Satellite Direct

Mainly because unlike the TV the Internet began as a source of information for education both at home and in the workplace and in the media. Its evolution was so rapid that its exponential growth rate (brings millions and millions of new users each month) inevitably became a coalescer from friends who warned him to […]

Traditional Projectors

Now business projectors have a resolution of xga (1024×768) or svga (800×600). Virtually all projections except the base permissions are able to demonstrate image with lower resolution and a resolution of a few steps above, using special algorithms stretching and compressing images. Due to the dynamic development of projectors for home cinema more models in […]

Water Pressure

Solve a problem maintain the desired pressure in the water network necessary for the safe operation of dishwasher, washing machine, helps circulation pumps. The gas pressure can only be considered when choosing equipment, giving preference models adapted to local conditions (an example can serve as a gas water heaters and boilers ariston, equipped with special […]


The overall performance of a computer hard disk which is without a doubt the hardware component determines what more important of a computer. We can have the best processor and a huge amount of memory, but if the hard disk is not to rise to the occasion, things can get too slow. Proper maintenance is […]

Warehouse Logistics In Modern Russia

Logistics, as the science of materials management, appeared in Russia virtually simultaneously with the emergence of a market economy. During the Soviet planned economy the idea of optimizing the cost of transportation and storage of goods did not seem too necessary – tariffs for transportation and storage were fixed and virtually ignored in the price […]

Generate More Traffic

Twitter: the bird (bird) that more success is making in the entire world! It is a social net in the form of microblogging that it allows to postar updates as makes with its Blog, however with 140 characters and to only make many friends (following or followers). If you already have an account in the […]

Hetel Semer

The Helpdesk, as well as the too much areas of Itautec, has its operational processes auditados by the ISO 9001:2000. This certificate, amongst other characteristics, assures that they are defined indicating to mediate the quality of the services given for each area and that the same ones are measured constantly, from the perception of its […]


The photovoltaic modules are a set of photovoltaic cells interconnected in series with the following physical characteristics: they are encapsulated with silicones or other special organic materials that provide a high transmission of radiation, are materials hydrophobic, they allow you to breathe into the cell and does not condense water. Protection by the back of […]


The WeTab is one of those tablets that look good and operate very well, was not disappointed and it is obviously clear, by call worldwide German precision. I was escaping that country’s nothing wrong, in regards to technology and many other things. This tablet is on sale in Europe some time ago, but is still […]


INCREASE OF the LOGISTIC AVAILABILITY SUMMARY the increase of the processes pulled for the demand of market of the manufacture companies comes in great increasing with passing of the time, therefore the logistic one comes acting in significant way to guarantee the normal process front to the new demands, what certainly it demands a logistic […]