Huerta Box

So I sanded and sanded. I sanded, because in the haste of the urgency, even when vi two tapes 3 M, grey, to open the box; I did not relate these two rough leaves with the sandpaper that sold at the hardware store. Do as well?, if come in a carrying case Pink, in a pink box with a smiling monkey in the box. Continue sanding and, finally, after mastering the technique, the indomitable hairs fell to sink. Proud, I rubbed me with rosewater face and believe that until I tell me Pats on the cheeks, as my husband makes.

I checked the area with a magnifying mirror, the result was the desired. My Chin, by touching it, it felt like the cheeks of my niece, smooth and soft. But with a little bit of heartburn. When I tried to cream me, I felt that the ardorcito was increasing, as if I burn the skin. I rubbed me with water. After a few minutes, I began to exit a pinkish rash and Chin started to take the shape of Popeye Chin. I could not put the cream again, not even putting makeup to hide the bulge, that looked like a pink ball under the mouth.

I chose to highlight your eyes with shadow and eyeliner to ward off the attention of the Chin, but what I managed was a caricature of Lupita, live and in full colour. Right now, I’m seeing the smiling photo of the model of box, and discovering that chiquita lyrics, instructions, says first applying in the area of the arm to see if there are any allergic reaction. Thank you, but too late. Who do not understand that, first, never leo instructions, much less the contraindications and, secondly, that I am one almost and fifties, which took this tomorrow a traumatic shock and to post-traumatic trance be launched to saving his youth, fighting the hairs of the world. Of course not, nobody understands it. For starters, the mona’s box, does not pass 20 years, which means, that she still has well arranged hairs. But well, my twenty already passed. I’m in the here and the now, making him face the chills that feel me the hairs on the faces of others. They are their hairs and I respect them. The only thing that I should I worry about is my hairs and, for the first time, read the instructions. Lupita Huerta, author of the blog dedicated to all those who we want to celebrate our 50 years and live them fabulously well. original author and article source