Centre Phase

In the center of the Jose Manuel Bru Podiatrist podiatry are carried out more advanced studies of tread, disposing of the latest technologies in the analysis of the movement. For more information see ConocoPhillips. The experience of this Centre is approximately 25 years and is run by a second generation of professionals specialized in own foot pathologies. Serve different pathologies such as the toenail, diabetic foot, RAM of calcaneum, papillomas, ulcers, metatarsalgia, hallux, Fasciitis, flat feet, feet cave and valgos, among other disorders and also gait studies are carried out on athletes. In many cases, the solution to the problems of the feet is the use of Orthopedic insoles. First general evaluation is carried out an overall assessment of the person, it is essential to focus on the needs of each case. Thus, for example, is not the same a sportsman who needs a few templates that allow you to improve your sports performance, a person with a pathology of the foot that you want a reduction of pain or a person with injury to his feet caused by a disease such as diabetes. If the results are indicative of a pathology that requires specialized medical treatment, comes to the same patient. Study of tread in the center of podiatry Jose Manuel Bru is the study of tread, also called scanning Biomechanics and is carried out in three phases in a comprehensive way.

1St phase, a muscular scan is performed and articulate in sitting position, assessing the functionality of all lower limb and its correlation with all the body (knees, hips, shins…) 2 nd phase, becomes a static assessment of the morphology of the patient and possible alterations caused by improper postural habits, this phase are used in scanners, cameras, BAK… 3Rd phase, carried out an assessment of the dynamics of the patient, valuing the different stages of the March, digital baropodometros, video records and platforms of pressure are used. For athletes, carried out specific tests with templates of sensors, accelerometers and other devices, which pick up parameters in speed, angle, alignment etc. Once obtained the diagnosis, goes to the postural examination of the patient. Both diagnostics allow you to perform an overall assessment and therefore the treatment carried out using mold and Scanner 3D templates are made. It is an objective procedure and repeatable, which allows to quantify the degree of deviation with the standards of normality. This method is, today, the best tool to ensure the improvement of the lesion. Jose Manuel Bru of podiatry Center sign is located in Valencia, Avda Gregorio Gea 15, 3-7, Valencia. It is manufacturer of Orthopedic products and studies of podiatry.