These are just some of the headlines that have been able to read in the media in reference to the Japanese crisis. The content of these alarmist information, refers only to the potential risks that all could run in the hypothetical case that could not reach to cool affected in the Fukushima power cores. However, who speaks of the dead, the wounded, 20,000 missing persons and the destruction suffered by Japan as a result of the earthquake and the tsunami that happened? What really happened, what are made demonstrable from a tragedy, not interest anyone. At a minimum, is not matter that makes increase the audience of the TV channels or the sale of a larger number of newspapers, when it is not that you are aligned ideologically with an interested environmentalism, under cover of which, can that they are getting huge profits. Even the tragedy and pain, are pretext for those who are always willing to take advantage of the circumstances and preparations to sow unfounded panic that promotes measures that indirectly, favour profits not confessed. There are few who have bothered to highlight the exemplary behavior of the Japanese people. An attitude which should serve as example to the rest of the world. A proceeding, which in the most difficult hours that a people can live is what as it already happened in the past, will allow you to be reborn from its ashes and again traced a glorious flight that will return to amaze from North to South and from East to West. Unlike foreigners who were fighting for a plane ticket and despair by arriving at the airport to escape a hypothetical nuclear as the plague threat, the Japanese, with the unchanged equilibrium that their ancient culture has pervaded them, lined patiently by your bowl of rice in the devastated areas. While in the West a disaster of this nature would lead to speculation, chaos, pillaging and looting in an uncontrolled manner, the Japanese offer us a civics lesson.