Manja Wagner

For example, cooling systems could monitor and receive alerts for temperature deviations. Operator models allow for distributors and partners attractive service offerings for end customers, for example in the field of energy management. For OEM partners the platform can be cut as needed and according to branden”, explained Siegfried Wagner, Managing Director of in integrated information systems GmbH. The new features of sphinx open online 3.0 Overview: mobility o remain user groups through email and mobile app notifications on the road of exceptional situations (alarms) o of the mobile client informs 8 Smartphone is also available for Windows phone. o also iOS(6+)und Android(4+)werden supports centralized management of services, users and apps efficiency o o providing extensive pre-built application scenarios as a template for implementing your own solutions “Solutions o efficient activation of scenarios”, by depositing multiple site commands on a button o operations and trades about documents and enriched with photos are, also the documentation and proof o disposition and (mobile) processing tasks improvements o more comfortable registration: users can use your E-mail address as user name during the registration procedure o changes demonstrate improved charting options o usability improvements in the Central Manager/Editor o system support for the latest generation of security policies for Java-based clients o new integration possibilities through support for MODBUS/TCP short portrait in integrated information systems GmbH: the in integrated information systems GmbH, headquartered in Constance is specialized in integrated, transparent and optimised business processes for 25 years. So, the portfolio based on innovative IT solutions is divided into the business areas of management control systems & mobile solutions”as well as Collaborative solutions & business apps”. Management systems & mobile solutions business unit”: the in-GmbH offers software solutions for the visualization and optimization of monitoring and control tasks based on the sphinx’s easy to integrate product open.

With sphinx open online is a software platform from the cloud including 3D visualization function offered, that optimally supports mobile users. With the products and services of this Division in-GmbH is the to well-known manufacturers of appropriately software, plant and mechanical engineer, plant operator, provider of mobile services and smart home customers. “Collaborative solutions division and business apps”: the collaborative solutions “essential contribution to the working environment of the future for the in-GmbH. Based on market-leading standard platforms such as SharePoint and business apps, the specialist takes over the analysis, design, production and implementation of solutions for the optimal cooperation and knowledge work. The customer base consists of medium-sized companies and corporations of various industries such as automotive, aerospace, plant and mechanical engineering and manufacturing companies. See more information: in integrated information systems GmbH at the Seerhein 8 D-78467 Konstanz contact: Manja Wagner marketing & PR – Tel.: + 49 (0) 7531-8145-0 E-Mail: PR agency of punctum pr agency GmbH o Brien 190 banks 50968 Koln contact: Ulrike Peter-Geschaftsfuhrerin-Tel.: 81-657-0 E-Mail:

5,000 For Home Children

seebWIND supports Osnabruck, Christmas action of the citizens Foundation Osnabruck 16.12.2013. The vendor-independent service provider for wind turbines of seebWIND service GmbH donates 5,000 euros for the action of wishes”of the citizens Foundation in Osnabruck. With the funds, the Foundation meets personal Christmas wishes eleven to Pomerania. The gifts go to children and adolescents who live in homes in the region of Osnabruck or are cared for by family nursing. For the Christmas campaign, the participating homes login names and wishes of children usually no more than 20 euros worth up to a date. Regardless of whether bicycle helmet, table tennis rackets, or tutoring quickly and unbureaucratically the volunteers with the earmarked funds will distribute the gifts that cannot be financed from the budget of the rule. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life of the sight of the essential is lost sometimes”, says seebWIND Managing Director Holger Hamel.

In this year would we remember the meaning of Christmas. That’s why we decided to spend our Christmas budget for gifts to business partners and customers, but for children in need.” About seebWIND service GmbH the seebWIND service GmbH with headquarters in Osnabruck and two service centers is a vendor-independent service provider for wind turbines, specializes in systems the manufacturers Nordex and REpower and fuhrlander. The range of services includes technical management with 24/7 remote monitoring and service, maintenance and repair. Participation in purchasing groups also provides the seebWIND service for spare parts. The company has currently 50 highly qualified employees and serves approximately 510 wind turbines with a capacity of 765 MW. The seebWIND service is part of the wind network, the nationwide only vendor-independent service competence network for wind Turbines from REpower, Nordex and fuhrlander. Publisher: seebWIND service GmbH Heideweg 2-4 49086 Osnabruck FON + 49 (0) 541 / 380 538-100 Fax + 49 (0) 541 / 380 538-199 E-Mail: the seebWIND service press office: Krampitz communications – PR for renewables and technologies Iris Krampitz / Lea Schmitz Dillenburg str. 85 51105 Cologne FON: + 49 (0) 221 912499 49 fax: + 49 (0) 221 912499 48 E-Mail:

Gabriela Mistral Renan

Everything is possible for him who believes. The brilliant thinker Chilean Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957) understood clearly the excellent virtue serve. Day 10 January 2007, marked 50 years of the death of this remarkable woman. The magazine Boa Vontade goodwill paid him the well deserved homage. In 1945, he won the Nobel Prize for literature. He knew in his productions portray brotherly love: all nature is a yearning for service. () The serve is not of inferior beings.

God, who gives us the fruit and light, serves. It might be called: El server. Construction of a village Ernest Renan (1823-1892), author of life of Jesus (1863), on March 11, 1882, at the Sorbonne, describes the quality of serve that build up happy homelands: A nation is a soul, a spiritual principle (). The nation, as the individual, is the outcome of a long past of efforts, sacrifices, dedications (). Having common glories in the past, a common will in the present; having done great things together, still wanting to them, here is the essential conditions to be a people. Love is in proportion to the sacrifices that were endured, the ills that suffered. The political message of the soft miracle Jose Maria Eca de Queiroz (1845-1900) is applauded by many as the greatest Portuguese novelist.

The author of A illustrious House of Ramires the illustrious House of Ramires, mordant critic of the society of his time, wrote one of the most touching pages of world literature. However, few reached his political message. In a time of so much materialidad that the human being, stifled by the violence, begins to look insistently in the divine Amparo relief for their individual and collective despairs, can do only you well, to the extent that patiently awaits earthly solutions, remembrance of the appeal of a tiny served by one of the greatest symbols of solidarity that has news: At that time Jesus had not yet been of Galilee, of the banks of the Lake of Genesaret; but the news of his miracles had already come to Shechem, rich city, among vineyards, in the country of Samaria.

The Roads

That is, the entire road infrastructure will pay to maintain and operation of the road. Not hard to imagine that such a payment method can bring to the owner of the road is much more substantial profit than direct tolls citizens. But what is especially important for users for us, all roads will remain free. Moreover, even the cost of petrol at filling stations and roadside value of all goods and services will not change because the price is ultimately determined by competition and by supply and demand. And the competition will only increase. Cost of goods and services play in price formation in this case a minor role.

This will only change income roadside businesses. They have to pay a fair share of their profits to the owner of the road, due to which they actually exist. But as the indirect road users will pay for travel on the roads, paying for gasoline and other services, then just step simultaneously with the introduction of the above legislative initiatives would repeal the tax on roads for cars. In this case, the owner of most of the Russian roads can and probably should remain state. But the methods of property management at the same time would be more effective. An important advantage of this scheme to that currently exists, even while maintaining public property is that the money for maintenance and development of roads coming into an enterprise owning expensive than through taxes, directly bypassing the state budget. It is also important that the usual scheme of toll roads fare at the entrance is only possible on country roads.

Assess Long-term Thermal Thermal Insulation

In developed countries, plastic foams for over 50 years are used as thermal insulation products in the form of rigid plates. Long-term heat-engineering parameters of plates made of extruded polystyrene (XPS) were improved the evolution of blowing agents (BA). Products made of polystyrene foam without Freon (CFC, HCFC, HFC) to until the end of 1950. XPS did not churn with the addition of Freon CFC-12 as the "eternal", the long-term component which improves thermal performance XPS. It was found that the diffusion rate of CFC-12 from the XPS boards is very low.

At the same time, it became known that the CFC-12 negatively affects the Earth's ozone layer. In the late 1980s. XPS foaming with Freon CFC-12 was replaced by HCFC-142b, which is equivalent to the CFC by thermo-indicators, but less harmful to the ozone layer. It was found that HCFC-142b has a low coefficient of diffusion through a film of polystyrene. As a result, boards XPS, foam that gas, show the same long-term heat-engineering parameters as thermal insulation, foam CFC-12.

Currently, the developing countries of XPS boards produced mainly using HCFC-142b and HCFC-22. These foaming agents while (until 2010) are used for production of boards and XPS in North America. In connection with the prohibition of the use of CFCs HCFC group have developed a variety of substitutes. One of the best alternatives for long-term thermo-indicators in the production of plates XPS was HFC-134a. Freon HFC group does not contain chlorine. They are much less dangerous to the ozone layer and have a small period of life in the atmosphere. In Europe, where a ban on the use of HCFC-agents used for foaming XPS or carbon dioxide (CO2) in its pure form, or CO2 in combination with hydrocarbons, alcohols, etc. Using CO2 to foam – technically difficult task that requires substantial investment in the reconstruction of existing production lines.

The Who Of Who Of German IAM Auto Parts Distribution

The “who is who of the German distribution of of part of” is an industry overview of the largest German car parts wholesalers in the poster format. The process of concentration and internationalization in part wholesale progressing further. As an orientation aid has wolk after sales expert created a poster with important structural data the biggest IAM part distributoren in Germany. Presented the 30 largest parts wholesalers that are total with sales of about 5.5 billion. at wholesale selling prices are the most important economic factor in the German independent aftermarket. The poster gives an overview to the revenue size of parts wholesalers, belonging to a collaboration and the related trade and workshop systems based on the graphical representation.

In addition, each part wholesalers with a short company profile is described, which provides among other things information about number of employees as well as locations and sales. In talks with operators crystallized always common need for a clear and straightforward overview, in particular: as a quick information for foreign business partners about the German parts distribution/workshop system landscape as a background information for strategy -, goal – and budget talks in the international management group for the staff qualification as general information for the awareness-raising of sales and marketing employees in industry and trade in the increasing competition. The poster comes in the format of DinA 0 as four-color. The price is plus VAT depending on the print version (with/without re-packaging or company logo 35 to 75) incl. shipping Learn more and order at: the who-is-who the German iam-teiledistribution.html?

Dresden Companies Awarded Potential On The Internet

Comparison of DE-domains registered per capita. Dresden, the 30 may 2013 a website is today in many sectors the first medium in the customer acquisition and customer contact. The proprietary website complements the corporate communications as well as trade fairs and sales activities. Medium-sized companies can no longer refrain. But even small businesses with ladder and primary customer acquisition over the location of the business, support a site profitably.

A Baker published his opening hours on weekends and holidays, so the advance in the power-seeking customers decide for him instead of the other bakers without deal on the net. Cafe customers, the question is regularly, until when the various restaurateur brunch offer is valid on weekends. Dresden has a variety of information as cultural, scientific and business location. Only it finds in the Germany-wide comparison not sufficiently in the network. In the top-20 list of the number of registered domains per thousand inhabitants in Dresden is a city or a district, with 199 domains/thousand inhabitants (TSDE) on the last place, just behind the District of Esslingen.

Dresden is followed by the city of Aachen with 175/TSDE of registered domains. The leading cities such as Munich or Bonn and the district Hanover are at over 400 domains per TSDE. Although the simple number of domains per capita, not on the quality of the Web site suggests. But the numbers certainly express digital engagement of companies of a town or a district. Small businesses should consider without own website, what basic information for its clients are relevant. Basic information are opening hours and contact details in comparison to the competition. With a simple page, you can set off with little effort from the competitors. In addition, information on temporary, seasonal offerings represent an added value for the customer. Even trivial published content are not to be underestimated. A minimal page is the basis for more websites. So it is with Companies with traffic of advisable, to register free of charge in Google maps. A locally-seeking Internet user enters related tags, the company on a map next to the search results will appear. This key word relevant integration no cost as opposed to ads in search engines. In addition, a simple Web page the start for more low-cost network measures can be. Fan pages, Facebook hosting free of charge and a company can build a fan circle and gain first experience in social media. Google Analytics offers free evaluation of visitor data. The analysis tool clearly summarizes the visitors to the site. In addition, views to search terms, which take visitors to the homepage, to sources referring links and the location of the visitor are available. Thus, the website operator learns when, what and from where the customers are looking for. To compare evaluated cities and regions can be found under online-marketing_webdesign.php. Contact: Haase & Martin GmbH Matthias Haase, Alexander Martin Moritzburger str. 27 01127 Dresden Tel.: 0351 500 97 21 E-Mail: website: about Haase & Martin GmbH: the digital media are In the focus of activity. With technical Know-How and competence in design and media design, Haase & Martin GmbH develops integrated projects and innovative products for the B2B sector. The portfolio includes iOS apps, Android apps, including Web design, graphical user interface (GUI) for information terminals, kiosk systems, classical and mobile sites, as well as solutions for mobile communication.

Profession On Exam Preparation Course As A

“BSA qualifiers from March in Saarbrucken and Berlin Booking already possible from 2014 preparation course of the BSA Academy on testing as a specialist for bathroom all bad businesses, businesses that would like to their long-time employee specialist for bad firms” would qualify for a three-year vocational training and long absences associated in the operation but not come into question are an alternative way of qualifying. Because if certain prerequisites are met the test as a specialist for bad companies can”be completed without prior training. For this target group, the BSA Academy has designed a new preparation course, which optimally prepares the staff examination. From 2014, the BSA Academy, accredited educational institution of the Federal Association of German swimming champion e.V. offers with over 140,000 participants since 1983, and one of the largest training providers in the industry of the future prevention, fitness and “Health, the new course specialist for bad firms” on. Who should the BSA course use? “” “Of course specialist for bad companies” are not aimed at people who training as a specialist for bad companies “have completed, but the experience the admission requirement for the audit as a specialist for bad companies” meet. This can be especially lifeguards, lifeguard, sauna master and other personnel from bad companies.

Of the BSA course specialist bathing establishments are fit for the Organization and supervision of bath operation within the framework of”acquire competences comprehensive participants for the supervision and control of bath operation, the support of bathers and the implementation of swimming lessons. Moreover, they are able, technical installations, as well as the water quality to monitor and facilities and building of the respective bad and their open spaces and green areas are maintain and wait. Also possible master exam preparation! Following the paralegal exam the exam for the master bath companies can then, if all necessary admission requirements are met,”are completed.

Don Ovid

– And you say it was housed here until a few hours ago? -If Miss. And I still have in my possession the my room key. The 301 – wait a moment, gentleman. The receptionist made several calls. Ovid waited impatiently those minutes. How thirty years passed according to the clock of his despair. According to the wall clock had not gone more than five minutes. -Don Ovid, my colleague informs me of a small change.

Things have been moved to room 201. The 301 is have leased it to an artist who each year visit the city by these days and always requests the same room. We think that you will not bother. In any case we offer our apologies and we give this bonus so that you consume what you want at the bar, on behalf of the House. -Ovid made a gesture of understanding, gave the key and received which offered, along with a card blue. He walked without haste towards his new room, introduced the key into the lock, pushed the door and found himself before a bed clean and tidy; in the corner table and on the table with her books box.

Everything was in order. Everything except its ideas. Why you could not sleep well that night. The next morning she packed clothes, your old newspapers, the second books bought at a good price in the bookstore MARKOS and four discs of Alfredo Gutierrez, which he had bought in a remante of music of yesteryear. Payment account at the hotel, took a taxi to the Terminal, he bought the ticket for return to his people, he passed through the post’s magazine where acquired a copy of the journal the Atlantic and went to the place he most liked: in the middle of the bus, the right window. Two minutes before the vehicle began its March opened the newspaper and read the holder of large red letters: the strange case of the Hotel the note was extensive and in the center of it contained a photo in full color: a box where a crucified man, with the head facing down, towards efforts to cling to life.

Carpet Waterproofing

Feature exploited in the roof that its base should be rigid. Otherwise not be able to maintain the integrity of waterproofing. The base may serve as a concrete screed, which creates the necessary slope for drainage, or decking. Insulation on a roof will experience increased static and dynamic loads, and therefore must have a high compressive strength. In case of insufficient rigidity of insulation on top of it should be cement screed. For unexploited roof rigid base for laying the carpet waterproofing and insulation are not required strict. Therefore, use of soft.

A service for constructing bridges or roof ladders that help distribute the load on its surface. Such roofs are cheaper, but their life is less than that of the exploited. The design of the traditional flat krovliChto need for a reliable flat roof? In the first queue – the optimal design solution. For its implementation it is necessary to choose a reliable type of coverage and quality materials, high-performance, as well as competent performers. Traditional flat roofs consist of a base on which is laid a layer of vapor barrier that protects the insulation from moisture diffused from the premises. Vapor is a fiberglass-reinforced bitumen-polymer membrane or parobarernuyu film, which is placed over the tie, and at the edge of the roof plant on the vertical plane at a height greater than the height of the heater.

Seams are sealed. Vapor barrier over insulation layer is placed, and it – A protective blanket of waterproofing materials on the basis of bitumen. If the heater is used concrete block, it should be done on a cement screed, and then put two coats of waterproof mat. If, however, make an easy roof design does not provide for loading, roof waterproofing fabric glued around the perimeter of the roof. Aerators on krysheKonstruktsiya traditional roof is not always reliable. When tightness vapor barrier in the insulation gets wet.