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Talk to your boss. You can touch the topic saying: I know that my tenure in this company, ended here, but I love the work that I do and I will look for another job, and when they ask me why I left this company, I want to give an answer that the two us feel comfortable. After leaving the company, analyze what happened and take advantage of the lesson. If you do you run the risk of dragging destructive habits in your next job. The best way to find bugs is simply remembering the times that drew attention and why is it called be honest to yourself (a) don’t be fooled and accept that as human being you made mistakes that ended up with their good work. If the company is reducing personal and you were one of those affected, in that case it is good to ask for a letter of recommendation to make it easier to find work. By more bitter that it has been their experience in that company must never make negative and destructive criticisms to it, because their professional ethics would be jeopardized the person who listens to your comments.

By general rule, find or change jobs delay two or three months, but with the anemic current economic situation (in almost all over the world), may take you more time, and competition current, every six months graduating thousands of professionals in different universities. Companies receive heaps of relevant requests and that is why you have to be creative and not follow the conventional procedures. (See tips for interviews). On the other hand, if you have committed serious misconduct, such as taking alien it company or making scams or forgeries, then you ended up closing, the doors. Most advisable is to accept his mistake and think of something different that applying for work. They are sometimes committed errors that are of by life, if this is not your case, try always to do your job with honesty and honesty, is the largest value that can have a professional.Never attempt to take your Vitaea resume to a company, since it is possible to lose your time and your money (the technology is very advanced and all occupational and personal data can be verified through the Internet). The best thing is that you a forces with a friend or family member and make something that can generate income.