Buenos Aires

Stop in General Rodriguez was that Zabala, wanted to greet Daniel Musso, corridor of automobiles that had been very famous at the time of splendor of Zabala. They could only do it by phone. From there we started to run in posta is a stretch each athlete and so continue until the exit of Lujan (20 km), where We went back to get on the bus, and only stop on the curve of Chacabuco; i.e. nearly 150 miles later. There crossed us the already non-existent company red bus, where came the Gordo and his young and also plump Companion. Greeted us and I resume the fly.

From there, yes we started really running while it fell the evening and in posta, while Carlitos Obberti, almost child, acalambraba by running on pavement arriving at Junin, in access, we went running all group. People believed that we were running from Buenos Aires us clapped.and no one told him otherwise in front of the Club Jorge Newbery, in un palco del gordo toward master of ceremonies (an animator of those);and there were Zabala, pine and Bustamante, as well as two glories of the local Athletics: Parchappe and Juan Fusse (International hammer thrower). Then a dinner with words of our evoked and overnight a lunch of farewell at the Club, with a Guido Brovarone that mimicked the well-known announcer of radio Cologne Ariel Delgado. Before returning sports Embassy step by the House to pay him a sort of homage to Fusse. We have it because that the was the kind of things that towards our noted. Perhaps only remember them those who are still in this valley of tears. In October 1996, I found in Chacabuco at home of Famila Stamponi married to the daughter of Fusse – a photo of that event. They spent the years; We always saw it to the fat in some of their things, promoted from the Organization TEAM, which had been created and where even came to promote a free Athletics team.