The overall performance of a computer hard disk which is without a doubt the hardware component determines what more important of a computer. We can have the best processor and a huge amount of memory, but if the hard disk is not to rise to the occasion, things can get too slow. Proper maintenance is critical to maximize the performance of our hard drives. At the same time, knowing beforehand if there is any possibility of failure can save us great displeasures and a huge information loss. Here a list of utilities carry out more relevant which can help you in this task:-HD Tune this tool is used by many specialized sites to assess the performance of different types of discs, whether they are conventional or solid state. The free version has everything you need so that you can evaluate the speed and integrity of your unit, and to be able to read S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic reports that are stored on your hard disk.

Version pay account with additional functions such as deleting hard drive and writing tests, which are interesting, but their high cost (25) do users to express their preference for the free version, which although it is a little outdated, works seamlessly. -HDDScan another utility that performs a work similar to HD Tune is HDDScan, which we have seen since about a month here on the site. HDDScan has received an update recently, with a new much nicer interface for the user. You may not have the tools for measurement of speed that has HD Tune, but as for the rest of the functions HDDScan has nothing to envy. Moreover, some of the options offered HDDScan free only are available in the version of HD Tune pays. As an additional advantage, HDDScan has no installer, so their ability to portability is very large. -Contig Contig program is very small and even has an installation system.