Memory Ram

Do always us has spent the pregnuta by our head, that serves the RAM?, is there where things are saved?, makes my computer more fast?. The answer is somewhat complicated, all those that are reading this article you will see that there is always a taskbar on all computers by the gerenal is located at the bottom which is the bar where minimizing all Windows or applications, then my explanation. As well the RAM memory, acts according to the taskbar primarily, each window or application we opened not only occupies a space in the task bara which is where minimizes, but the simple fact of being there is occupying a place in the RAM, more open Windows have more this memory becomes full more if we are desperate we give click to several things and filled more it takes to give orders to each application at the same time and the memory ram tries to give you orders at the same speed and that is when there is a clash of information and binds the machine, having more memory ram in the computer not hara mas fast which makes such is done that not is encourage or lock to the handle much information at the same time, also is manje what information BUS for example a normal ram memory bus 667, is as if link than a single vent has 667 cm height, only certain amount of water pass through of, among most big is the vent more water may enter and remitted all water from side to sideThis relates to copy and paste, among most bus has the RAM more fast passed a file from one side to another, so do not create that your machine is slow, simply can not do it more fast oprque duct is small, have a lot of ram memory does not mean that they pass more Rapids documents because 4 GB of memory may very well have bus 667 and a 2 GB You can take bus 1333 and cut and paste much more quickly. Original author and source of the article..