New To The Electronic Tax Deduction Card

APM Holding AG informs: payroll from December 2013 solely via the electronic tax deduction card in Leonberg, Germany, December 2013 – the APM Group surrounded with wage and salary statement from December 2013 on the digital control information. After more than 90 years, the colorful cardboard has”now become obsolete. “The information of the previous front […]

Manja Wagner

For example, cooling systems could monitor and receive alerts for temperature deviations. Operator models allow for distributors and partners attractive service offerings for end customers, for example in the field of energy management. For OEM partners the platform can be cut as needed and according to branden”, explained Siegfried Wagner, Managing Director of in integrated […]

5,000 For Home Children

seebWIND supports Osnabruck, Christmas action of the citizens Foundation Osnabruck 16.12.2013. The vendor-independent service provider for wind turbines of seebWIND service GmbH donates 5,000 euros for the action of wishes”of the citizens Foundation in Osnabruck. With the funds, the Foundation meets personal Christmas wishes eleven to Pomerania. The gifts go to children and adolescents who […]

Gabriela Mistral Renan

Everything is possible for him who believes. The brilliant thinker Chilean Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957) understood clearly the excellent virtue serve. Day 10 January 2007, marked 50 years of the death of this remarkable woman. The magazine Boa Vontade goodwill paid him the well deserved homage. In 1945, he won the Nobel Prize for literature. He […]

The Roads

That is, the entire road infrastructure will pay to maintain and operation of the road. Not hard to imagine that such a payment method can bring to the owner of the road is much more substantial profit than direct tolls citizens. But what is especially important for users for us, all roads will remain free. […]

Assess Long-term Thermal Thermal Insulation

In developed countries, plastic foams for over 50 years are used as thermal insulation products in the form of rigid plates. Long-term heat-engineering parameters of plates made of extruded polystyrene (XPS) were improved the evolution of blowing agents (BA). Products made of polystyrene foam without Freon (CFC, HCFC, HFC) to until the end of 1950. […]

The Who Of Who Of German IAM Auto Parts Distribution

The “who is who of the German distribution of of part of” is an industry overview of the largest German car parts wholesalers in the poster format. The process of concentration and internationalization in part wholesale progressing further. As an orientation aid has wolk after sales expert created a poster with important structural data the […]


Choose the workshop where you want to take your car to repair something as simple as choosing freely the workshop where you take your car to be repaired in case of having suffered an accident, it is an advantage that you can enjoy by hiring your car insurance in Clickseguros. In addition, regardless of the […]

Christmas Donation – Help Rather Than Giving

Applied security GmbH supports the outpatient children’s hospice service Miltenberg/Aschaffenburg who applied security GmbH (apsec) donates to Christmas 2,500 euros to the outpatient children’s hospice service Miltenberg/Aschaffenburg and it dispenses gifts to customers and business partners. The children’s hospice service focuses on volunteers of accompanied by shortening the lives of ill children and their families. […]

Dresden Companies Awarded Potential On The Internet

Comparison of DE-domains registered per capita. Dresden, the 30 may 2013 a website is today in many sectors the first medium in the customer acquisition and customer contact. The proprietary website complements the corporate communications as well as trade fairs and sales activities. Medium-sized companies can no longer refrain. But even small businesses with ladder […]