Internet Auction Site

Passion of the three-year daughter to the computer just does not lead to the collapse of the family budget of her parents. A resident of New Zealand Auckland Sarah Kinlan one morning discovered on his computer a letter from the representatives of New Zealand online auction Trade Me, in which she thanked the company for the purchase of an excavator Kobelco. Cost is a fun family budget of 20 thousand New Zealand dollars (more than 12.6 thousand U.S. dollars). Initially upset woman went to her husband, Reid, to make him answer to the perennial question: why he bought a ? Because he too was completely bewildered, the parents asked the same question to his 18-year-old son.

However, he also flatly refused to purchase. So by removing the family came to the conclusion that the shopper has their year-old daughter Pipi. It turned out that the night before baby decided to play with the mouse and keyboard family computer, which was not only left on, but also connected to the Internet. As a result, the girl accidentally stepped login and password of the family on the website Trade Me, where previously Kinlany shopped, and became a happy owner excavator. Fortunately, representatives of Internet companies will end up believing their parents inquisitive girl and went to meet the family, cancel the transaction.