The majority of today's leaders have no doubts the reality of the "revolution of relationships." Everyone understands how useful to have a personalized client base, which can be used to track history of relationships with customers, manage sales, monitor the activity of sales managers, etc. These tasks are solved with the help of software technology, whose market splashes plenty of proposed solutions. Among domestic development experts continue to allocate the development of Expert Systems, such as Quick Sales and Sales Expert and development of Terrasoft. But the question in this article goes on technologies. The problem remains a problem, technology is implemented and the impact no. As in the previous article, where the meaning of the term customer relationship management helped us Chinese philosophers, I would like to focus on the relationship. And that's what I remember.

Do you remember the classic Christmas tale by Frank Capra "Life is beautiful '? That generally comes to mind about the film, so it's always a new idea that we all as individuals – are very different. However, in the film there is an underlying theme of crm, of which F. Capra and thought on shootings. In the film the two main protagonists, George Bailey – the son of a banker, which took over the family business 'Building and Loan', and Henry Potter, tight-fisted town banker forever-in-black. Potter was in the sense that to earn money for his bank, squeezing them out of the townspeople, whom he considered "paltry people". He adhered to the established banking rules, when people wanted to borrow money, then get them on terms of the bank, or did not receive at all.

Success in this field of made him 'the richest man in town'. George Bailey believed the contrary, that the citizens of his clients, so it is his duty to serve them well, with a personal approach. During the years, reminiscent of depression, supplied the workers' city dwellers with money at reasonable interest flexible, because they needed it. He has been involved in their lives, and worked with each individually and all wanted to know personally, although, strictly speaking, they were just his clients. In the final picture of the townspeople come to the rescue of George Bailey, giving him his money so he could pay the missing amount allegedly stolen by them on false charges, Mr. Potter, with each of the rescuers recalled that once Bailey helped him in this difficult hour. Touching, that goes without saying. So with any of the bankers you would prefer to deal with? Remember, the introduction of crm – it's not only the introduction of software products, but also a new philosophy of the behavior of your company.