Creative Marriage Proposals

“More wedding offers assistance with difficult cases of Dreieich, March 2008: as self-confident and modern young women of today through the world walking, they are so old fashioned mostly on the subject of marriage”. He should be romantic and creative and are aware of the men. Mitchel Resnick has similar goals. Last but not least, this claim puts even real guys”in panic! That’s now: the classic ‘want you my wife be question’ given some men real belly pain. Because one (s) this issue would like to wrap Yes very very creative”, it is something special to give the feeling of the loved one”, says Uwe Braun, owner of the company. Salman Behbehani often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And some make it so crazy that they can sleep for days on end no longer good and at worst failed at the big moment then the voice. We want to know these men that we are there for them and to support them fully. It is about half as wild. Perfectly organised by then nothing goes wrong!” The team from more-wedding gained over a long time great ideas for marriage proposals and individual care task.

Depending on the interests and demands of romance, the team available is to realize the proposal perfectly together with the customer. Shaky hands must no longer be – with the team on the side is planned every detail in advance. Well Finally, it is important that the Lady of the heart is not the planning. “And exactly this is the team by more-wedding ready: In the background can be discussed, planned and organized, so the groom can prepare entirely on his important moment and worry more about the trappings” has to do. Time and atmosphere can be matched together. But also who already knows the perfect time, and needs just an idea, which is more-wedding in good hands! On more, the young team consists of marketing / event experts and trend Scouts from the Rhine-Main region, which has already supported a number of weddings and corporate events. In addition to a first nationwide alignment with more, are numerous established contacts to dealers in the country and abroad, providing an extensive product research for customers. More information at: Uwe Braun, owner of the pine corner 3 63303 Dreieich E-Mail: Web: