The WeTab is one of those tablets that look good and operate very well, was not disappointed and it is obviously clear, by call worldwide German precision. I was escaping that country’s nothing wrong, in regards to technology and many other things. This tablet is on sale in Europe some time ago, but is still hoping to have more variety in their applications and widgets, why want to expand even more. Since already available download of WeTab OS and tools for developers, so there will be more variety of applications and widgets for this great tablet. The good thing is that once the operating system, you can use it in a virtual machine, so you can try all the benefits of this operating system, which by the way, is based on Meego, so it is not absolutely necessary to have the operating system of the German manufacturer to develop for this tablet. Hopefully the injection of content and applications, help German automaker in its plans of reach more people, since your hardware isn’t bad and even your operating system is a different proposal which we are already accustomed, then gives the freshness that much needed in this industry. Original author and source of the article