Microsoft SQL Server

2.5 To 3.0 upgrade process must be automatic and simple, similar to previous updates.Users can choose depending on the site by site, if you have automatic updates check for version updates LTS (by default) or updates of the version of STS.Depending on that choice, different update notifications will display when accessing back of site administration. Version 3.0 system requirements requires the version of PHP 5.3 and MySQL version 5.1 (with MySQL 5.5 recommended web designer).We are going to continue supporting Microsoft SQL Server and he is expected to be adding support for Postgresql.ademas, he has been proposed for release for the old driver mysql support in PHP and they require the use of the new mysqli driver.Finally, intends to require MySQL InnoDB engine inside.INNODB is required for some of the new platform tables.None of these changes should cause problems for hosts that offer up to date versions of software.In addition, it will be at least September 2013, before existing sites you will need to upgrade to version 3. Important due dates the Joomla CMS is a time-based release cycle, we have be strict in terms of cut-off dates.These are the proposed dates: July 1:. The package’s alpha 3.0 version this is mainly to test third party extensions after the removal of files from the platform to the folder of the CMS. characteristics need not be ready by then, but that may be included if they are ready.

1 August:. Version of the package 3.0 beta this should contain all the features that will be in version 3.0.To make this happen, all the features of 3.0 must be prepared to merge prior to this date. September 1: version 3.0 RC1.This must be very close to a final version. 15 September: version 3.0.0. Diseno web madrid – web hosting