Free Software

ALa freedom 1 I remember once I bought a bmx bike and I dared not to go out until I withdrew not all things that no necesitaba or who did not want to use. Among the elements that retired was the brakes with all its rotor system game amid the spokes reflectors. I also put more air in the wheels. Days later disarmed completely because I wanted to know how funcionaban their systems and bicycle parts with another that already had exchanged. Never was so much fun riding a bike when I personalice my bike in that way and I can not imagine a world in which the manufacturer of bicycles I prohibit to personalice and my bike suits my tastes and needs. Freedom 1 says that you are free to study the code and adapt it to your needs.

It is really frustrating to buy something and not be able to improve it if you have the possibility of doing so because the manufacturer prevents you. Things fails on a regular basis or simply don’t do what you want and that is when would you be able to change it. The code of the software that has been subjected to criticism of thousands of users two heads think more than one. It is irefutable that when problems and things are analyzed from different points of view can be much more information of what is being analizis and observation. A hacker finds great satisfaction when it detects errors and this satisfaction is much greater when you know that you can correct them. Nobody offers millions of dollars rewards for who detect errors in free software, most however the pride and satisfaction of having been the first to detect the fault and have it corrected between thousands of skilled users is all a juicy reward. This person passes automatically become an important reference in the area of development where was detected the error.


It is estimated that in the next few days serious news in the world of software, that Canonical, the company in charge of the Ubuntu operating system, is considering seriously disposed of the Firefox browser to replace it with Google Chrome. It is still not sure, but if true it would be a truly radical change. The reason for this decision finds its justification in the new project of the company, called Ubuntu Linux Netbook Remix, which is intended to equip a large number of laptops with Google’s browser. It is estimated that this can achieve better performance on netbooks than Firefox. On the other hand, Chrome is the third most used browser on the Internet, which currently owns a share of the market of the 6.73%. Also, not only part of the project of free software created by Google, but that their development is entirely based on open source components, including its search engine and its structure of applications. In this way, the browser of the Orange Fox both relief has brought to the disagreements of the users of Internet Explorer, would be relegated to the past. Although we should expect to see the course of action that Canonical will take in the coming days.

Jersey Journal Joe Shine

When Inocenta Hernandez awoke to the sound of a massive explosion, she immediately ran outside but soon discovered, much to her horror, that the freakish sound had originated inside her home. By Summer Dawn Hortillosa/The Jersey Journal Joe Shine photoJoel Teutonic of the Hoboken Office of Emergency Management helps out, trying to cover the sink hole at Third Street and Park Avenue in Hoboken to get the street open for rush hour. By Rebecka Schumann on July 21st, 2011 There are some things you may expect to find under your bed, a sinkhole is not one of them. Inocenta Hernandez, 65, from Guatemala City, was shocked when she discovered a 40-foot deep, 32-inches wide sinkhole Sinkhole. When the sounds heard neighbors boom during the night, I thought that I had turned on the gas canister. Instead they found north of the city of Guatemala, the size of a large pot at a house in an area a Sinkhole deep. Today in news that you will recall just as you’ve brushed your teeth, put on your pajamas and finished up your Sleepytime Tea tonight, a Guatemalan woman.

Reading Fast

Fast reading courses: are you? In this article you will find tips and tricks for making a decision with respect to take a speed reading course where it presented him or find out on their own. One of the objectives of take a speed reading course, is helping people who want to increase their reading speed to choose those words that are beneficial in the reading material and set aside those that are not so useful. All (as) we have an innate ability to focus on the word and be able to visualize with ease. Through the proper use of a course of this nature, you will know which words can eliminate in a sentence or a paragraph, what helps (it) you increase your reading speed dramatically. Many (ACE) teachers realize that a condition called sub vocalization is a challenge we all face in order to increase our speed of reading.

As we have learned from children or girls from an early age, chose sub vocalize our discourse (murmur in the) breathing); the words that we are reading. But the method that is taught in the read speed is the opposite of that. We have to learn again to read in a new way, in a way that does not ralenticemos our ability to understand. There are several techniques that a good school in the subject or a group of textual practices will teach you about the reading speed. Some of the methods are good and others are not. The main problem is that what is good for a person using a method does not conform to all tastes. All (as) we are different. The main method used is the formation of certain parts of the brain to refine lasa words that are crucial to the understanding of the subject called reading.

We have to do this without the need to really hear the words in mind. Of course, this is no easy thing. It is very similar to when we learned of physical abilities. One has to practice over and over again to be good (a) on a specific task. In the same way, while more reading skills with given practice acquire, easier to us again. I’d like to leave a comment on this article that just read; also tell me a little bit and tell me which is your main frustration when trying to read faster. I’ll be personally answering your questions and comments. Thanks, Carlos Gallego.

Current Scenarios

A loser makes promises, does not get down to work and when it fails only knows justified. INTRODUCTION Venezuela our interest analysis requires first the characteristics of an uncertain scenario, turbulent, with much risk, uncertainty, managers able to face the big challenges, changes in order to facilitate the operation of businesses, organizations and institutions other where it needs trained managers fully identified with the scope, use of tools and management models encourage them in their performance. Management Schools national universities should ensure that graduates of the administration, are qualified, trained and new trends administrative, managerial, to collaborate with the business sector, in order to fulfill its responsibility, productivity, moreover, provide jobs, offer products and services to meet the demand of consumers.

GENERAL, SCOPE, SUGGESTIONS insist noted that the Schools Management of national universities can not ignore the problems, challenges, threats, opportunities in the scenarios are presented, plus, where Globalization is becoming more dynamic, where the large economic blocs, alliances, encourage productivity, giving way to creativity, innovation, creating new administrative paradigm, which requires management professionals, our case is identified with the current knowledge society, are prepared, be trained to interpret what should be the strategies defined, and the tactics to be used if you want to be competitive, if we are to conquer new markets or remain in the already made. You can not ignore the national situation where the current government, has led to many economic, political, which has seriously affected the conduct of business. The commercial reality of this has created new administrative paradigms, models, tools that should be considered, sane evaluated and applied to the requirements of the present.

Classic Wooden House

The classic version of the log-wood house – the structure with self-supporting walls, or, more simply, a wooden frame. These log homes are classic wooden frame. Of course, they are different projects appearance, methods of logging and log technical parameters, but building them on a common pattern: the same flat logs stacked on each other in a horizontal direction at the corners of their associated special vrubkami – peculiar timbered locks. And obtained self-supporting wooden walls. In the corners of a log blockhouse of the future combined with residue and without the rest – these are different methods of logging in the future depending on the trim and siding.

Cutting walls with the remainder of practice for log homes, not sheathed on the outside, cutting the walls without a trace – at the outside wall sheathing. This technology is cutting a log house tradition thousands of years, and the classic wooden frame of the whole logs have always been and will be, despite all the wealth of advanced materials and technologies, their lovers, which is now more and more. Wooden frame holds heat well at the expense of large diameter logs (22 to 35cm), of which by tradition it is folded. Traditionally in Russia to build a house used softwood – pine, spruce and larch. With conventional technology involves the use of mature forest conifers.

Straight trees are selected the same age and size. Wood ate richly and evenly saturated with resin from a very early age of the tree, the wood is saturated with pine resin only well into adulthood. At the same time predominantly saturated its outer layers. On this basis, the use of small-diameter logs is better to use fir, pine as in this case is still not saturated resin and hence less durable. On the other hand, the richness of wood resins may do a disservice, for example, bath or sauna, where the heat and high humidity so the wood begins to 'weep'.

Laying Solid Wood

Laying solid wood – a new birth with new technology. Massive board is likely ancestor of all modern covers of wood flooring. Wooden flooring solid wood arranged long before the the first mentions of the floor. More recently, solid wood just born again in his new application. Board recently was synonymous with the cheap and low quality wood floor in auxiliary buildings, but Today board has found a second birth and returned to the houses and apartments.

With new technology today is solid wood is the elite and environmentally friendly coating. First you need to define clearly what is solid wood (Array). Massive board is nekleenaya, solid board, made of solid wood. Massive board should not be confused with just another cover – a three-layer parquet. Modern solid wood quality differs from its predecessor, the quality and technology, wood drying, manufacturing techniques, and used the original material (precious wood). Modern solid wood along the edges of ridges and grooves is that allows you to dock the floorboards tightly. Massive board today is a throwback to the old wooden floors in a qualitative change in technology. Solid wood flooring also looks great.

Laying solid board. Premises where solid wood is placed, must meet the technical requirements for installing solid wood. Before laying solid wood stacked material (solid wood) to mature in According to the room (kind of acclimatization). Humidity installable solid wood has to be 8-10%. Massive board is placed in the final stages of repair and decoration. Solid wood can be placed on different ways: a floating mode, laying on the joists, laying on the bottom of the draft tree with fastening nails, laying on the bottom of the plywood with screws and fastening on the parquet glue, laying on the joists and plywood laying on adjustable floor and plywood. More reliable basis for laying solid wood, the more durable and easier to operate it. Cost of laying solid wood on plywood base is higher than the laying of such floating way, but believe that these costs are justified. At the final step necessary to scraping and sanding solid wood floor laid. Then make solid wood finish lacquer or oil, you can do tinting the floor. Oil and wax is a new word in the device, a wooden floor, but is gaining popularity with great intensity. Cover oil provides many benefits and bonuses, compared with lacquered. But even in perfectly laid-quality solid wood over time, the gap may appear as this is real wood, which has its own behavior depending on the time and measurements of the microclimate. But in this kind of charm and natural board. The Germans say for example that these signs only underscores the value of the floor of the wood and the more the board. In our country, of course seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity are very important, and the board may be a serious expansion and contraction, this in particular between the stacked sheets of plywood left special expansion joints. But in any case, buying a solid wood, never forget that you are buying natural living tree, which may be different, variations in structure, texture, and cracks. But all the shortcomings of a solid board and its dignity. Massive board is now one of the most popular practical, environmentally friendly and luxury floor coverings made of wood.

Evil Dead Regeneration Games

Games based on films already are not newness for nobody, but ' ' Evil Dead: Regeneration' ' it is a short while different case. While the majority enters in the wave of the films of the type ' ' arrasa-quarteiro' ' , as ' ' Man-Spider 2' ' , or, more recently, the eyes come back toward lendrios classics – they are being produced games based on ' ' Scarface' ' ' ' The Powerful Chefo' ' -, the game in question was to search inspiration in one of most representative films B of the American cinema. Directed and produced for Sam Raimi, the same that it would come to direct the surmounting of ' ' Man; ' in the cinemas, ' ' The Death of the Demnio' ' he brought a marcante protagonist and the actor who never lived the personage obtained to dissociar itself of it. In ' ' Evil Dead: Regeneration' ' , the actor Bruce Campbell again of the life the Ash, expensive one that, definitively, he does not have fear of ugly face. Killing the dead-vivosEnredo in films of I buzzed is as excuse so that they appear the horripilantes creatures. In ' ' Regenaration' ' , Ash is sent to a hospice for criminals and the responsible doctor for the place, Dr. Vingo, is leading strange experiments using the Necronomicon, the book of deceased popularized by writer H.P.

Lovecraft.Antes of being sent for the hospice, Ash is in the hut where the malignant book was found for the first time. there, it and the player learn as the combat system functions the game, very similar to some games of action with combat, as ' ' Devil May Cry' ' , a classic of PlayStation 2. He wants to say, the protagonist can attack with blows body-the-body or firearms. Here what it matters is the action, and the user does not need to be worried about the ammunition or recharge, therefore the supply of bullets is infinite.

Protocol Video

When sending and viewing video in real time are presented, as a rule, high demands on network bandwidth. For a rational distribution of traffic network video servers network support mechanism of QoS (Quality of Service), which allocates part of the channel in a streaming video of the STS-IPT480. Support for PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) ensures minimal delay and high speed transmission of video and allows you to connect via network video servers ADSL-line or cable modem. Convert analog video signal up to 4 cameras to digital by a processor Arm9, built on the principle of SoC (System-On-a-Chip). Through this network video servers form a high-quality image and transmits it over the network in real time with up to 25 k / s as a quad image of four channels of CIF resolution, or as an image of a selected channel with a resolution up to 720X576 pixels. Thanks to the built-in web server, STS-IPT480 allows you to view digital video on the network through a standard Web browser, Internet Explorer 6.0 and above. Change the settings of the video server can only a user with administrator privileges.

User, not administrator rights, can only view the images in real time and to change the view settings. To connect to the LAN-and WAN-network network video servers are equipped with two network Smartec port 10/100BaseT Ethernet (RJ45). Analog cameras are connected to the STS-IPT480 four composite video inputs, and composite video output via a video server can connect to a monitor for viewing images. Audio Line In and Out devices allow you to organize a two-way audio with the video object. Special attention is paid to the STS-IPT480 protection against deliberate distortion of the video. To do this, network video servers use a technology called Digital Time Code, which exports to all the shots, "watermarks" in the form of the date and time. According to these signs, you can easily determine the exact date and time when the frame was received. In addition to protecting against counterfeit video, this technology helps in the analysis recorded alarm early material.

To work in the video surveillance network video servers are equipped with hardware motion detection and a connector for external alarm sensors. At receiving the alarm STS-IPT480 can send pre-and posttrevozhnye frames specified in the FTP-server, and also activate external alarm devices connected to its alarm outputs. In the supply network video servers STS-IPT480 equipped with Russian-language free software NVR, which supports the simultaneous viewing of "live" video with synchronized audio soundtrack as well as recording and playback of video and audio in MPEG-4. NVR supports all necessary recording modes: continuous, scheduled, motion detection or alarm. Pre-alarm recording the maximum duration of 30 seconds. New network video servers STS-IPT480 already arrived at the warehouse of the company "ARMO-Systems", which is the exclusive distributor of equipment Smartec in Russia and CIS countries, and you can buy them at a retail price of 820 USD, including VAT. For more information on video servers, please e-mail or call (495) 787-33-42 to sales manager. Under the brand name Smartec, a wide range of equipment to create classic and IP-video surveillance systems of any configuration. The product line includes black and white and color cameras, dome cameras, DVRs, IP-cameras, 4 -, 2 – and 1-channel network video servers, software, and widescreen monitors, a camera "day-night" device video transmission via fiber optic lines, brackets, housings, etc.

Marketing and More

"During the last two years and in line with our overall development strategy we have made some acquisitions and have developed an unsurpassed news distribution infrastructure that offers our customers a competitive edge for your ads and news related to Latin America, more extensive media coverage, more deeper and more accurate, faster response and greater visibility online. Our ultimate goal is to develop capacities of local and regional distribution to meet the needs of businesses in Latin America and in their local markets. " All Lines Marketwire news in Latin America offer: Hypertext links and links integrated picture to give press releases greater impact and visibility, all press releases are formatted in HTML for distribution to several publishers publication, especially what they write about news, current affairs, business and finance issues media contacts regularly updated by local researchers Marketwire, ensuring transparency in the search database and consistently accurate access the database Marketwire Mediahub which includes more than a million media contacts, custom lists are available for purchase reports free clips via email within 48 hours of distribution illustrating where the news appeared on portals in Spanish and Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese translations prepared by translators accredited by the ATA and employees on site Marketwire translation expert customer support in English, Spanish and Portuguese created a glossary of for each customer sector More information about the lines Marketwire news in Latin America. About Marketwire Marketwire, the only global media agency news fully integrated North American-based, full service partner for professional investor relations (IR), public relations (PR) and marketing communications (MarCom) seeking level solutions higher distribution of press releases, media management, multimedia and monitoring. Marketwire's corporate philosophy, customer centric, is focused on being the best by infusing every aspect of their business with the following core attributes: precision, adaptability, innovation and simplicity.

Marketwire delivers its clients' news to the media and financial communities around the world, fulfilling disclosure requirements in North America in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and serving as Primary Information Provider (PIP) to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK. Marketwire, a wide reputation for technology leadership, offering innovative products and services, including social media, search engine optimization, mobile financial control panel, control panel of news coverage reports, exclusive access to networks such as Canadian Press Wire Network, Easy IR workflow solutions and Easy PR, and much more, designed to help communication professionals maximize their effectiveness while ensuring accuracy and best practices. With the merger of the companies (Market Wire and CCNMatthews) in April 2006 and enjoying a combined history of 25 years of service, Marketwire is now a company majority-owned by OMERS Administration Corporation and now has $ 4 billion in investments under administration. The group's investment strategy includes active-owned businesses in North America and Europe. For more information visit: omerspe. com. Marketwire distributes the majority of press releases issued by publicly traded companies in Canada, serving more than 11. 000 customers worldwide from its 20 offices on four continents. For more information, visit Marketwire. com /.