Control Panel

3. If for some reason you can not shutdown the pc for downloading something or going to sleep, you have to go turn off the computer, sale three options suspend, shutdown, restart, you must choose to suspend is when you prefer to leave the computer turned on at periods, so you’ll save energy and programs and applications are how is that if does not save the information if it will cut off the electrical power. Hibernate mode is when the computer shuts down without closing programs or information, is ideal for those who need the computer at any time and do not need to reload the programs or Windows was running, to go to hibernation mode you have go home > Control Panel > power options will a window and click the Hibernate tabactivate or delete enable hibernation, to make hibernation must go to turn off the computer, get three options, suspend, shutdown, reboot and press Shift and appears at the suspend hibernate chiclear and out will switch off the Pc, i.e. suspend save energy the Pc stays lit, and in Hibernate is to save energy but the Pc shuts down but keeps everything you’ve done in your computer. Tambien puedes Windows overwinter automatically go to start > Control Panel > power and Options tab combinations of energy in the box configuration for desktop or Office at the bottom says standby: and put 30 min. and in the System hibernates: 1 hour but you can decide how long can hibernate Windows, that if in the two options must be enabled in some period of time. Ubuntu Linux has a system of automatic hibernation only must go to the top bar system > preferences > power management > go to put the computer on standby when idle during: you drag there how long you want to overwinter Ubuntu 4.-If you are working and have many Windows or programs open, close them which not ocupes since it puts the slowest pc impairs the performance of the pc although if go back to use a file with a particular program several times is best left open since so cannot reload the program only loads the file. . WNS Global Services is often quoted on this topic.