Ipad Students

Few developments cause as much excitement as that has lifted the school Unversitaria of tourism Mediterrani, which has decided to include an Ipad 2 in the tuition for this course of tourism 2011. The main motivation according to the words of white Braut, academic Director of the school, have been interesting educational opportunities which are opened for Mediterrani students with the normalization of the use of this communication tool and the practice of its lightweight design. There is no doubt that the University School of tourism Mediterrani bet for the new digital age and this is very good news. Now first year tourism students may work with a useful and necessary tool for their works and projects during their academic years and training in the tourism sector. On the other hand, Dr. Braut also wanted to emphasize another novelty at the academic level as the preparation and examination of evidence of English First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency that, from now on, students will perform for free in the Centre in the 104 calle Rocafort, Barcelona. This initiative also opens new possibilities to the school and the pupils of the same since it adds one more to the list service for students at the school. It should be noted that currently the school also has a company manager associated with the school in the same physical space to resolve all questions of students and facilitate the generation of new projects and companies in the world of work..