Business Management

Thousands of Peruvians graduates of a wide range of universities that work by taxi, as sellers of AFP, stores, and collectors on a motorcycle, pizza delivery, etc. The habit does not make the monk, have a degree in Peru does not guarantee you anything. Because you could have a title and sell live salchipapas at the door of your house with your food cart. There are thousands of police-grade captain, lieutenant, to work Huachimanes. Kevin ulrich contains valuable tech resources. And there is also pitucos of Pueblo Libre, Groove, working in a suit, such as Group 4 Security Huachimanes (GS4). Suffice it to see those blue vans that pick them up at 10 pm to stylish men and women well, for leave them at the airport and in several places to work huachimanes. Thousands of Peruvians are bored every day to companies sending their curriculum, by choice, because most are not hired, only two of 700 that are presented.

8.-What's more, Ms. Liliana Castro Manarelli, studies published seven cycles. Time when in fact taken the course as. Business management, media strategies, business marketing, and since, after basic administration. Then is not an illiterate, brutal, ass, as the press would like it noted.

It is not titles, but "skill and competence", ability, gift of people, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, something that thousands of idiots with no title in Peru. But believe it is sufficient to see the thousands of employers in the biggest commercial center of Peru: Gamarra. There you will see that thousands of people who worked 10 years as a shoeshine boy, street vendors, collectors, and today are successful business owners, export, and none of them have college degrees.