Gallego Tasks

When you have many tasks to complete in the same week, try to plan the most important at the beginning of the week. Moreover, believes the habit of planning those tasks that are most important in periods of maximum energy for you. This way you will get that important tasks, which are generally major tasks and hard for us to make, are much more bearable and easier to complete. Don’t make the mistake of planning absolutely all your available time. Always keep a vision with sufficient perspective of all of their goals in life.

Your planning should include both the professional aspects of your life, and the personal aspects. Awareness of the importance of planning specific moments of time with his family, doing activities for leisure or for personal enjoyment, enjoying their friendships take time daily to take care of the most important tool that has: yourself. The fact of enjoying every moment of your life make it a priority. In life we all have to do chores to us they are pleasant, while others are not. Take conscience about doing so depend solely on you. Carlos Gallego creator of the course dominates Tu time rejoinder Tu productivity in 7 days, click DominTuTiempo.