Freelance Work

1.Ubedites that do not fall for the bait dishonest employee, who promised a percentage of the order, and – rollback. Not controlling in this way managers, you risk not buy what you need. 2.Zakazyvaya site at Freelancer, remember that big prepayment is very relaxing and a person reduces his motivation. This you can confirm the very many who have worked with people of the "free professions". Do not give an advance payment to the private contractor more than 10-20%, even if the freelancer enjoys extraordinary confidence.

On the other hand, when working with large studios in advance of 40-60% is considered normal. 3.Esche a mistake – is to register a domain name to the representatives of the studio. If Suddenly there is a conflict situation, the development company that can manipulate you and you may lose the site. In other words, in this case, you simply have no control over your site. A representative of your company, too, do not Suitable for: in the event of dismissal or bad faith situation can also get out of control. Registration must take place at the entity. It's no secret that about 80% of the projects on creation of sites not fit into the originally agreed time and the work is delayed for a time, sometimes exceeding the schedule at times.

This applies to projects of any cost studios and developers at any level. Consider the error associated with the terms of this site. 4.Narushenie sequence of operations. Since all stages are dependent on each other, their sequence is very important. You can not start before approval of design layout, for example. Can not be too rely on perfect timing that you promised to the customer in its advertising. How often can see the promise to construct a website for "five days", "last week." All this must be very sober assessment. According to Harry Blackmun, who has experience with these questions. 5.Otsutstvie deadline works hard time – a great tool of motivation activities. Deadline helps not to focus on little things and did not dwell on minor points, in this case is a hard drive for results. 6.Nevernaya organization collecting information on the site. Often it seems simple, but actually takes time and effort. Must immediately designate and identify its specific terms. Much information as possible and in time – this is what waiting for the developers. 7.Dolgie aligning Often this is because the project has too many supervisors. The project manager should be one, he must make a decision. 8. Improper distribution of the project budget. No personal preferences and wishes should not affect the true state of affairs. If the situation requires neglect of design, then spend a lot of time and money on him silly. How many spend on development, and how to progress? This question is solved too often muddled. Help in solving the problem will be professional advisors. 9.Iznachalnaya uncertainty of project goals. Website – primarily marketing tool, which should solve some problems. It is a clear definition of goals will help coordinate the work, not to spend extra money on unnecessary services and save time on higher priority tasks. 10.Sozdanie "dead" site. Yes, it's true. Not having time to be born, your site might be dead. That the site worked, benefits you and your partners (clients) need constant work to promote, provide new information and change the appearance and functionality. Particularly vivid example – it's news update. News before last year – a sad spectacle.

Lewis Hine

But let us be in the analysis of Eyewitness, history and image. At Malcolm Hill you will find additional information. We can perceive despite the increasing photograph use as historical sources can enrich the knowledge of the past since that let us develop techniques of ' ' critical of fonte' ' fellow creatures to the used ones to evaluate written depositions. Costumava to say that ' ' the cameras never mente' '. In fact, one of the reasons of the enthusiasm for the photograph at the time of its invention was accurately its objetividade. For return of century XIX the photograph was considered the product of ' ' pencil of natureza' ' , therefore the proper objects leave traces in the photographic plate when it is displayed to the light, without other interventions of the part of the photographer. Since then, the objetividade of the photograph has been very criticized. Lewis Hine, a famous North American for its ' ' photograph social' ' of workers, immigrants and tenement houses, said that, ' ' the photographs do not lie, but lying they can fotografar' ' (BURKE, 2004, P.

25). But the illusion to see the world directly when &#039 is looked at for photographs; ' effect realidade' ' , as it called it Roland Barthes (1915-1980), it continues difficult to prevent. This effect, part what Barthes called ' ' rhetoric of imagem' ' , she is explored in the images of recent facts that appear in periodicals and the television and is particularly vivid in the case of old photos of streets of the cities. When these photos are extended, as in the case of some photographs of So Paulo shown in a sample in the So Paulo avenue some years behind or as the photos of the city made by Claude Lvi-Strauss in years 30 and displayed it has some months, it is difficult to resist the sensation of that really we are stopped in the place where the photographer was and that we can enter in the photograph and walk for the street in the past.

Hair Loss

Millions of people suffer from hair loss. Hair is an expression of beauty, attractiveness, health and individual style of each person. That is why hair loss can cause numerous disorders and mood swings. Worldwide, there are many clinics and wellness centers that try to help solve this problem. There is a huge amount of money for hair loss. K Unfortunately, most of these funds has unpleasant side effects or the effect is very weak.

That's why two scientists from Switzerland – Claudio J. Pellon and Professor Peter Rodewald, decided to come to grips with problem of hair loss, primarily hereditary. They decided to develop a plant-based remedy that does not need to be used inside. Furthermore, it is important to them was to invent a vehicle without side effects that fits for both men and women. Recently Brenda Crichlow sought to clarify these questions. As a result, many scientific and practical research scientists have invented a healing balm "Proksidar", which became the basis for avocados, apples, cedar and palm oil.

This means nourishes and strengthens hair roots, stops hair loss and promotes their subsequent growth. Action balm "Proksidar" has been studied and documented. Proved: "Proksidar" restores the hair cells! In people with hereditary hair loss, most hair cells are not active enough. They damaged oxidants (active radicals) – substances provoking process aging. The life cycle of hair cell shortening. However, the plant components balm "Proksidar" growth factors stimulate the hair cells, as well as reduce the effect of substances that cause damage to the hair. Cells begin to actively divide, strengthening the hair roots, hair stopped falling out. As a result of experiments, scientists have been able to prove that the use of "Proksidar" restores the hair and increases the number of active cells in hair roots. "Proksidar" is not a medication, it is a cosmetic that has passed clinical trials and showed no side effects. At the moment, "Proksidar" conquering the European market, now You can buy this tool and in Russia. More information can be found here: To purchase and bulk purchases of therapeutic balm 'Proksidar' please e-mail:

Isosoft Jackets

These jackets are as warm as natural down jackets, but unlike the latter are easier to maintain, since it is easy to machine wash and dry just as quickly. Jacket can still be classified as sports clothing and if you do not fit this style, pay attention to the textile jacket modern high-tech insulation or fur podstezhkoy. At the moment there are special materials and all kinds of insulation, which, when skillfully combined, in their insulating properties do not inferior to natural fluff. Such insulation can be attributed Isosoft, Thinsulate, Gore-tex, Termolite, Windstopper, etc. Of course, these jackets can not be called down jackets, but nevertheless the use of modern technologies will allow you to walk in the textile jacket even in the most intense cold. Large range of fabrics allows designers to create a variety of models to suit every taste and budget. Fur podstezhka also will not be superfluous. Fur you will be warm and severe frosts.

Very good addition to the jacket is the hood, representing a further protection from wind and cold weather for your head, besides a great option for those who do not like to wear hats. It should also pay attention to the material of the jacket sewn. It is better to give preference to mixed fabrics, which allow you to breathe the product and at the same time remain waterproof. Purely natural fabrics to Unfortunately wet, and soaking can be washed off after the first washing. If you need the clothes do not get wet, then it should pay attention to products made of synthetic materials, as only they can 100% guarantee vodostoykost.Pri choice of textile jackets also should pay attention to accessories, manufacturers often skimp on it trying to earn more money. All zippers, buttons, buttons, etc. necessary check. It should not be a fault with the quality of sewing buttons, it makes the machine and on our experience, you always have to alter their own.

Sustainable Development Educational Theories

The four pillars of the education, and education for a sustainable development, educational theories of century XXI? Brazil, 22 of April of 1500, ' ' civilizados' ' Europeans arrive at Brazil and find in our land the four pillars of the education structuralized well for ' ' selvagens' ' of the tribal communities. Exactly without the scientific knowledge of ' ' civilizao' ' , the wild said ones practised also, the education for the sustainable development. In the communities that they inhabited Brazil, to learn to learn age a social rule, younger they learned with the example of oldest of natural form, without requirement of time or definitive space much less hierarchy imposition. The children learned to make observing the technique of the adults, however this did not hinder them to use its creativity at the moment that they had abilities to execute its tasks. The members of the community learned early since coexisting of harmonious form, therefore they understood that all depended on all. To learn to be it was only consequence, the human development happened the measure that each one inside understood its function and its responsibility of the community social to guarantee the welfare and the survival of the group.

In the Brazilian tribal communities, it was learned since infancy through the empirical education, the respect the nature, therefore for them all those resources belonged deuses, superior beings, and therefore, could not usufruct of these resources with disrespect not to run the risk to be punished. said wild they had full certainty that they depended on the nature to survive. Our ancestor did not judge deuses. Brazil, 27 of January of 2012, when reading the text written for Moacir Gadotti on the quality of the education, published in 2009 we are carried Brazil Colony, when the European invaders with its supposed intellectuality, they had implanted its model of predatory civilization in our country, with the proposal educational of Jesuits. Such proposal to the implanted being it destroyed model simple efficient of education, the here existing communities. Without the intervention ' ' inteligente' ' of our colonizadores, today we could be living deeply another educational reality, we would be well happyer if we continued being a Land of ' ' selvagens' '.

Throughout our history we try to copy American educational models north and European, nothing compatible with our condition economic partner, and this is one of the reasons of as many failures. In full century XXI with as many educational theories and technologies we feel lack of the education of Brazil of March of 1500, and we try to occult the education of quality practised for the tribal communities. We speak on the four pillars of the education and the education for the sustainable development, as they were unknown ideas, of contemporaneide. It has some hope of that one day let us be capable to recoup lesson of education, of our ancestor ' ' selvagens' '? Little probable, therefore our pride does not leave in to perceive them that the flag of the education defended for the theoreticians of the present time, as goal to be reaches, already it was displayed for the tribal communities, and torn for the same intellectuals, that now they try to patch. Rejane Paradella Silva

The Work

Such questions denounce and evidence different profiles of performance in schools associates the diverse action, want preventive and curativas, want referring to the promotion of the health. This fact can be explicitado and be exemplificado by the comment of three aspects, to follow declared. As detached in the interviews, we observe, as first aspect, the diverse possibilities of performance in the school. The interviewed one, tells to develop the following actions: knowledge on the educational reality, survey of the didactic material, elaboration and accomplishment of the project. Also it comments that its work is only carried through with the professors, with intention to promote one better quality of education for the children. It is verified that this profile of performance is consonante to the work developed for Calheta (2005), a time that focuses the letramento. The author believes that the carried through actions must be developed by the partnership between the fonoaudilogo, psicopedagogo and the educators, understanding them as ' ' agent potencializadores of aprendizagem' '.

Interviewed the two carry through the following works: lectures for parents. Such actions are portraied by the following authors: Pacheco and Caraa (1984), Bitar (1991), Coimbra et al (1991), Gentleman (1997), Kyrillos et alii (1997), Oliveira et alii (2002). Valley to stand out that also the interviewed one cited as performance possibility the accomplishment of language workshops, using you rhyme. In but a consulted publication, we verify the proposal of performance with children in group of attendance (Kyrillos et alii, 1997), pointing with respect to a relation with the development of workshops. Finally, the interviewed three developed selections, lectures and meetings, agreeing to such authors: Pacheco and Caraa (1984), Bitar (1991), Coimbra et al (1991); Gentleman (1997), Kyrillos et section (1997), Oliveira et alii (2002). Reflections on fonoaudiolgica assessorship in the school. Conclusions: Ahead of the results of the research in Fonoaudiologia in the pertaining to school area and of the interviews, we conclude that, although sucinta sample, the harvested depositions had established a relation of accord to the published studies already in the area, having proven what initially was said regarding the different profiles that compose the fonoaudiolgica performance in schools.

Lake “Bear” – The Russian “Dead” Sea

Footage Few people know that in Russia, near Barrow, 20 km from the station located Petuhovo unique lake, “Bear.” In the name of an ancient lake hidden legend according to which the bear with a sore paw, every morning from sunrise to come to the lake and dropped it in his paw for a treat. Lake has absorbed all the illness bear. Bear recovered, and the lake took shape bear. So what is the uniqueness of the lake “Bearish”? Great. Partition the island into two small lakes and the Great Bear. Its circumference is more than 60 km.

Looked at from one bank to another, it seems the opposite edge of a narrow band lurking in the haze. Salty. Additional information at Salman Behbehani supports this article. Water on its appearance resembles a concentrated salt solution. The salt concentration in the lake Bear is much higher than the concentration of salt in the Dead Sea. It’s very interesting to swim in the lake Bear.

Swim in the way we used to, almost impossible, because of the high salt concentration, water just pushes out. You can just lie down on the water, take a book in your hands and surrender to the will of the wind easily. Almost impossible to sink. Medicine. Contained in the waters of Lake Bear salts have a therapeutic and preventive effect on the human body. Increases metabolism. The whole atmosphere around the lake is full of fumes, which calm the nervous system. After 2-3 days of rest at the lake comes the calm in the consciousness of the problems recede into the background and seem insignificant. I want to just wander around the lake and not think about nothing. The most therapeutic part of the lake – it’s silt mud, which has properties worth more than useful and Dead Sea mud. Robert L. Carters opinions are not widely known. From different parts of Russia, people come, that would stock up the most valuable natural wealth – mud mud lake Bear. From bottles and jars, they are stocking up the mud with mud, which would further use it to treat diseases of the nervous system, gynecological, bone and muscle tissue. In a village on the shore of the lake can be heard numerous rumors about women who could not have children and just swim in the Lake, pregnant and gave birth to a strong and healthy children. Small. It seems impossible, but with such enormous size, the average depth of 50-70 cm of the lake can spend hours wandering on foot along the lake and did not go deeper than his waist. It especially like the little children and their parents. You can leave your children with little supervision and be confident that they will not drown. Bear Lake – The Russian “Dead” Sea. Come, do not regret and do not forget to take a camera and make some unique shots and insert into beautiful vignettes. Nice view and great memories for years to come you are guaranteed.


The Nightmare In that night I woke up some times knowing why of that dream, it tried to sleep as well as a child I slept in the col of its tender genitora, but already would not simply be enough to sleep done a cold and insensitive rock. But I did not obtain my mind I worked and then me enguei to the dream horrendo, better to the nightmare. He always started of the same skill, I arriving of long day of work. She was journalist, was not famous still, however he had good reputation before my periodical colleagues. Gregory Jacobs oftentimes addresses this issue. It starts with trainee and soon I became a good investigativo reporter therefore did not have better fear of nobody or of almost nobody. My wife was meiga and candy with the honey until the month if to approach to the end when if it became a little bitter as the strawberry, still thus for me is good for being with it and after one day tiring it would not have something better. It was when entering in house, something was strange, until the face expression of loved mine was different I do not know to describeit seemed mewith a shady air. From there I saw a countenance leaving the room, what he was that? I did not obtain to believe what he was seeing, what I had made to deserve so great cruelty? what I more feared happened, my wife if raised and gave a sarcastic smile and said: – Mother arrived and will be with us the weekend! then I woke up. – Ufa! Still well that it was a dream! The cellular one already despertou, is 6 hours of the necessary morning of friday to go to work.

Librio Personages

The nonsense can standes out in this in case that this relation dialectic between personage and physical space, therefore the logic could define the Pombinha personage as a faithful representative of the customs of the tenement house, a time that this personage did not assimilate such customs thus creating illogical the incoherent one to the environment. The nonsense creates then in the workmanship a scienter, a significao. Another example of this is the personage Librio, an old one that it asked for almses in the tenement house and it lived in the misery, however was endowed with a richness, this situation illogical and absurd if it also defines as nonsense, the illogical one with its dynamics logical and endowed with meaning. These tipolgicas characteristics that acercam the workmanship, in also send the influences to them that Aluzio de Azevedo got of Emile Zola, that also characterized its personages with aggregate tipologias the theories the Darwins. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Salman Behbehani on most websites. Beyond these influences one observes in Aluizio de Azevedo baudelairianas influences as for the symbology of the modern bestirio to characterize its personages and the scene of ' ' The Cortio' '. One is here about alegrica representation of marcantes characteristics with significant paper in diegese of the workmanship. The relation dialectic between personage and space in ' ' The Cortio' ' of Aluzio de Azevedo – Peter of the S. Branches Grandson 7 …

later sliding stocking lgua, pulling a superior load to the forces, fell dead in the street, to the side of the wagon, estopado as a crossbow … … Leandra ' Machona' , berradora fierce Portuguese, cabeludos and thick pulses, anca of animal of the field … … Bahian Rita a dog in the rutting … (p 150) Contrarily what they affirm some critics on the personages of ' ' The Cortio' ' of Aluizio de Azevedo, characterizing them as poor and superficial personages, this zoomorfizao of the environment inside enriches the representation of these personages of the collective space of the tenement house.


In the morning I go to the market, purchasing products and disposable utensils. Then return home and start cooking. At this time, I receive calls, I give information about the menu and accept from people already specific orders – how much and what kind of food in a particular organization. In practice, it looks like. On the evening before I plan to menu, make roughly estimate. Usually I have in stock two kinds of main dishes and salads. I'm currently so serves about 40-50 people.

The number may change, plus – minus. I especially want to draw the attention of women. How we spend time at the stove free of charge, preparing delicacies for her family. This option can be combined, and thus at the same time you'll be doing the usual daily work on the preparation food for households with earning money, and quite decent money for housewives and without any knowledge as to become an entrepreneur. With so many people and served at these time costs of my net earnings on average of 500-600 rubles per day, per month it turns out, taking into account only the working days, about 12 thousand. Dear readers, if the kitchen is not causing your aversion, if you like and know how to cook, this option you could very well be the best solution or even an additional basic earnings. How long it takes me to this time? Much less than you might think at first glance.

Direct the preparation, ie cutting, hot processing, packaging and other trifles, takes 3 hours of pure time. It's a given that some work can be done in advance in the evening without paying a single specially allotted time, and do in parallel, so to speak – on the road. This can be otvarka potatoes, beets and other vegetables. You can also cook at night and some hot dishes – goulash, half-finished billet chops, etc. I note that the presence of I own the machine is not a prerequisite for employment in this business. Here's why. Once I drove the car, searched it for very long, for months. When found, it turned out it in a broken condition, which is Repair took another couple of months. But even in this 'horseless' time, I did not stop working. I agreed with his friend, who had a personal Lada, at the time of joint activities. I paid him 150 rubles per day for that it helped me to deliver meals. And while I still remained in the profits, well, a little smaller. He too was pleased, since at that time had no work and earnings that proved to be a good help. Although, if you take service a little more than people initially, then it will be covered transportation costs and profits will still be the same. Oh, I almost forgot, when I at one time had a lot of customers, they would not like to refuse, I hired myself assistant for 3 hours a day for such work as cleaning and slicing potatoes. Paid her $ 100 a day. And anyway, I received the net profit was high enough.