Bjork Explores

Icelandic singer joins in his Biophilica album music inspired by nature with the own of the smartphone applications. Already listen to their first single, Crystalline. Where are the music, nature and technology? Can be intensified the chords on a keyboard with a mathematical and rigorous app? The singer Bjork islandese responds to this question in his latest album, Biophilica, a multimedia project combining music, applications for smartphone, Internet, art installations and live concerts. While the disc will not be released until September 20, the artist has provided some details of this: on the one hand, it’s a hymn to nature and explore the infinite universe in constant expansion, from the solar system to the molecular structure. On the other hand, it is a technological experiment that includes advanced multimedia applications. As shown, and you can hear the first single from this work, Crystalline, which can be heard here. In addition, Bjork plans already to some concerts to interpret the new songs live and in which will feature instruments especially designed and built for this purpose. As, for example, a pipe organ made to measure and controlled digitally. Or a pendulum of a 30 feet that takes advantage of the Earth’s gravity to create sound patterns. Bjork already surprised by touching the reactable, an instrument created in the PompeuFabra University of Barcelona which has come to mobile devices. Source of the news: Bjork explores the possibilities of the apps on your new drive