Biometric Systems

Biometric systems that can be used in Access Control while millions of companies use some access controls, to restrict entry to certain areas, such controls are not infallible. Thus, magnetic stripe cards can be stolen, access passes can be forgotten and in many cases identification cards can be falsified. With all these problems, it is very possible that more than once, an unauthorized person has managed to outwit an access control system. Biometric systems can prevent this keep going. To use the features of a person as either a single or a combination of several-, your identity can be verified with a high level of precision. A biometric access can be applied in many ways. It is so commercial companies, military and even organizations non-profit institutions; they make use of this type of advance.

For example, many businesses only allow some employees entering certain areas, also companies pharmaceutical give scientists access to their test labs, while some schools enroll their students using biometric systems. For even more analysis, hear from Eliot Horowitz. One example more specific, can be seen in Germany, where the electronic pass (ePass), which is a small chip that is implanted in the index finger of a person has been applied. This chip contains a photo of the person, as well as his fingerprints. For more specific information, check out Eliot Horowitz. People have a variety of unique features that can be identified. These can be used with different levels of success in a verification of identity. Many biometric access controls used a single, several qualities. The 5 most common qualities are:-fingerprints: each person has a set of fingerprints that are unique. -Iris: iris of a person can be analyzed for known, in a process of identifying patterns to authenticate.

-Facial features: factions in the face of a person can be compared to verify patterns that have been recorded in a database. -The speech patterns: when a person record his voice, you can create a vocal signature that can be used in a future identification. -Hand geometry: hands, despite seem equal, are different in each person, due to its curves, its thickness and the position of the joints. Access control is vital in any place, not just in government institutions, and if you want to have a robust control, biometric systems are the best choice. With them, unwanted people will stay outside. Source: Press release sent by shane.