Excel Goals

YOUR STRENGTHS and weaknesses: To know where you can get you must be clear that you can do. Perhaps your dream is to be a great singer, but if you don’t have that ability no puedes proyectarte that way – you must find be clear about where you want to go, we can do everything for more than you want, you focus on specific aspects. A small SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, threats and weaknesses) diagnosis have on a personal level so that you can reflect that you have to overcome. BASATE in the experience of others: Seeks a model, leverages the experience of others, seeks advice. There is long way that others have traveled and therefore we can serve to strengthen us as people, don’t miss it.

Ponte goals: to achieve your ultimate goal, you have to put specific targets, with deadlines. For example, if you want to improve your CV and want to study English, plasma the goal into a notebook or file from your computer and have follow-up, be methodical. Take care of your health: There is nothing without health. Not enough you have goals clear if to do this you sacrifice your health and you may not yield the best of your ability. Get an annual checkup where you can view the State of your health. YOU exercise: It costs many times but it is the best way to stay healthy and your ideal weight. Take care of your appearance: About being clean and tidy because contribute to raising your self-esteem, if you do not want you, who it will do?, look no first love you or want to, do it first and that will be to the rest.

WEAPON networks: The best in order to get ahead and reach your goals is to have social networks that favor it, join groups where you can actively participate and get to know people who can give you a hand when you need it. SHINES, shines, shines: Once you’ve analyzed in that you’re good, in which you Excel, become a firm promise to highlight in all places where you go, I know specialist, promote yourself, have your website, your forum, space, etc. These are some ideas, I hope that you enjoyed. Visit us at:. Community: Original author and source of the Article