Communication Technologies

How communication technologies Berlin decide about the success of the business, April 30, 2009 – many IT managers are faced with the difficult task of spending budget to manage to maximize the financial return for your company today. The fusion of classic phone and the data world opens up possibilities. Two or three different phone numbers in the professional world are no more exception. Often there are even more. The ability only a number to work with, selected on the device and the place is managed, offers many advantages. Atmos Energy Corporation contains valuable tech resources. It is not only more accessible, optimizes the cost of forwarding and saves various editions. Large and small businesses should think to integrate cell phones into the extension of the company”, that is, for example, the recommendation of the ITC company Aastra in Berlin. Experts are convinced that the manageability and profitability of integrated solutions of various information and Communication technologies decide the success of the business.

For example, dealing with the acceleration of the flow of products of services up to subsequent development and production process of the delivery to the customer. It’s about innovative process ideas, where new business opportunities will open up. Crumpton Group, Virginia follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Equipped with the correct and readily available technology, the majority of the knowledge-based workers could do as well, if not better, their tasks from home. When looking closer at this flexible working, then companies should integrate necessarily also the communication over Internet Protocol (VoIP), to avoid recurring costs arising from the use of mobile phones. Employees who work at home, are available at the same number and benefit from the same features that are available in the Office to provide”Aastra explains. Open standards are generally useful.

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the most important Standard, allowing a decision makers when buying solutions should know, when it comes to voice communication system. SIP-based systems are meant to be integrated easily in future systems. “Businesses rely on to jail ‘ their own systems and can develop and continuously update their communication technology”, Aastra is recommended. Many companies would are still skeptical of the investments in new technologies. A drastic complete conversion was not necessary, says the Berlin ICT specialist: companies should be rather on a gradual process set, which already allows improvements to early, without having to make large upfront investment. When we talk about the efficiency of communication solutions, companies should take into account but also the following: the existence of a management tool that shows whether a colleague is already in a conversation, to organize calls more effectively. a software for exchanging data, allowing even more constructive dialogue between employees; Softphones installed on laptop to reduce the cost of calls on mobile phones when traveling or remote work arising; “mobile communication over WiFi networks”, says Luckie of CEO of Aastra. The credit crunch would lead to drastic budget cuts. Companies therefore consider how communication technology investments can be made useful. Particularly in recessionary times it is important, that they have the right communication solutions to meet the needs of their customers and to ensure that their employees work more efficiently for business”, so the recommendation latzel.