demands, what certainly it demands a logistic one more prepared with a more efficient planning, to follow the growth of the production in such a way and giving logistic conditions in the entrance of insumos (substance cousin), disponibilizada in the certain amount in the alias process, how much in the expedition of finished products, with attendance the customers leading always in consideration aspects as stated period, cost and quality.

The application of the tools used in all the article has resulted positive in what it says analyzes it to respect of processes, notes of imperfections and application of improvement in all the process, tools these with beddings based on facts and data, carrying through in minute way all the improvement points it logistic process. The objective is to study the existing process all already of a manufacture company, where the focus is in the logistic operations, increasing the availability of the existing resources and to offer alternatives for the efficiency increase. ABSTRACT The increase in you marry pulled by the market demand of manufacturing companies has largely increased to over teams, only the logistics has been working in significant part of the process you ensure normal forward new demands, which certainly requires lives logistics prepared with effective planning you the logistical monitor the growth of production and providing conditions in inputs (raw material), available in quantity at the right teams, the dispatch of finished products, with to customer service always taking into account aspects such the teams, cost and quality. The application of the tools used throughout the work has positive results regards the analysis process point of failure and implementing improvements in the process, these tools with pleas on facts and dates, performing thorough way all points improvement of the logistics process.